This is the bottom part, as you can see, it’s cracked here it’s just going to keep getting worse and worse until it just finally breaks off. So there’s this little knob, you want to use your fingernail and just pull it. Inward and the strap just comes off like that. So to install the new strip, so here’s the new strap. And if you notice here it says 20 millimeter that’s, because that’s the distance between here and here you don’t – want to measure the thickness of this or anything you want to measure between here and here and order a watch that’s, you know of the same size or Thickness or width or whatever, okay, so i wanted like a silicon or rubber one, just because it’s waterproof in the shower, i don’t know about this material, so i guess i’ll find out tomorrow um so to install this here. Once again, you have this little lever. I want it this way, so when i put it on my wrist, i just pull and apparently it’s velcro, so i don’t know it’s what i got and it’s a lot more effort and time and everything for me to go online log in and try to return. It so you go ahead and push this lever, get it at the point there we go, so it was off to the side and you couldn’t actually get it, but now i can grab it with my fingernail. You put this bottom post into here first and then you just pull back and try to align the top of that pen with the hole on top.

I think i almost had it oh yeah there we go and then the other side, i guess, is going to be done in the same fashion, so it’s off to the side. You have to get it, get it up. Oh, please tell me it fits okay, good! Well, there you go now it’s the velcro as you can see, but i don’t know we’ll see if it’s not waterproof. Maybe i try to return it just oh no did i darn it. I installed it upside down so real quickly. This is how you fix the head. You take everything off and do it all over again pop the pen out pop this pit out, get that in that side push this pin into here. Oh no, we want to go with that side. First, there you go so now, this time apparently i’m supposed to be meditating, maybe that’s, because that was aggravating, but there now, when you go around with the velcro it’s, on the correct way.