com, the premiere site for smartwatch specs news and reviews. Okay, we have here the me bro air, as we promised we are on our second part of the me bro air review. The first time we have the unboxing and checking out its specifications. Okay, so this second video will be all about installing the smartwatch checking its features and connecting it to our smartphone. Okay, so let’s start okay again, if you have any questions regarding your smartwatch, please drop a comment below and we will answer your queries and another one. If you want to buy okay or get amiibro air check out the links below it is a legit links for the me bro air, okay, smart watch. They are trusted sellers so and, of course, you’re pretty sure that you’re going to buy a new. At the same time, original me bro air smartwatch. We have there, we have at the bottom below we have it below the legit links. Okay, so check it out. Then this is the me bro air, with 80 ft lcd screen 1.28 inch display with a full touch again before we install let’s, have again a closer look at this me bro air, smart watch, okay, so let’s check let’s remove this sticker here. So we have here a full screen. I can see here the black bezel very slim 1.28 inch tft lcd let’s turn it on long press for the power button. Here. Okay, we have here the me bro.

Please scan the code to download the me bro fit app. So it is looking for the app so instead of searching or using a qr code, as you can see here, we also have the qr code here and the support app on the support manual. I mean here we have here the qr code, let’s search the google play me bro fit so we have here the me bro fix so let’s search and install it without using the qr code. But if you don’t know your app, you can use the qr code. Qrs code, qr qr code scanner and scan echo code here. How me bro fit let’s check me bro fit smart bracelet application. I guess this is the app for that. Let’S see and let’s check and install okay, so very lightweight. 19. 19Mb. Only okay already downloaded with a pending installation. Again the app is available in ios and android platform. Okay. So what are the details here me bro, fit bracelet application. Sms slip reminders version 1.1, okay, that’s it it’s opening. Now, while we are waiting, let’s open the let’s open the bluetooth function here, okay, open agree, so privacy policy open me bro fit unleash the energy of your whole body. Wear it with your health, okay log in again let’s check. If we can escape or skip, i mean the registration, so we have here they open me bro fit let’s, go for the jump over here, so skip login.

Skipping login costs some functions to the web, not to work properly. Is it skip? Okay, let’s just try, so it is asking for permissions. Allow me bro fit to access photo apps media files. Okay, allow me bro fit to make and manage phone calls me buffy to access your phone logs again. If you want more details or more functions, i guess and to save your data when you are having some exercises, i advise you to log in and register the app so this time, it’s just a demo, so we’ll just skip it. Allow me bro fit to access her contacts. Let me profit to send a view. Sms messages so enable self starting permissions background power. Consumption turn on message notifications. So this one just check the notifications. Access me bro fit let’s, look for the app, so permissions allowed. What let’s go back? I have turned on we’ll see if it’s going to work. So so we have here the layout here: okay, the ui, so we have heart rate sleep with sport fatigue and effectivity we’re, going to check on more on this support app when we successfully connect it with our smartwatch, okay, so add device. Here again, the procedure is go to the bottom part here. Let me okay, let’s see go here then, and here the personal center just check, add device, so it’s still asking for it. Registration, okay, click to login guests really have to register. Okay, i thought we can add the smartwatch without registration, so there’s no option here, we don’t have a.

We don’t, have a choice but to register okay, so wait. Okay, so the application for process for the app okay signing up is a bit uh. What they call this one very long or very comprehensive, i think, very secure, so it is asking for a verification code for the captcha. You have to sign up. Okay, you need an email, so it is not a direct application or sign up okay. You still have to use an email address to sign up and store your data thing. Okay, so it’s somewhat. There are several steps, in other words, for signing up. So we’re done with that. This time let’s install the support app, i mean let’s install the smartwatch to the support app. So we have here the add device just tap on it. Okay, so let’s see so it is searching. We have here the me bro air, so okay let’s see if it’s sparing okay, so we have successfully paired it with a war smartwatch, so there’s a new version update, so we’ll cancel it for the meantime and let’s check it later on. Okay, so let’s have a quick look at the menus of the me bro air. As you can see, we have the process and installing the support app in our smartphone in the android platform. So this time we’re going to check the menus here very sharp display here. Slim bezel, crisp, graphics, here, okay, take a look, take a closer look very nice.

Even a viewing angle is very good: okay, very sharp, so about the menu let’s tab so scrolling from up to down. We have the settings here. We have the battery. We have the power off button here. Okay, we’ll see how about this one brightness control. So this is the home button. Also, okay, so we have here the activate racking form scrolling scrolling from left to right. We have the activity tracking okay from up to down. So i guess this is for your message: notifications and the menus from left to right, wow beautiful menu here, easy to access; okay, rotating menu; okay, let’s go first for this watch face, i guess, just like other smart watches long press on the watch face. So we have at least several watch faces here. Hey let’s have a closer look here. One two three okay custom watch face page okay, we have at least three watch faces and more available watch faces. I think in the support app okay let’s check out the menus of the smartwatch, so we have do not disturb stopwatch sleep report message: notifications, data, sport, okay, i’m, interested in this sport. So we have very nice graphics, again outdoor running gate trend, mail, walking, football, badminton, tennis, cycling, tracking basketball, elliptical machine. We also have yoga and a free training. This is for the weight set. I think, okay, what else do we have here? We also have a weather report, sleep monitoring, fine phone and we also have the heart rate.

Okay, so it is measuring let’s check, let’s, see, okay, very fast, measuring very beautiful animation, we’ll see if it can render results in less than a minute. So we have here the result. Okay, so far, it looks nice. Okay. You also have the graphs here inside the smartwatch for the settings let’s check. Okay, where’s, that okay, i also have a blue foot music control race to wake preparing phone. We start let’s see for the off time, so let’s have a much longer screen. Timeout let’s make it 35 seconds. Okay and we’ll go to the sport again let’s check. If what are the details or the stats that the smartwatch is trying to check. So we have here the distance again timer and it the time and the calorie i think. Okay, so far, it looks good, looks nice, okay, very, very professional, ui; okay, i love graphics, okay, very responsive menus and with a slight vibration here: okay, what else let’s check the weather? Okay, so it’s still looking for the weather, i think what else i guess it is in the support app. So we have here the music control, also, okay, the stopwatch they slip do not disturb mode. So far we have a very beautiful ui for the me bro air, simple, but very functional, okay, easy to use easy to navigate. As you can see, there are no lag at the same time. The graphics are very good and it has almost all the features.

The basic features for the support smart watch, easy to install just a long process for the sign up and registration, but it’s easy to install and it has a dedicated support, app okay. So that is very good. I think we have here the goal setting here. Okay, we had the physiological period; this is for women health report with the stats and the data here and what else so we have here. The watch face the dial market. As expected, we have several watch faces here. Let’S see this one download let’s see. How long will it take to install installing we’ll, see let’s switch? Okay, as you can see here disconnected and the watch face or the watch smartwatch is downloading the app or the watch face. Okay, so let’s wait. So we have here at least one two. Three. Okay, reconnect, okay, so it’s ready connected here successfully. Pairing and installation of the watch face okay. So what else do we have here? So we have an option here for the 12 hour time or the 24 hour time device version update, let’s check. So currently, the latest version is 2.1 we’ll see for the update if we are going to have a update for the support app, so no update, yes, there’s no version here, we’ll see so we also have a screensaver here, and i didn’t expect that a smartwatch screen Saver so select the background, so we’ll see okay, so you can choose your own background.

Your own picture here, it’s a very great option: let’s see okay background, so there’s a lot of options here, turn on so auto start, so it will will have a stable connection. Okay, so we’ll have a later. We have a we’ll check later on that okay sports record here: okay and what else weight heart rate, and we have. I guess we have a a connected gps and we’ll show this one will show a map when we connected to our smartwatch okay, so it doesn’t have a built in gps, but it supports connected gps again that’s your me bro air, smart watch, we’ll have more on Its functions as we test this smartwatch okay, we’re, going to show you some features that that are added to the smart me bro air we’ll check. Also the installation of the support app for ios platform, the with amiibo air app and we’ll, see if it’s flawlessly installed. Let’S see if there are some issues with the smartwatch, but so far thumbs up for the me bro air smartwatch, very affordable, and we have and with a lot of options, a lot of features or a very affordable price check out the links below again. This is smartwatch specifications.