com, doing everything, smartwatches and smart Fitness fans well, there's your way there's my way and then there's Huawei Huawei has come up with their Huawei band 3 Pro the 3 has been out Already this is the pro and the Pro adds GPS in this tiny little thing. That'S gon na be really cool. Well, we got to get into the box and before I slice it open, let me tell you a little bit about this. Our good buddies over at geek buying have sponsored this one. They brought us the Huawei band 3 Pro smart, bracelet and it's got a bunch of specs, so let's go through them. It'S a 0.9 5 inch. Amoled screen should be nice and bright and clear, built in GPS, heart rate monitoring and so forth. It'S running bluetooth, 4.2 and it's water resistance to 5 atmospheres, meaning you can definitely swim with it. Six axis internal sensors, separate PPG that's, your heart rate, diode detector, on the back and infrared detector for better overall heart rate detection, it's got health, tracker, heart rate, sensors, sleep, trackers, all kinds of good stuff; it vibrates, okay and it's. A 120 by 240 pixel screen a hundred milliamp hour battery operating time about a hundred minutes. I'M gon na show you some charts on that on the standby time and so forth. 5 days 7 days 12 days. If you have these different features, turned on or off, including scientific sleep sounds anonymous, doesn't it and you get 7 hours with the independent GPS turned on.

That is a special low, low power GPS. They call it. Stamina mm hmm it's, a metal frame with unidentified unified. Anyway, probably plastic, the rest of it and it's got the apk support of the huawei health app, which is what we'll be using for tethering and that's the specs and to go over briefly. Some of the highlights they want us to cover color touch display the built in GPS that's, the big thing – and it also includes a blood oxygen, vo2 Max and recovery time. Information with your workouts, the 247 smarter heart rate, monitoring, okay, using an IR light with intelligent, artificial intelligence built into it with uh, say up to the second heartbeat heart rate data day or night, with the treu seen 3.0 precision, heart rate monitoring system, a lot of Good stuff going on in here, hey it's, Huawei right scientific sleep monitoring explained the swim function is smarter and better. It can detect your different strokes. Water resistant up to 50 meters. Amazing good swimming watch. It'S got the self camera button, so you can tie it to your phone and remotely take pictures and you can find your phone if it's lost so you've got all those things going for it. Let'S, look at that chart to kind of compare it before we open the box. This is the huawei band 3 Pro it compares to the while we ban three by having the built in GPS and it's battery life is diminished.

When you activate it, there is a huawei honor band for out there they're, not giving us a lot of details on it other than to say it's got a longer battery life than the other. Two looks like a much smaller display, though separate reviews on that one, and that one and now we're talking about this one so let's tie into that box. Now get a first look at it. I mean literally first look you can see it came sealed. This is how it shows up. Oh good presentation: it's got the documentation first, which is right in here. The band, and the accessories in here is looks like a Chinese manual. I hope we have an English version of it. I don't think so. Okay, you know a lot. A lot of the times are really big companies like Huawei and Xiaomi, and amazed fit and all of them they release a Chinese version of their stuff, and then they do an English version or an international version later. So the fact that we've got a Chinese manual may give us an issue I'm, not sure. Hopefully, when we tether it to the phone, it will automatically switch to English. Otherwise, we'll use the icon approach of trying to figure out what it's showing us so here's. Everything in the manual in Chinese for those of you who want to throw your google translator yeah, it will work if you take your phone and point it to YouTube on on your computer or your tablet or something you should be able to translate.

Some of that let's get into the band itself. Here we go, looks like a nice quality bill. Very thin, strap so works well for women, not too thick. You got two charging ports. The diodes, infrared and regular ppg looks like we've got a cover over it. Let'S see if we can get that off mm. Hmm, the bands are not removable because we have the charging port right. There, we've got all sorts of barcode stuff related to it, and in here then we've got the charger. It looks like it's gon na be a dock on this one, hello doc. Sometimes we have the magnetic clasps, oh wow, that's, all the glues really hard on that one yep and when we open this up, we have got our separate. They separate with a separate little USB cord plugged already into the dock on the dock, is a snap on kind, so it should line up with that part in that part together and click you think, right into there. I got that right, yeah there you go and that's exactly what we're gon na do right now is charge it up and um wow. It is thin, looks like it's gon na be an interesting thing to review, be right back well here it is after actually, several days use. I have it on and it's got that auto twist to light it up action there it goes. I don't have it off. I was gon na, usually turn them off and then turn it back on.

So you can see the buddha process, but in this one, if you turn it off, it stays off and the only way to turn it on is to hook it back up to its charger. So we're already on I'm on the lowest brightness on this AMOLED screen, has a quick timeout, and I don't have a way of adjusting that. So I have to keep touching it to bring it back to life, but I want to walk you through. First, what we've got on the band and then tie into the tethering app you can see from this watch face if it'll stay a little bit, that I've got temperature it's even in Fahrenheit, because that's selectable from the app. I have the fact that it's Bluetooth tethered to the phone the time in AM and PM if I want or 24 hour and the date along with my step, count now it's sad, I just put it on for today, because I've been doing all the Android watches. It'S been a couple of days since I actually gave this one a run through, so I only have two steps on it, but we're gon na see some past history on the app. If I go back this way, it's showing you two steps out of a circle. That'S my overall goal of 8000 steps, so you don't even really see any indicator. There come one more and I get into heart rate. I touch it and it'll begin to UM testing my heart rate and it's pretty darn quick.

Look at that to get the initial response, then it's gon na do several readings before actually settling down on the last one. Now I remind you, this is the lowest brightness setting and it's almost washing out the camera. This thing is awesome outdoors. It really is I've been able to look at this driving in a car with the sun shining on it and easily just twist my wrist and read the time, so they have very much improved these screens, it's not always on, but it is always bright put it That way and there's a setting you'll see that I don't have turned on yet that allows you to adjust the brightness depending on if it's, bright or dim inside or outside so it's got a light sensor built into it. There you go gave me the heartrate reading and I could retake it again, but it's registered the actual reading after it averaged a bunch of them, that's really good, so it's not just bouncing all over the place. You get an actual final result now, we're back to the time, let's run through this again there's the step count the heart rate. Then we come into last night's, sleep time, nothing to show cuz. I didn't wear it last time, but on the app I'll show you some stuff. When I get into workout, I can choose a variety of different workouts and the ones like an outdoor walk and an outdoor run and outdoor cycling tie into the GPS.

You also have pool swim and open water, because this puppy is deeply water proof and just basic free training as well. We'Ll. Take a look at these things. I what I could say about the GPS is that it locks in really good I'll hit the play. It says move to an outdoor area, which of course is where I tested this was outdoors and when it locks up into GPS, it gives the countdown and it begins we're indoors. So we're not gon na. Take your time on that, but you can set goals and things in that lengths of time you want to bike it. All all sorts of goodies are available to you in the workout one more on your in Ally pay, which I can't test them in the US. So it doesn't doesn't work for me here in the USA. This is a QR code, kind of an event after you get it all set up. You have to get your payment agreement going a lot of stuff going on there and, if you're in the right place, where it works, it's something you could use you get two more. This is where we can change our watch faces. This is the core face that we just saw, but I also have available a face that looks like this. With all your step count and such down at the bottom and an analogue face, so there's three different faces. We saw that one so I'll go into this one, and here you've got what the date up here are spelled out and ampm shown just a bunch of different ways of portraying the same data that was in the more which we got to here.

Then you have your find your phone. If you're tethered gon na make a sound okay, I'm here, then we have a timer, an actual timer, that you can set a countdown timer that was minutes and then seconds two minutes and three seconds and start and that's gon na be counting down which we're gon Na leave happening in the background to see if it'll work for us and then I have a count up stopwatch and we're running that intense of a second. At the same time, if I hit the X it'll keep going, but it doesn't. Let me scroll out of here, so you have to stay in stopwatch mode. If you want to use stopwatch, however, our timer should oh it's, not the timer's, not counting down anymore mmm. Well, maybe you just can't use the two together let's. Try it again we're counting down from 203 but I'm, leaving this not going into stopwatch, but showing you the brightness. Here you go the lower brightness at night. You can switch that on and I guess it's gon na dim it down quite a bit at night. But if you want to change the brightness here, we're at level, one there's level two and here is level three let's get back to the opening screen. Well, one more thing would be messages and then the screen. Now you see how washed out it is it's, not action, be washed out like that. The camera just can't keep up with it.

It is seriously bright if I took it in the bright Sun. I could easily see all of that, so the brightness setting is is really really powerful in this and, of course it loops around. So you can get to it going backwards that way. If you want to let's change the brightness back down to level one come out of here and let's check that timers it's still running no it's, not alright. Well, there you go both the timer and the stopwatch. You have to leave it in that mode. So you couldn't, like timer, run and then go and look at your heart rate and wait for the timer to go off. That'S unfortunate I'd like to see it as a simultaneous thing. Multitasking you can reset the watch. You can restart the watch and you could power off here and what it says is connect the charging base to the power on. I think I just did. I turn it off. Oh okay, I want to X out of that and do it again and hit power off and there you go, assist connect the charging base and your band will power on automatically and if I say that – and I hit the checkmark it's gon na – be powered off Permanently which we don't want to do for what we're doing here? Okay, we were in more one more thing, I think after power off regulatory stuff and about and about tells you the device name, the Huawei band 3 Pro and it's designator for finding it when you're tethering, MAC address and serial number and firmware, install and there's updates.

For firmware and everything directly from the app as well, which is where we're gon na go next, you ready we're using Huawei health from the Google Play Store and before we open it. I want to go in here to the read more where it tells you a little bit about it, what it does and just pay notice to the fact that there's been over 100 million downloads of the huawei health app. So this is their master app that they use with all kinds of things, including this fancy band 3 Pro let's open it up, it's already set up and here's some of the data that I've got from before this is today's data we're. Looking at over all right here and I've got some exercise records in here that I've already accumulated and I'm going to show you those in a little bit and we've got the heart rate section again. I just put it on so I don't have my daily stuff for today, but if I scroll back a few days and it's the 20th, the 19th there we go the 18th, the 19th look at how fun it is how it Scrolls and then I can go Through and find any particular point at any particular time on any particular day when I took the band off when I have it on when I was exercising all of that is available to us. It gives us a resting heart rate if it has time to calculate that and a high heart rate alert.

If you actually exceed that alert. I guess blessed. You have weekly information too. That shows you your range on the particular day of the week, that's pretty fun, sleep report, information, didn't sleep last night, but I did do a night. There we go that's the sleep report, there's the actual breakdown of the REM, sleep and light and deep wake time, and I get a score. It said I woke up five times during the night: drink, some water before less water before bed and so forth. And then you get a synopsis of the different sections and how you slept during those sections and and check this out. I actually have okay here's a little thing that talked about the data and presentation of your sleep, and this is this. Is that sleep report here? I believe my sleep score 77 and you can actually just hit here and share it and I just sent it as an attachment to an email and in open the email and printed it out so there's. Everything that you see here on here. So if you'd like to keep a notebook of all these things, if you still use paper gosh sure when the world does, you could actually do that and print it out and a lot of the other things that you have on here are available for print out Too, when you just go in to share and set it up and that's what it's gon na look like, you can save it and you can share it right from there after you preview it so good stuff on sleep, wait.

I haven't played with it's a manual entry thing unless you have a special scale and then it's just gon na give you one data point for weight, but that's there. Those are the only cards you have. You can rearrange them if you want to that's available, and then you get down to your overall steps, which is related to this and it's, showing my totals over the different days. So let's take a look again back a little bit beyond today to see what I had when I was actually working with this band. Oh, you know what I'm in month I don't want month. Sorry about that let's go today! Okay, here's today, yesterday there we go. Do you see all that fun stuff how it got big and then then dropped down? I work. I walked the greatest step between 900 and 930 in the morning on June. The 19th fifteen hundred steps that day the day before that I had a few steps here in the afternoon and you can see within each half hour window how many steps you walk, what your total was. Was it running, walking or climbing? It figures that out automatically from the sensors on board and all that is taken care of right there and that's just in the home screen. If you go to your me, you can set up your device. This is the actual device. Here you can set your goals. Your personal profile and any messages you can actually do data sharing by linking it to google fit or MyFitnessPal if you use either of those and it'll transfer the data – and you have your overall settings here too – for notification management on which things you would like pushed From the phone to the watch, your heart rate limit and zones – and this is really cool because they calculate all this stuff out for you automatically, based on your profile information you put in and you can activate or deactivate a heart rate warning you can base it On the HRM max computation, or you can actually change it and put in your own computations if you'd like to based on whatever factors you and your doctor have decided on, you need to do.

You can change the the units as well and then just your basic legal information. I guess it goes along with it and the exercise tab. We want to go into that one anything else, nothing really. Okay, you have a couple of tabs here: indoor run and outdoor run on the indoor run, you could set your goals and you can hit the start and go if I switch it to outdoor run. It immediately accesses Google Maps and everything you see here in the picture is replaced with the map of your location, with your dot on there and you'll see your trajectory plotted on the graph, as you actually exercise using the phone now, not using the band. So if you don't have the band with you and you still want to get your data and you can take your phone with you, you can do it all right here from your phone as well. But if you do have your band with you with the phone or without the phone, you have GPS in it, so you're able to get all of that data transfer it over from here to here. So let's take a look at that: okay selected one of the cycling events – and I have it on a page here, and this is showing the track. If I click this, it shows the map actually on here and I can zoom in and out on all my locations and streets and everything it's got the date and time that this was done and it's got information on it.

So the only thing you're not seeing here is the underlying map, but I have these tabs at the top or I can scroll through here from oh, no, I can't. I actually have to hit them. I guess I'm just moving the map there. I can go into speed. It shows you each miele what my male speed was and which one was the fastest. Now uncle tix was sitting as passenger in a car playing with the cycling mode. So it's not really me on a bike someday. It will be here's. The chart that's, why my heart rate isn't as big as I guess it could be, but you get these great charts that show you where you were at a particular time what your breakdown is and what zones you were working in and then your overall speed is Shown on here as well so you've got those charts, and then you got a summary of your details, which include a recovery period for an aerobic training or aerobic training effect and recovery. Time was 5 hours, but I wasn't doing anything so. Ok that's reasonable. I guess to take 5 hours I'm going to come back here. I'M gon na come back here, I'm going to take you into this first thing. This was an actual like half hour workout session. I burned 110 calories because there's not going anywhere there's no actual graph, but I do have a chart of my heart rate in here and it was one of those things where you do intervals right.

So I could get my heart rate up and then I would wait and let it cool down and then do it again and do it again kind of repeating it and so you're. Seeing this really interesting chart, which I can't pinch and zoom, unfortunately, or zero in on what okay, I guess I can't oh that's sweet – you just have to turn it sideways. A lot of these apps have created stuff, so just play with them to see what happens. 104, dropping down to 67, so really nice broad range and for me, pretty quick recovery time it's, not taking a long time to come down, it's pretty sharp after I stop whatever I'm doing and Wow. You can expand that too, and you can either slide the graph or you can slide the wow. This is great isn't that great, no wonder a hundred million people used this particular app very, very nice. This is just a view. You just go into it and look at it and landscape if you want a real drill down into it. Okay, that's pretty much your categories here that you have, you can add them. You can look at your overall statistics by the day and I get back in here to an earlier day, oh I'm, on weeks, okay! Well, I really don't have weeks to show you so I don't have a whole lot of data, but here you got weeks months and years and total of all of your information for the particular year 2019 we're in anyway, yeah yeah.

You could use this forever. It looks like runner, statistics, okay, that's, an overview of the app that's, an overview of the band, and just to tell you that the TPU is really really nice, it's very stretchy soft lot of holes. You can easily get it just as tight as you want without over tightening it it's available right now from keep buying, and we really appreciate geek buying supporting us on this one it's, the huawei band 3 pro now, not the regular one and it's under 50 bucks To get a thin little thing like this, with GPS built into it, that does an excellent job of actually tracking your trajectory and giving you the accurate distance data pace. Cadence all the kind of things you're looking for which you can get when you tie in to GPS, that you don't quite get as accurate. If you don't have that GPS integration check the show notes down below for a buying link, we look to see if we can get you a discount and it helps us out if you buy from our link, we'll keep getting more goodies in to show you like.