PRO Rugged Smartwatch Unboxing Review 🔥 GPS Heart Rate Monitor Smart watch

👍Professional Design Rugged smartwatch for any kind of uses, Such as Outdoor running Track heart rate or GPS location swimming Climbing ETC👍

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The Rugged smartwatches are incredibly versatile. Multifunctions durable smartwatches designed to enhance outdoor adventures, This Outdoors-focused smartwatch great for hiking, tijekom, wearing to work, playing with the kids and everything. the integrated technologies (fitness trackers, heart-rate monitors, integration with the LoT, pairing with a smartphone and many more)

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Semi-Transparent Screen: 1.28 Palac 128*128 pixel always on semi-transparent screen, When the light stronger you can see clearly.
Professional Waterproof: Suitable for swimming, white water rafting, non-snorkeling water-related work., and fishing

Environmental Silicone Rubber Strap: The flexible skincare, hollow design helps perspiration, sweat corrosion-resistant makes it more breathable.

Accurate GPS Positioning: Provide accurate data for outdoor sportsmen, record the moving trail, miles, and speed when turn on the relevant sports modes, with credible navigation directions, guide the runners to a safe journey.

24 Hrs Heart Rate Monitor: Optical heart rate sensor, 24 hours all-weather detection with every 10 minutes automatically detecting and uploading to the APP, Heart rate variation and status every day, keep healthy and know your personal best.

Indoor Running: Record heart rate status, korake, kalorija, maximum speed, pace, kilometraža, itd.

Outdoor Running: Record the trajectory, heart rate status, korake, kalorija, maximum speed, pace mileage(GPS calculation)
Tijekom: Record heart rate swimming posture swing arm number calorie circle

Penjanje: Record trajectory, broj otkucaja srca, Specifikacije, kalorija, altitude ETC
Jahanje & Hodanje: Record trajectory, maximum speed, pace, broj otkucaja srca, kalorija, mileage ETC

Obavijest: Remind by vibration when there are calls or messages.

Remote Control Music & Kamere: Control phone music using smartwatch such as next songs, Up, push or play, itd. Take a photo using self-timer using a remote camera

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