com, the premiere set for smartwatch specs news and reviews. Okay, we are back again for our review of the dt100 smartwatch this time, we’re going to install on the support app. The last time we have a video review of the dt100. We have feature review, specs and design so right now, we’re going to have the installation of the support app let’s, see if we can connect the smartwatch flawlessly or without any issues to the smartwatch or to the smartphone. Okay, so we’re going to download the support, app and install it again. This is your dt100 smartwatch okay check our unboxing video review of the smartwatch. If you haven’t seen it okay, so let’s install okay, the support app. If you have any questions regarding the smartwatch and the support app, please drop a comment below and we’ll answer. Your queries. Okay, so we have here the user manual let’s check. Okay, so we have here the qr code. You can use your qr code scanner to download the app or just search it on the google play store or the app store for the ios. So we have here search for the where pro in the app store so we’re going to do that. We’Re not going to scan it anymore instead, we’re just going to directly search it in the google play store. Okay, and so this is your smart watch watch out for our menu or feature review of this smartwatch we’ll have another video review.

Okay, so let’s have the installation of the support app okay, so it is looking for or it is using the we’re pro app. So we have here the web pro let’s see if there are other versions of the left pro, so none only have one here. Okay, so let’s see if they have the same logo here, make it sure. So, where bro you see it here, where pro so let’s have the installation let’s download the app we’re pro from shenzhen okay we’re pros companion, app for smart watches, let’s check out the about. Okay, so it is in chinese, 1000 plus download so it’s a pretty new app for this okay let’s install just 1000 downloads, so it is a pretty new app or the app is supported only by several smart watches, few smart watches or maybe it’s just new let’s See, okay, so it is suspending while we are waiting for the installation of the app let’s check first, so we have here the smartwatch okay, they see it beautiful menu; okay, let’s change for the style, one it’s, much easier to use. Okay, okay, we have here an error again, let’s install it again. Maybe we just have some issues with the internet: connectivity, okay, let’s download it again, it’s now installing okay, so that’s it. I guess we have successfully downloaded it it’s the wear pro app available in ios and android, open, apps, aware pro then let’s remove this box, so you can have a much better view of the app.

So it is asking for some permissions. So here it is asking to sign up for registration, okay, so let’s just try it to log in any anonymously. Okay, no need to sign it up, login successful, so it is asking for permissions again. Allow pro to access this device location allow okay! So, just as it is enable floating window permissions, okay display over other apps let’s see so it can run on the background and other apps. So we have here the ui very simple ui. We have the sports here, the device and your profile let’s see. If we can add the app so no device found, we already turned our bluetooth on so let’s look for the device, so it found at least two smartwatch here then the gtx and other one info. So we have here the qr code. Okay, if you happen to lost your qr code, you can find it here on the smartwatch on these settings. Okay, so here we have the address so there’s, no name here that is dt100, but we have here the address. So this we have here 74.. Let me see 302302 0201b b, so we have here on the qr code or or in the smartwatch settings. We have the 7423 and b b so we’re going to tap on this one. So please wait and it is installing that’s it am. I connected already wow, as you can see here, the time is updated. Okay, so that was fast.

As you can see here, we have no issues with the synchronization and connectivity with a rare pro app. Okay, so let’s see. If what are the features here, so we have the step slip, heart rate and blood oxygen. Okay, we have the sports here and the graphs for the device we have watch face here, let’s see if it’s working for the find watch. Okay, it is working. We have notifications for sms let’s, allow it okay incoming call, allow it till two week, let’s see if it’s working, okay, so it’s working. We have the bluetooth call here and the firmware version. Okay, so currently upgraded. The whole firmware version of game seems like we have a an update but we’ll get we’ll check it on later so watch face let’s see. So we have a lot of watch faces here. Wow, beautiful, okay, so i’m. Impressed with the collections of watch faces here seems like this is the looks like the apple watch here. Wow you can see, we have a lot of watch faces. Let’S, see let’s, try this one. I like the look of this okay. Allow so let’s see if it will be downloaded push to our smartwatch, so we’re going to have a separate tutorial for this one later on. Okay, after pushing the dial, the watch will start after a short time. Okay, i guess it started. Okay, during upgrade 30 30 40 let’s, see if we have a custom watch face for this one.

On our next video, okay, dial push let’s see, the smart watch has been restarted. Nice wow, beautiful design, as you can see here, beautiful look. You see installation of the support, app, no issues at all, love it. So far, we are impressed with the connectivity very fast. At the same time, we have a lot of watch faces. Okay, we also have the camera here and the profile so that’s it for the installation of the support app the ware pro for our dt100. So this installation is for android platform, only or android smartphone let’s see if we have the time to install the support app. Also for the ios platform, as you can see here, a lot of options, especially for the watch, faces.–M