We are a YouTube channel on the web at SmartWatch tix.com. Can you focus on that with your google translator right, then you'll be able to read everything there is to know about that: Huawei honor band 5 it's. Finally, here folks and it's right in this box, this is an interesting one, we've seen the 4 and the 3 and well let's dig into before. We do that got to tell you where you can get it. Thank goodness is the actual Chinese version of this thing. They usually get the first products first, and this is cutting edge because it's it's really it's all in Chinese it's, the honor band 5 global version, it ships in Chinese with the Chinese manual, but it can support other languages when you tether it to your phone. Okay, that'll switch it over. It is available right now and check the show notes for a coupon discount if we can get one for you inside of this thing now it it supports an NFC chip. However, the international or global version as shipping right now does not support the NFC now I'm, not sure if it's not in it at all or if it's in it and it's, just not fully supported, but the use of the NFC chip for payments. Things like that. It'S within China only so it's, not part of this when you'll see some notes here at the bottom. In just a moment, you got your basics, touchscreen it tethers with the huawei health app which we've seen before it's, currently supporting these languages.

Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Russian, Italian, British, English, American English and simplified Chinese, the other languages, maybe will come later, not sure it's got an interesting. They say magnetic dock charging, but you'll find it's. Actually a snap on charger, not magnetic we've got swimming showering and rain. Being. Okay, for your probably an ip65 267 waterproofing, but it's not meant for diving or bathing in hot water, but you can swim with it so, and it actually has some swim functions that you'll see when we get into that part too. You'Ve got these mixed different sports. In here and you're gon na see throughout the video that that constantly is changing too, as as they continue to update the band support for a heart rate, monitoring, pedometer distance calories, sleep monitor, it's got in it with a special multi pattern, thing pretty fancy stuff. It gave me basic sleep results when I tested it and you've got the overall screen size, battery information and the sensors that are on board now. Take a look at the notes. Hmm, can you read them? The Huawei honor band five standard version is without the NFC function, that's the first thing they want you to know, and now and now the honor band five has a new blood oxygen detection function not listed in here. You notice that which is not available in other products, because of that you need to download the honor sports app connection with this device and use it.

However, I have not been able to find any any honor sport app if you guys find it. Let me know: I'll put the link in the show notes, but the huawei health app is the app that tethers with it and that we've been using how it looks like the blood oxygen at this point. Needs are different out. The honor sports app, which is not in the Google Play, Store and it's, not the QR code that you download from the manual from what I can tell anyway, due to the but the environmental differences it says in the equipment. They can't guarantee that the monitoring of blood oxygen is 100 accurate and why were you reserves the right to update the product without additional notice, getting all that on this? Okay, okay, with all that said, let's get into it because I'm sure you want to know a whole lot more than the nuances of blood oxygen. When we open it up, you see it's a simple little thing: we've got the band, we've got the charger and we've got the little Chinese. Only manual, okay, that's that's, it folks, the other side, yeah it's, just it's more of the Chinese. So I will show you this: if you're really seriously interested and want to do a translation of it. I believe there's, a link available and I'll have that in the show notes as well, for the actual English version of the manual too might even be PDF.

So you can download it, let's dig it. We have a bag and in the bag we have the band and on the band, we've got a little cover. Can we get that off? Oh, I need fingernails. There we go and that's it. A nice flexible band. Lots of holes to fit any arm any wrist on the bottom, the two heartrate diodes and the sensor in the middle, the two prongs for charging and speaking of charging let's take a look at that you get an extra goody inside the bag is the charger indeed, And USB to micro, usb extra wire that plugs into the side like that ships right with it, so you could use that as an extender for anything or just leave it on the band, because you'll need it to plug in for charging. Now here you go it's, not really magnetic. It is definitely snap on you see this little area here with the the depression that has to go over the diode area. You line that whole thing up and you snap it on it clicks in and you're ready to charge in order to turn this on. If it's off you have to like this in, you can hold the button all day and nothing will happen plug it into chart. Your charger and it'll immediately turn on so be careful if you're out and about with the band, and you decide to turn it off to save power. You'Re not gon na get it back on and unless you plug it into the doc and charge it up with that set let's turn it on and give it a run through now.

The first thing you're gon na want to do is check for a firmware update I've had two so far, the first one I went through. Let it go took about ten minutes. The second one I was able to capture this screenshot to show you what they're doing now. This is an update to one one: zero, seven, four and there's a description of what's handled with this particular update. Haven'T implemented this. Yet because I wanted to capture some data on the band which I've done – and here is the transfer to the app of that data, so you're getting a look at the app up to date with the data before doing the update in case it wipes everything out. I wanted to have a record of it, so there's the step count in what night and what not an exercise record heart rate, sleep, weight and stuff that you can put in here and, of course, your tabs on the bottom. When I drill deeper in here, you see that the step count touching on this one brings up this screen and when I touch on this one, the exercise records. I get this information. You have details which pop up first here's, the information captured when you're basically doing an outdoor walk here are the different charts you saw that was detailed, charts and pace here are the charts, there's heart rate pace, and then you scroll up to get to the others. If I drill into the heart rate one you see, it comes up as a wider chart, which you can pinch and zoom and monitor your overall heart rate at any particular point by sliding this little scroll wheel.

Here, if you go to the case, which was the one just below that you get this – and this was a gentle hike with a lot of stops, looking out at pretty scenery, and so yes, it has a lot of pauses in it as part of what I Was doing it was more of a gentle walk than a a really strenuous exercise, but if you were power walking, you could have your overall pace chart against the elapsed. Time and again you can pinch and zoom that, and you can scroll this along to see anything whoops there I'm, touching it now going back. That was this one remember there was heart rate pace and then there's cadence at the bottom, and this is what the cadence chart looks like and same thing. Pinch and zoom works on this so that's the data that's collected on the app from the watch. How does it look actually on the band itself? Let'S take a look, is I haven't, like I said, for updated it yet here's a time display and when I in it you see that these step counts at the bottom. Temperature is up here when I come in here it's showing me a round circle of my steps. I'Ve reached my hundred percent of my eight thousand goal, so that's good come up here and I'm into heart rate. I can tap and hold to get it to give me a current reading of heart rate, which is easy.

Here'S last night's sleep time, information, 7 hours and 17 minutes, and I don't think I can go any further than that press and hold nope just takes us back so it's a summary of our heart rate. In from our sleep information, then we get into workout, and this is where you could actually activate any of these workouts and that's, where I did the outdoor run without setting a target and an alert at 1 mile, and I did get a vibration and an alert When I went into that, you tap the begin and it just counts down and starts it's tracking its distance based on pedometer count, there's, no GPS, a nice features. It shows you the time of day your heart rate and your distance. Your elapsed time and your pace. I believe here and then your you know pace might be that one and then your calories burned so you're getting three different screens with heart rate distance travel time on the main screen long press and hold takes you out of it. Gets you back here. I can stop it and I can end the session that way. Distance is too short, which is nice, so it's, not gon na actually record that one, and that was in the overall workout section, which has outdoor run indoor run outdoor, walk, indoor, cycling, pool, swim and free training. Those are your options in workout here then past. That is a leap a which, if you're in China, you can use an outside of China.

I don't believe it's functional for you and then finally, more in here, you have a timer, which is where you can set a countdown time and it'll vibrate. When you get there and you have a stopwatch and check this out, I started it up and ran it, and it goes up to 59 minutes 59 seconds. Tenths is also on here and and stops so it's only good for one hour, not looping, so whatever you're gon na time has to be within one hour and it does stay on the entire time when you're actually timing it or using it as a timer. If you go out of here and give it a few seconds and come back into it, you see it's still running but yeah. You don't, it doesn't, stop on you and you can come back in and check it. The different phases that we have on here are interesting, to say the least. You have those three let's pop into that one. To give you a look of your step, count, calories, burned, mileage time all on the screen and, of course, that took us all the way back out of settings since we activated it or into more, and that was phases and the third one looks like that: that's, A pretty colorful analog face that you can use with the day of the week, but no other data on it. Okay, now also in more beyond stop watching faces, you can find your phone with the tethering.

You have a brightness control and look at this. You can lower brightness at night or not, and you can set the brightness as low as this, and we were only on three way up here. That is pretty darn bright, it's kind of washing out everything that you're seeing there for doing the video I'm pretty good at about three. But if you want to be outdoors and be able to see this well, you can crank it all. The way up if you'd like to screen on is how long it will stay on, and here it says, screen will sleep after five minutes. We have it screen on okay, that just tug toggles it on and off and I've noticed. It goes off most of the time pretty quickly, but I just turned that feature on and then you've got your overall battery, which tells you your basic battery level and it's good. This is lasting a long long time. All of that activity was today and it's only down to 81 percent and then overall system, where you can reset restart power off and some regulatory and about information, it's known as the honor band 5d 54, which in the MAC address and whatnot, which is what you Look for when you're doing your tether II that, by the way, is what pops up initially is that last system screen. When you turn the thing on, because it's in Chinese at least the one I got, and you have to work at getting it paired in order to get it to switch to English and my recommendation, if it doesn't do it right away, is to hit the reset Button so that you can reset the whole band and attempt to pair again and do it away from any their Bluetooth devices around either your phone or your.

Your watch. Messages pushed from your phone show up there and in your back to the overall time so now, I'm going to do the update and see if I lose all of this stuff and if we get any new features with that update that you just saw in the Description, so for that we come back to the app you notice. I got a little red dot up here next to the picture of the band we're on the homepage, there's, the exercise, page, of course, which you can initiate your own workout right from the phone itself, including GPS tracking, and that one and then there's me and me – Is where you have control over all of your profile? Stuff, your goals? What you want push to the band and here's the band itself again with a little red dot. So if I go in here, I've got all the controls over the honor band five, including listing all of my wearable information from that first page, with the help you have that special Huawei, true sleep, that's enabled here you have activity, reminders and so forth, and you Can enable the continuous heart rate monitoring alarms do not disturb her. Here you have notifications and weather report that you can set up the reminder if you're separated from your phone, so that you'll make sure you remember, but of course, if you fall get out of range for whatever reason: it's gon na make noise. So you use that.

I guess, however, it works for you. You can have function, customization, where you can change the order of the things that we saw or delete them and a lipe doesn't work. So I could delete that, but I left it on, of course, and everything in the same order, so you could see in this review what it looks like when you first get it there aren't any other ones to add. Unfortunately, but if you delete any of these, then it'll show up in the adds so that you could add it if you want to so now, my band won't be prompting me for Aliexpress and save the changes yeah. Okay, that was that there's, your Razer risk to see this the time and you can rotate your wrists to switch the different screen. So you don't even have to touch it. If you want to, you can set it up to auto download update packages over Wi Fi, but of course you need to be bluetooth to your phone. I believe, in order to do that, and here we go here's the firmware update coming in here I'm at 1, 106 T and there's. The descriptor for 1, 1, 0 74 do an update and it says it could take about 20 minutes for it to get done. It'S, really quick and downloading it from the server, but now the process of transferring it to the band takes over, so I'll be back when it's done well well, well, check it out.

We do have something different, there's, a whole different way of representing your steps and your percent to goal it's just a shoe. We also have heartrate still and look blood oxygen that's. The big stake to claim for this new band that it could do this and do it accurately. We also have last night's sleep time. The workout section, which has the outdoor indoor outdoor, walk, indoor, walk indoor, cycling, elliptical, rower pool swim, free swimming couple of more features in there. In the more we have our timer stop watching faces the phone, the brightness, the screen on all that's. The same system looks the same, however, if we go in here to the faces check this out, we have more we've, got this fun boy right here, that's got bubbles and such and pardon me for having to go all the way through it again, but I want To show you more faces that one we had before right that one's new come back to that in a moment and that little analog one is new Wow there's, this one and then there's the original one that we had before so that's uh. That was the bubbles and they were there. We go Oh a minute, no that's that that's different too okay let's, look at that one. There you go and it's really bright, isn't it I mean it's, so bright indoors, outdoors, it's, it's, gon na be definitely visible. I like that, when high contrast easy to see so the the blood oxygen I know will play with the other faces at the end.

The blood oxygen is a big, important new addition and we get into it by staying still. It says when you look at the product, Ledyard literature, you see a really detailed, deep discussion about this and they are professing that this is highly accurate. You'Ve got this going and you've got your heart rate, going all on the same screen now, it's still advising me to stay still: 97 yeah yeah, I don't know if it's gon na freeze on a number or it's just gon na continue a subtly read it, but One of the big questions is: hey what's, it like in the app we saw, continuous heart rate displayed in the app and we ha have pace, and we have speed or all kinds of different things that are displayed when you're in an exercise activity. What about this? New blood oxygen well to determine that let's switch over to the app. I guess we've, given it enough time it hasn't vibrated are there, it goes okay, it vibrated it's got information. Here we go says it's. The percentage of hemoglobin in the blood that contains oxygen means the amount of oxygen in the blood it's, an indicator of the health of your respiratory system. Okay, a healthy value is above 90 and that's what it talks about from there. So here's what happened. I took a look at the app. I couldn't see any addition related to blood oxygen in it, so I uninstalled it. There were no updates by the way and I've reinstalled it and together we're, going to go through this because the last time I wasn't able to show you this the first time you entered the you get all this stuff.

I know you don't like to read this junk any more than I do, but I want to tell you a little bit about it if you to take the time to freeze this and read it, you'll notice, the distinct difference between the way, Huawei and Xiaomi approached This shall means the Amaze fit folks. Remember that I talked about how on amazed fit, watches and the my band watches or bands. My band for, for example, you can't turn them on out of the box. You open them up, and the first thing they need to do is connect with the app and the app requires you to sign in with an account and disclose all your stuff. It is just funky these they work, they work just plain out of the box, but if you want you can tether it to the app and if you tether it to the app, then you're good to go so we're going to tether the smart band and now Check it out, it only had the honor band 3, now it's, updating and it's lump the band 4 and 5 together. This is what I had to go through the very first time, there's, also an honor band 5 sport, which is exclusive basketball mode. Don'T know anything about that, but this is the one we went into to pair together with this particular band searches for it finds it and then it pairs it that quickly see the check mark continue and now we're there and it's getting into the notifications.

I'M. Just gon na skip all that so that we can allow and allow and get there and look all my data is still there, it wasn't lost, which is awesome, it's connected 77 and now what we're looking for through here is blood oxygen here's, the continuous heart rate Monitoring I can turn that on. I can have it smart or real time. Smart will adjust the frequency of measurements based on what your doing real time eats up more battery but 24 hours a day. It does it. Your high heart rate alert is currently disabled, but you can set whatever level you want and it will notify you if your heart rate is above that level, but nothing about blood oxygen in this that's, all the continuous heart rate you got all of these things. Weather reports, Bluetooth disconnection – we looked at all this right – firmware update with the oh seven for checking says no new version, so we're good to go on the watch. We'Ve got blood oxygen listed in there, but the app from what I'm seeing is behind in being able to report back to us you'll notice in the notes at the very beginning, there's some information about tethering to the band to the to the app in the phone. In order to do the blood oxygen process, I think I'm ahead of the game here, because this band isn't even out yet really so. This is as far as we can go in the review on that super duper: fancy blood oxygen measurement capability, that's in here we can't do much more in the app itself until it gets updated.

It gave us a countdown, it's measuring and now we're going again, but as this matures and we're able to get the blood oxygen directly in the health app or if there's, a separate, app that's necessary that you can download check. The show notes and I'll have links for that, for you any which way you cut it. This is the shining feature of this honor band 5 is the ability to accurately they say, work with your blood oxygen level. I'Ll be testing it out, I'll be wearing it. Supposedly, it cannotify you of sleep apnea right where you hold your breath when you're asleep your blood oxygen counts should go way down, should notify you that you got a problem that you can check it out. That happens while you're asleep, so you don't even know to you wake up, but I don't know how I'm gon na know unless I can see it on the app that's kind of where I'm coming from we're, not quite there yet but we're getting there anyway. This is it the honor band, five and yeah nice and sweaty, and waterproof, thank goodness and it's got a lot going for it. Just make sure that you do the firmware updates like I did and monitor the the app to make sure that you have the latest version on here too, because I got a feeling there's an update, coming that's gon na bring that blood oxygen relationship to the band Itself: okay, I just got confirmation from China.

Yes, indeed, there's an update to the app here's, a screenshot from the newer version, which is not available in the Google Play Store in the United States. In fact, there's an update to the app and an update to the band that will be coming that are not only going to give you the blood oxygen latest lowest and highest capability, but another screen when you go into it, will give you a historical chart hour By hour, from sixty to a hundred percent with lowest and highest, and your current blood oxygen reading, so we're ahead of the game gang. This is like a prototype situation. They'Re finalizing the software firmware and even some of the hardware and and getting this thing out to you for purchase, but we're a little ahead of them being ready for primetime. When you get it, you should be able to update the app no matter what country you're in and see screens like this and be able to do the blood oxygen that's, the big rave of the honor band 5.