com the premiere site for smartwatch specs news and reviews. Okay, we are back again on our third review, unboxing and review of this wearable, the ma the tickrus gtx smartwatch. Okay, the last time we have the unboxing and the second video we have the review of its features and specs, as well as the menus. This time, we’re going to connect it to our our support, app, okay, so we’re, going to download the support app in the android platform and install it to our smart phone and connect the smartwatch to the support app. Okay, so let’s take a look first at the design of this smartwatch beautiful design, widescreen display, if you check out the specs below. If you want to know the specs okay looks rugged and it has a lot of sport functions. Okay, let me show it to you: in the sports functions: a beautiful screen wide display screen comfortable to wear without with its slightly curved body as well as steady as well as the screen display here. Okay, pc material here to make it lightweight and with a metal bezel here to add durability to the smart watch. So we have here a very thick, durable, strap with stainless steel buckle here, and it has a lot of functions, especially for the health features. We have. The heart rate, blood pressure, okay – and we have sleep monitoring here and other options. Okay, so let’s see and install the smartwatch to our support app okay, so here in our user manual we’re going to download the support app, we have here the qr code.

So our support app is the f fit app available in google play and ios. Okay, so let’s download it. If you happen to lost your user manual, we have here, i guess in the smartwatch. We have also have here the qr code. Okay, so it’s a link for your google play app store. Okay, so let’s download the app and let’s try to install the support app okay. So we have here the play store again, the name for our app. We have the f fit app, so let’s search, f, fit okay let’s see, so we have here the same logo: okay, so let’s install. So it is around 40 mb and 100k 100. 000 downloads. Okay, it has a good review here. 4.0. What else let’s see? What are the details here? Monitor your movements and health in real time? Okay, so last update is march: 3, 2021, a40 mb, okay, let’s and check okay it’s still pending. While we are waiting for the download again, let’s have a closer look at the design of the smartwatch, so here’s the physical button here: okay, the sensors on the bottom part. Okay, it has the magnetic charging stainless steel buckle here and it is very lightweight okay. So we have here in comparison of the xiaomi mi band 5. Okay. Well, this is your decrease. Gtx, look at the screen! Difference: okay, very huge or very wide screen display for the gtx – and this is your me band 5.

Okay, so let’s wait! So we are already around 60 okay for here, for the menus, let’s take a look. We have the heart rate, blood pressure, sports mentor, monitoring. We have sleep function, we have the notifications, qr code, timer, countdown and settings. We have the themes. Okay, let’s see a and additional information. We have the bright screen time let’s make it longer let’s make it 20 seconds. Okay, and what else and this information we have, the reboot you have the reset and about the end, turning off your smartwatch, okay, let’s check. It’S almost 90 and it’s already installing let’s wait. Okay, so that’s it. I guess it is successfully installed. Okay and we have successfully installed the fbi app. Okay, so let’s go back again so agree and we have here the option to sign up or log in so this is just our first time so to make it fast, we’re just going to tap on the visitor login. If you want to record your data, i think you should sign up and log into your account. Okay, let’s scare, it out. I guess it needs to okay, let’s, just hi, okay, let’s just put some temporary data here, carry out then skin color, okay, let’s make it the default. Okay. 8. 000. 000 steps. So it is asking again four permissions. So this is the gps allow fv to access this device’s location, so it will allow it allow fp to access photos, media and files on your device.

Allow allow fp to take pictures and record video. I guess this is for the remote photo feature. Allow it allow fp to access your contacts, okay, that is for notifications and manage phone calls. Okay call logs also allow in order to use the notification service normal. Please open, fp3 notification, permission: okay, so let’s give it the permission. Okay, so we’re done with it and that’s it. So here is a war ui for the smart watch: okay, the fbi app. So so far no details here, let’s go to the device and add tap on the device. Click to add your device here found that your gps is not turned on so let’s turn it on okay, so it is now searching for our smartwatch, so searching for devices again let’s go back and try, so it is looking for the smartwatch. So we have here the gtx. I guess this is the smart watch, but if you want to be sure let’s see if we have the details here on the smartwatch, so as you can see here, we have the equipment model gtx 0 for f8. We have it here, okay, as well as the address okay. So it is the same okay, let’s tap on the device, so it is now binding. Let’S see it will take a minute more so bind successfully. Okay! So far we successfully bind our smartwatch so let’s see. If it’s working data we have here, of course, zero do not disturb mode so that’s, it so very easy to connect it with your smartwatch okay for the fit so far, we did not experience any issues.

Okay, let’s see. We have the reminders here. You have sedentary reminder drinking water, reminder, alarm, medication, reminder and meeting reminder, so you can set it on your own. You can put a schedule on notifications notify only when the phone is locked. Okay, so let’s turn it on. Okay and let’s have the twitter, facebook and the skype sms, also in incoming calls okay and what else so fine device let’s see.