com in this box. I have what is known as a huawei band 4 bro. This is so confusing there's uh on your bands and then there's regular bands. There is the 3, the 4 and the 5. Now, as I understand it – and I may very well be wrong on this – if something is a band and says Pro it's gon na have GPS in it, but if it says honor and doesn't say Pro it doesn't anyway, we've got a review of the honor band. 3, the band 3 Pro the honor band for this is the band 4 Pro and then we've also got an honor band 5 review up pretty sure I got all those anyway. This is the latest one to come out it's, not even on the market globally. Yet this is, I believe, the Chinese version, because the manuals only in Chinese yeah I've already been in the box you'll see that in a minute, but the global one is going to have all kinds of goodies and that's what we've got in the descriptor. So I'm gon na go there right away to tell you that geek buying is the the company that sent this one out. They got first dibs on this. The huawei band 4 Pro it's, really identical to the original band 4. So much so that I'm gon na refer you over to that one and I'm gon na supplement that review with bits and pieces from this one, because I think the GPS is pretty much the difference between the two it's a point: nine five inch AMOLED, really nice And bright screen, five atmosphere, waterproof and, of course, built in GPS in this you've got bluetooth 4.

2 on this and the original for all of the other specs they are the same. You have heart a health tracker, heart rate sensor and sleep tracker now, there's some special stuffs with this sleep tracker to it. It takes a little more from your bad, but it gives you some pretty detailed, deep sleep stuff which is kind of cool. You got vibration, but no sound. You do have the twist your wrists to see the time and you can set up a window like at night where it's not gon na do that which is really cool we're. Looking at a 120 by 240 pixels, okay, I thought that was different, but there we go 100 milli amp hour battery, and this is what's good. You get about 15 days of standby time on here. Actually, you'll get five days. If you turn on scientific sleep and continuous heart rate measurement – and you can get longer, if you turn these things selectively off down or up to twelve days when you turn both of those features off and if you have GPS it's independent GPS, so you don't need Your phone along to track at the modules actually in the device you'll get seven hours, which is actually really high, it's a very low power, long life, GPS module in this thing to get seven hours out of a tiny little band is really amazing. It really is case material length of the strap all the basic stuff now down here.

It says the app is a huawei health app and it is and we've covered that extensively. I'Ll have a link to another video. We did, I believe, on the band four. Actually, where I go into excruciating detail of that app, so we're not going to do anything with the app today, because it's already been done, it's got all these different supported languages in the international version. Now what I found with this one when I turned it on after doing a reset on it, it has two languages: Chinese and British English. Of course, I selected English and that's what we're gon na see today, but the international version, which should be identical to this one, is going to have all these other languages. Now what you didn't see listed here unless I skipped over, it is NFC, and this device does have NFC in it, but it turns out it's pretty much for China, only it's it's for writing the boss and you can do transactions if you're part of a Lipe Aliexpress using NFC and a couple of other little things, but none of them are are supported globally. As far as we know, if that changes I'll, let you know in the show notes for those of you who want to put your translator up to take a look at the screen. This is the very brief manual that explains basically how to charge it, because it is a little bit tricky and then the backside is probably all of their legal mumbo jumbo and in my case, since they don't read Chinese I'm.

Sorry, it looks like mumbo jumbo there's. The QR code for tethering it oh – and I got some juicy news for you too, so don't tune out too soon. Okay, really juicy news about a firmware update that happened on this, but first let's take a look at it inside the box. Of course, you got the band now, normally it's going to be off and you can't turn it on. The only way you can turn it on see mine is on is, if you plug it into the charger, it will automatically turn on some of these devices. We'Ve seen that way, they they only turn on. When you connect them to the charger, you can turn it off, but once you turn it off, you're not going to get to turn it on it's, a TPU kind of a band it's got a little bit of itching on the outside of it gives it a Little bit of character a whole bunch of holes close together, and you know if you've watched this channel that's a that's, a yummy. For me, it means you can tighten it to just the tightness you want, because their holes are closed and it'll fit tiny arms and big arms all in one band arm, they're, not removable at all you're gon na see on the web there's some highlights about it. Possibly being removable but that's preliminary, no, what do you ever saw it yet and they're, showing pictures of the original for the band for the honor band for was removable bands with a USB charger in the end, this is not this uses pins to charge similar to The other pro bands – I believe so the bands are not removable that I can tell it looks like you could push here and pull them apart, but no it doesn't do that.

Okay, I got serial number stuff in there and then inside this pocket. I'Ve got a egg that comes with a charging dock and a USB cord standard, USB microUSB, and not the USB C and plug in. Of course, you could use anyone you want to, and then this peculiar mounting mechanism we have reviewed this. You have that notch there that's got to line up with the notch on the sensor diodes. You got the two pins that line up here and you got these little spots. Can you see that right there that this snaps into and another one right up there? So you lay it over here you line up those spots and it clicks and then it's in there and it's in there good you simply plug it in and charge it and you're good to go and it's got lots of lots of time on it all right. It is all charged up I'm gon na clear everything out and we're gon na walk through it right now. Now this is after the firmware update boy. It is blooming bright right now. The ambient light outside it's late afternoon is kind of dim, and this is actually set in its automatic mode it's supposed to dim down when it gets start, sorry, it's, so bloomed. These are colorful balloons right here. We'Ll do the best. We can you've got time battery power, Bluetooth date on here, and you see our darn quick, it's timing out I'm gon na jump ahead.

You'Re gon na want to do this. You'Re gon na want to slide all the way through until you get to the more inside. More you're gon na want to slide all the way down to screen on in screen on you're gon na want to switch that button, and the screen will sleep after five minutes. You can you read that that's? What probably the best feature if this one? Otherwise, it times out so darn, quick, it's amazing. Now I can come back and I could talk for five minutes even without touching it, and if I touch it, I get another. It resets itself here's my step count on the screen: doggone I'm, so sorry it's, so bloomed out let's go this way there. It shows you step. Can'T and percentage is a little number down there of my total goal that you said in the app there's the heart rate I don't see calories burned there we go if you touch it, you'll get your calories burned in distance travelled and time in walking. I guess – and this is 9 12 9 out of 12 of hours of not sedentary, you know getting up and walking around there's little information bubbles. You can tap on those but that's all in that very first thing, so you slide through them and then you tap it not hold it, but tap it to go deeper heart rate same thing, I tap it and it's immediately saying that it's not on my wrist.

Now I want to show you something about these diodes, while we're here so I'm gon na I'm gon na get it started for you, I'm gon na retry, okay and now, because it sees my finger it's gon na be attempting to get my heart rate now watch This oh come back here there you see the green diodes okay kind of faked it out now it's using green diodes to get my heart rate, which is what they all do. Okay and I moved away so it's, not seeing that why I did that was this one blood oxygen, a real real band that does blood oxygen, knows that you have to use infrared or the red diodes in order to get accurate data. So when I cover – and I touch this to start – that it wants me to fasten it in a certain spot and I'm gon na talk about that in a moment but now it's measuring my blood oxygen. But look at this folks, you see the red coming out. The sides whoa it just switched the green. You see that you're gon na retry it again there's the red and the green. Now the red went off, but the green came back on and the reason you got both of them. When you do this, I got a pause while it's doing this now is on this particular reading. It'S, using both colors, they don't interfere with each other. I'Ve got my heart blood oxygen up here, but it's also doing my heart rate down here.

So you actually don't need that other heart rate screen. This is a really beautiful, bright orange it's, looking yellow on my camera right now, so the colors you're seeing are not necessarily correct because it's just so bright, it's messing my camera, but blood oxygen is right there and boom. You see the two diodes there real, quick there they're both they're both happening at the same time, because of that using the red diodes lots of more capabilities are there in terms of doing a fatigue, analysis and heart rate, variability and yeah. It just goes on and on so blood oxygen is, is a measurement as well here's. Last night's sleep time: I can't touch it to go deeper, but the scientific sleep is supposed to give you all kinds of information in the app because it does use that red diode. Then we got your workouts, you tap here and you got outdoor run. Indoor run outdoors gon na use GPS outdoor walk uses, GPS indoor walk does not see that little symbol up in the corner up above there's outdoor cycling and then there's indoor cycling. Again, GPS on the outdoor whoops went into it. Outdoor indoor outdoor indoor, the cycling, then you've got elliptical rower machine you've got pool that was on the honor band for as well open water and free training. What you don't have is summary and I've done a few different workouts. With this thing – and I don't see a way that I can look at the data on the watch on the band after you're done – you get like four pages worth of data on here and that's great.

But as soon as you go back to the main screen, they're gone and you can't see it Ali pay. This is tied in with that in NFC, the chip inside I'm thrown off by this symbol, you can't, even see the it's got the ollie pay Aliexpress symbol in that bright, overpowered, blue right. There, no doubt you'll be able to see this outside easily. Yes, and so when you go in here, it tells you to setup your payment agreement by doing that in the app and you can agree and then you go over there. You can scan this with Ollie pay and once you're all set up you'll get either a barcode. I think it says a QR code and you swipe that, at the turn to make your payment that's in China folks, I don't know that it exists anywhere out. If any of you out, there know that you can use this Olly pay outside of China, leave it in the show notes. Let us all know, because this would be an awesome feature if you could actually do like Samsung pay and Android pay and Apple pay and Santa Clause pay all the other ones that are on the market, but I don't think they're available. Yet then you got cards and cards, I don't really get it to work, it says, use the huawei health app to add cards and I believe that's just each of these pages that you're seeing they're calling cards and you can rearrange them.

I talked about that in the review of the honor band for in more depth. So look at looking over that there here I've got a countdown timer or a count up, stop watch the faces. I'Ll, come back to that when you're tethered find your phone, the brightness we've just been playing with, and I don't have. Oh there we go there. We go it didn't work for me before: okay, I'm gon na dim it all the way down. There'S, the brightness control – and you have this – also feature of lower the brightness at night, so it must have some sort of a sensor on there as well that's cool I hit brightness before and it didn't go into it. Okay. Now it should be easier to see the screen on. We are on right now and it's. Each time you go off, you have to come back in, and oh my guess, we're not on and and activate that to set it on for five minutes and it'll stay on until you turn it off or it goes off and it automatically turns it off. Here'S. Your overall battery percentage, you can see how much charge you have on it and your system, and this is where you can reset the thing or just simply restart it or power off your regulatory information and about and pay attention now. This is where you've got your particular thing for tethering, but down here is the new MAC address your serial number and your firmware version.

You guys want to make sure you go in to do a firmware update because it's really really cool that's. What I'm going to show you now now you're going to get it really excited? You'Re gon na get really disappointed, that's what I went through manic depressive here, the new version – 1.1 0.0, 0.6 6 changelog says this update, adds support for access control card, our atrial fibrillation and premature, beat detection, and then I go to scrolling it. But I had to do: screenshots strongly recommends that you up upgrade to use it. It adds support for access control card. Whatever those are, then it adds atrial, fibrillation and premature, beat detection optimization and it optimizes blood oxygen menu and it can be customized. It says: ok, optimize, the display of exercise results. The system, stability, fixes some known issues and now here's, where we get into the fun part, atrial, fibrillation and premature, beat detection must be used in conjunction with heart study app. You guys look for that. Look in the Play Store for heart study app only Huawei and honor brand phones support. Ah, please upgrade huawei health app to this version and above and upgrade the heart study app to that version and above the band needs to have at least 20 battery, and it takes about 20 minutes or so to update it. The process is run a bob at a bit of it ba make sure that Bluetooth connection is stable and so forth.

So what you can do is update your band to this version. It does take a long time, 20 minutes to a half an hour, and then you think it's done it's. Not it keeps spinning just let it go because it'll take another 20 minutes to actually install it. But when it's done it's in this final condition, for which I cannot tell what those changes it's talking about our and the fact that I don't have a Huawei phone with that other supporting atrial fibrillation app makes it a real challenge that I can't really do anything Related to that, so, if you're lucky enough to be in a situation where you can take it of it, let us know what what it's doing okay and if I can find a way to review it you can bet. I will so. I was in more I'm looping that that way, now I'm gon na loop back up this way, you have the ability to have a non bored music player to remotely play music in your phone and control, the volume, that's, sweet and, of course, forward or back play Or pause all from the band and then you've got your messages pushed from your phone when you have it tethered properly as far as faces. This is another one too. When you look at the advertising, it says over. A hundred pages of four hundred hundred different watch faces are available and if I go to more and I go to faces, I've got that one with the balloons it's a little more colorful now right, then I got this one with the daisies and then I got This one with a blob, some sort of a big orange and pink blob, and then I loop back here to this little swimming things, whatever they are, and those are the three faces that I have installed and looking at the app I don't find a area when You'Re tethered to the watch that has faces like we've, seen in the Amaze fit app just pages and pages of faces, and you can pick whichever one you want to from their server and install it to the watch.

I don't see that so again, I don't know how to put additional faces on it, but the product literature says it supports and has over a hundred. So let me know guys when you get yours. How do you put faces on here and we'll? Add that to the show, notes and definitely down in the comments for this video as well, and that I think is just about it: you've seen the red and green diode, you know about the atrial fibrillation update, but you need to have a huawei phone to get Access to it and anything else, you want to know about the band for pro see the review on the honor band for and I'll have a link to that. What do you say how about in this corner down here? Okay and one more time you can pick it up from geek bind check the show notes down below we'll have the buying link for you. We'Ll have a coupon discount there for you, and it really helps us out at this channel.