That is totally amazing. If you told me four and a half years ago, and I started playing with this channel that this day would come, I would go where's my banana split. I want to celebrate and that's what mrs. sticks and I are gon na. Do we set that aside? As a special celebration for your guys support one by one, each and every one of you bringing us to this threshold, thank you. Thank you for being here, hey is a special treat. I got a couple of clips for you at the very end of today's video. They represent the little one minute. Reviews of two new bands I'll be doing next week or week after I'm, already working on those videos, and I just wanted to show them to you in comparison with today's flagship state of the art top of the heap bands by the major Chinese companies. Just to show you what is potentially on the horizon, pretty interesting tech, alright, let's get on with today's comparison. Here you go greetings and welcome to smart watch ticks. There are three brand new top of the line: fitness bands on the market and we've reviewed each and every one of them today, we're gon na compare them. What have we got well from gearbest the most recent one reviewed, the original amaze fit core version: it's the core, smart, bracelet and it's a doozy, and we have everything that came with it. To show you here in just a second, in addition to the amaze fit core to a Xiaomi right, shallow me, ecosystem product.

We have from Tom top the Xiaomi my band 4, which is in a different class a different kind of an experience different than the amaze fit line. The my line are smaller, smaller screen overall, smaller size, and this is the latest iteration the band. Four and again, this one is coming to us hello up there from Tom Top. I show you these, because these are our sponsors they're, the ones that sent us these for review whoops, and it helps us if you choose to buy any of these. If you'll use the links in the show notes down below to pick them up from our supporting sponsor, after all, we wouldn't have these if it wasn't for these guys, the third one. Now we switch away from Xiaomi to Huawei, and this is the Huawei band 3. Pro I want to included in this grouping 1 because it just came out about the same time as the others and two, because it presents a different kind of a product, one that's more for your fitness stuff that has a built in GPS with it, as well As all the other characteristics like 5 atmosphere, waterproofness and all the other things we've seen in the other ones, ok here they are let's separate them. Now this is the core band 2 right. This is the my band 4, and this is the Huawei one. So I'm gon na move, while way out of the way we'll do it later, because I want you to focus on these two.

Why is there a flashlight you're about to find out when we look at the screens on all of these and which ones work best? Outdoors yeah, we think about everything here. I hope all right, here's the core. This is the pretty box. It comes in it's great for presentation it. We did a full unboxing, but I do want to show you how this thing works for charging. It comes with its own wire it's, a dongle that sits on here. If you try to put it on backwards. It'S gon na act funny it's, not gon na take so you're, not gon na accidentally fry the thing, but if you put it on the correct way, it hugs in there nicely it's a thick ish kind of a band not too terribly bad, though, and it uses The standard type of a clasp and put that on in a minute and lets you take a look at it: it's smooth, TPU, fairly lightweight, although heavier than the other ones, but a good overall fitness span, that's the physical characteristics of it, that's the core too. Now over here, we've got the my band 4 and it's totally different. In my estimation, this is the worst of all of them and it comes to charging. This is the band folks. This is the band. This is the Box. Let'S start with the box that's. What we did on the other one comes in a point of purchase kind of thing.

You might find fault sitting on a rack at Sports Authority or something right. We'Ve got a big four here and a picture of the band quick sale. You know this: is you did pick it up and run? Oh yeah I've got to get a birthday present for somebody grab the band. It has a rubberized TPU shell to which the module fits inside. The module is removable. Now a good thing about that is, you could just carry this in your pocket. If you want to, you can see it lighting up already. It wants to pair and I'm gon na get to that information in a moment and it's uh, yeah really lightweight simple little thing now, to put it in the band, you got ta be a little bit careful. First of all, which way does it go? You know you've got a different type of connector band and you can have it. I guess either way, just whatever is most comfortable for you, I'm gon na guess it one and just pop it in here and pop it in there very forgiving, it's, rubberized and now it's in here and but here's the rub when you need to charge this thing And, of course, all of these have fairly long life. You cannot place it in the charger. You can't just come home and stick it in the charger overnight or when you take a shower it's, not gon na fit there. The wire is in the way of the band it's, just oh it's, 2019 folks.

This is show me what the heck are. You thinking, uh fail. I I wouldn't buy this one. I know you guys hate it when I throw my watches, but this it deserves it. I would not buy this this that's my opinion, you might like it we're gon na talk about the size and look of the band screen in a little bit, but this is the overall look and feel it's thin and it's small and it works, and it looks Cockeyed here I guess I don't. Actually I got to see this. I don't really have it in the band right. Do I fun yeah, so that's, the the my band for that everybody's been raving about yeah it's, like one of those super movies that comes out. It turns out it's, worse than a berated movie. Ah come here. Huawei save me on this. Okay. Well, not really, but you were getting there. This is another fitness man, you see it's lighting up as well. It comes with a snap on type of a dock and this wire, which is just a USB to micro, USB connector. So the good news is as long as you have this thing with you. You could plug it into your phone charger if you're not using the USB see if you have the old version, you know or or just use this wire or whatever, but you got ta have this double winged fancy looking curved strange little dongle II dock to go On it, it's got tabs that goes into.

You got a line it up the right way of which this is not. You see that you got to have that little cutout match the diode thingy here and then you got to get it in there and plug it. In and charge it way better in my book, then having to pop a module out, but not nearly as convenient as having just a straight little dongle thing like that that snaps on to it sister, no see this placements different. None of these are interchangeable and some of the best you just take the band off and plug it in a USB it's got a regular USB, but none of these are that way, because these are the high end, fancy bands right fancy van. It comes in another point of purchase, kind of hang on a rack box, that's easy to see and understand and it's all packed inside of that box, and that is the Huawei band. Three throw now let's get more into the details of the units themselves. Here they all are, this is the core tube it's, the biggest one it's got a larger overall screen. This is the Huawei, and this is the my band. They all got nice, beautiful, color displays and they seem to have good brightness so that you can use them outdoors, but let's check it with the flashlight as if we were outdoors let's bring this puppy up to its brightest setting. Now, oh boy, look at the fingerprints! There hang on a second there that's better.

I cleaned him all right! I'M gon na go through them one by one. Oh, what dish in my mouth and it's like it's, the Sun right there's, the first one you see: it's, nice and viewable outdoors and no matter what angle you have the Sun at it's. Still there yeah let's get it off the watch face and onto something like that there now you really can see we're getting no degradation and they're talking about some sort of like a trans reflective screen capability to it boy. Is it a fingerprint magnet though, but we're getting some decent looks that this is a rather soft watch face, so it seems to be fading out a little bit, but when you get actually into the icon, stem cells they're good and bright yeah. So you should be able to see that and read your fingerprint right in the bright light: yeah. Okay, the next one is the the Huawei one and it's nice and bright too. Can we get it into some mode of heart rate, let's, take a heart rate press and hold yeah, they all work differently. I keep forgetting how to do them. Anyway, there you go that's what it looks like in the sunlight viewable and this one. I can't show you anything more than the pairing screen, because it's not paired to the app and one of the things that these bands that use the Huawei. No, the my band. My fit app do is they will not work independent, they have to be paired, so this one's not paired, but this one is to the app right now.

If I switched it to this one, this one would not be working and that's a big drawback. I think in the my band line and the Amaze fit band line is the fact that they cannot be used independent of tethering to the phone, whereas the Huawei one no problem at all, it's coming up fine and it can be used on its own. So there's a quick look at them. They all pass a test of being visible outdoors relatively easily. What else do they have going for them? Well, for the core band, not much there's, not much going for this one honestly you've, seen in the review we have limited number of watch faces that you can install directly from the app you saw how long it took to get this thing even operational after pairing. It it had to go through firmware updates and then process updates and then more updates. Before we even could use it. It cannot work standalone. You have to pair it to an app if you don't have a phone and you don't have the app or you're not connected to the Internet, to get in it into it. You'Re not going to use it. It'S it's, a brick it's, a brick. You have your step count information. You have your heart rate in the step count and in the to exercise modes, but there's not a separate, dedicated screen for heart rate and, of course it doesn't do blood pressure or blood oxygen, any of those kind of things and after a while, the screen as Bright as it is as black with just a little bit of writing on it as it is to give you that insane battery life it times out.

So you cannot have any screen on for more than just a few seconds and when you get into the workout, you have only a choice of two treadmill which, when you start that is going to time your event calculate distance travel based on pedometer, not GPS. Show you your cadence from a treadmill, not sure how they're doing that, and this is what would be reasonable. I would think to have as don't go away on me as a heart rate. Stand alone screen always on make this thing useful, viewable outdoors, but I can't get into it without going into the treadmill mode to get here and that's it. I have to come over here long press to shut it off and it's done and just to show you. Oh yeah long press to stop X distance to short okay exercises a little bit different on this one. It shows you time, calories burned and your heart rate and oh, come back here. I want to get back into the event. Okay, it's, giving me 61 now. I'M. Not sure about that heart rate, it seems to be showing up whether I'm, touching it or not so you'd need to test the accuracy of this, but I can't get into that screen. That shows me the the heart rate by itself. It seems to be integrated with that and it's hard to get back out of this mode and you got a hold it it. I just you know.

No sorry, no, no Holly pay, can't use it yeah. You got basic, alarms and stuff sure you got where there sure you got a remote music player, but it's not from here you're, not tethered to play sound out of the band and it's a little bit thick and bulky and doesn't Bend well on the sides. So I would pass actually on the core band to myself. It might be right for somebody, but not for me so, while we're on the Xiaomi line with the my fit app, how about the my band for the new upgrade to that it's, again kind of a stiff little shell, that it's in I can't show you anything On it, unless I unpair the other one and pair this one, because if it's not paired, it's a dead, brick that's, a showstopper for me for any of the Xiaomi line of watches and bands and I'm afraid a lot of the Amaze fit watches as well. Like Stratos and pace and verge that we'll be reviewing soon all operate, the same way you you cannot use it as a standalone device got to be paired with your phone. Okay with that said, if you want to see all the things it can do, watch the review I'm not going to go through it as much as I just did on the the core band 2 I'll just say I would pass on this one for sure, because Of the ability, the need the need to pop the module out just to charge it in its own special proprietary cable that could, over time, have the wire break.

At that point, I know my sponsors probably aren't exactly happy with me, but I'm being honest with you. Folks, I'd pass on this one as well. So what about Huawei? What about this band? 3 Pro with its funky little dock yeah? I wish this were different. It'S also sturdy, but yeah it's it's, ok, bands; ok, lots of holes in it very flexible, but you know what the real saving grace of this one is that GPS module that's in here. That thing is phenomenal: it does the heart rate and and sleep time and it's got workouts in it. Yeah got the Olly pay more, where you can have stop, watches and things messages and back to your time, so let's take an outdoor run. For example, see it says, satellites out a date, GPS might be slow, but it gives you a chance to get that whole thing. Synchronized. You can set targets and alerts with this Wow compared to just having treadmill and exercise. This band is really worth worth. Looking at. It'S got really nice bright screen of the three. Obviously I bet you know by now. This would be the one I would take. The GPS is really long life in this thing, its tiny it doesn't have a big battery, but I could get like seven hours of GPS tracking on it, which is great for a classy high end watch. You know you're talking Apple Samsung LG in that category, when you're talking Huawei and Xiaomi that's.

Why we're looking at these in detail? They'Re, not kind of an off brand third party thing that we see lots and lots of those. These are the ones packaged like this. That you're gon na see in the stores that most people are gon na know about which one should you get well, if I had my druthers I'd definitely go for the Huawei band 3 row because it does it all and includes GPS. I hope this has helped. You a little bit one way or another and I'm gon na put it all back together again now, thank you for watching. Thank you for subscribing and one more time through real, quick, geek buying is a source. If you want the Huawei band 3 Pro check, the show notes down below I'll have a link there for you. If you're into the my band for Tom top is our recommendation and finally gearbest brought us the Core: 2 smart, bracelet band watch thing, and if you liked that one please use our links, if you can help these guys out and help us out here, you've been Watching SmartWatch tix we'll see you again soon now, as I promised at the very beginning of this comparison, video I've got two little clips of upcoming bands. I'M gon na, be reviewing that. I want to show you just so you can see where the technology is going different than the three that you just witnessed and again a thank you to all of you subscribers out there who are pushing the channel over 100000 right now ahead.

You'Re great all right! Here'S the clips this is the t02 it's a really interesting fitness band with a twist. The button I'm touching right now to show you the different watch faces, has the thermometer on it, because it will show you temperature, you get your step count pedometer reading and this is where you tap and hold hold it to your forehead and you'll, get an actual Body temperature reading we have a sports section inside here you have walking running cycling, climbing and swimming. We also have a health section in here. You have real time continuous heartrate, you have blood pressure, blood oxygen, an EKG or ECG, which is fake. I got to tell you because it's using the fundu Pro app, which fakes the ECG, you have last night's sleep time. It'Ll show you the breakdown of everything you have a messages pushed from your phone. The accurate current weather is also available. Pushed tethered from your phone to the watch. Alley play is supported and a whole lot more to cram into one minute. You have a stopwatch music player. You could change. The dials find your phone, the QR code, to download the app about this device, reset it and power the puppy off long, press and it's out of here, and that folks is the t02 check it out. Then is the t9 an amazing Fitness watch with step count and all the good stuff there. This buttons gon na take us into some data that will give you body fat and a whole lot more information.

You have a real time, continuous 24 hour heart rate. You have blood pressure reading capability within it, you have a few different training programs. You can go into on the band or on the tethered app. You have messages pushed from your phone. You have a more section which is somewhat limited. Tells you basic information reset the band find your phone when you're tethered a brightness adjustment and overall turning the band off after that you're back to the main page, see fat, water and protein all calculated when you're in this mode here long press to get it started And hold these two electrodes now there's two electrodes on the back that are also working together and you make sure that your hands are not touching and not completing a circuit between the four different electrodes when it's done, which is relatively quick, it's gon na give you Three different screens of information that tell you about your percent body, fat, water and protein, along with weight, bone stuff, IO dough. It just goes on and on all. This is on the app it gets transferred over there, your body mass index, BMI and – and they can cycle through all three of those really unique something totally different.