At SmartWatch, honor magic watch. Don'T, you mean watch magic, mr. tix, Oh No. They switched it all up on us now and it's called magic watch, and this is number two. Following up them, well, you'll see later let's look at the watch beautiful packaging. First of all, a really really elegant, excellent job. The watch floats in its own little shell here with cutouts for the buttons we'll get back to that. You lift this little tab over a holographic honor label and it reveals two sections in here with another little flap that you can lift up and get into all of the accessories which include a round charging dock. Not one of my favorites by any means two pins on a round circle that have to line up with the two pins on the bottom of the watch in this day and age of wireless chargers. That look like this that you just slap the watch on anywhere. You want this thing is so 1980s well right. They didn't have smartwatches at 19 how about 2016 and you can hardly tell there they are, and if you get it just right there you go when it latches in its gon na actually be hugging. Those charging dogs not hard to get used to if you set it on the table and make sure you put your watch on it in just the right way, which is what I've had to do and using it. But there's a lot better designs than something like this.

Okay, in addition inside here. Actually I really like the watch. I'M, not dissing. It I'm just really frustrated they for such an elegant and nice product that they well I'd fire somebody in the in the charger Department for sure we've got the charging wire all wrapped up and pretty it's got its own little QR code on it and everything and Notice, it's, the USBC type. We are starting the season migration now to which is great and not just the microSD and then, of course, we've got little booklets in here. That are the manuals in their own little compartment, and these include a warranty card which I won't spend a lot of time going through in different languages and, of course, the Quick Start Guide which I'll look at. But once I tell you about it, I got to do that at the very beginning. Sorry folks, keep buying is brought us. This watch, which is awesome. We don't hear a lot from them, but when they do show up, they've got great things: it's the honor magic watch, 246 millimeter it's, a 1.3 9 inch. Fitness activity, tracker and we'll go into more detail on this. In a second, be right back with this let's. Do the manual and show you the basics, contents and again for those who are new here? What is he doing? I page through all of the manuals of all of the products we review and give you time to freeze frame it if you need to move out of the way there you know so that you can actually take time to read it if you want to, and The reason for doing that is many many times these are not available anywhere pretty much a short manual just to get you started back to this again.

This is the magic watch. This is the price but check the show notes for a coupon discount. This is the original Huawei honor magic SmartWatch 1.2 inch. This is the honor magic watch. Okay, they also sell this when we've reviewed this one we'll have a link in the show notes. You can go over and take a look at that two completely different watches confusing similar terms, but nonetheless they are both available from decline. Let'S, look at the specs on the one we're reviewing today the magic watch. It comes in two sizes. This is the 46 millimeter size and it's got a regular 1.3 9 inch animal screen, 14 days standby and that's. True five atmosphere, water resistance. You can definitely swim with it. This is the charcoal black. They also have a brown one, four gigabytes of memory and stalled with about two available for you to load up music. If you want to play it on there and it's got the health tracker. Heart rate, monitor, pedometer and so forth, call reminders and so forth. Also on the 46 millimeter version it has speaker and microphone and a tie in with your phone so that you can actually make and receive calls from the watch which is really cool. The smaller size doesn't support that, though here's the rest of the overall specs and its appearance and its packaging. Now that's the magic watch. 46 millimeters. You may ask what's the difference between the two, the magic watch and the honor magic watch 1.

Well, here they are and again I'm not going to belabor. It point out a couple of things: there's 15 sport modes, it's a larger sized display right in the new one. The watch it's got all these different things going on which look pretty much the same. There'S. A blood oxygen version in the China version, which is not what you'll get if you order, so basically the true relax, sleep and scene are in these, including or not including, I'm. Sorry, the blood oxygen, okay, that's standby time, battery life. The Bluetooth has been bumped up. Some and then this is worth reading down here at the bottom, because it kind of goes through these specific, detailed differences in these watches, and so we can keep moving on I'll. Let you freeze frame that later. So what about the magic watch? This one and it's? Two different sizes, the 46 versus the 42 well again, it's, basically the overall a display size and the watch size and the weight without strap, but other the functions are very similar, you're, getting twice the standby battery time and on the larger one. You'Ve got extra memory. You just have a little bit of memory on the smaller ones of extra memory, for music and, of course, supported with speaker, mic Bluetooth, calling and music player and again take a look at the texts down at the bottom, which is pretty much covered in the specs. So now you know the difference with three different watches: the two sizes of the magic watch 2 and the comparison with the original let's summarize it for you in one big chart, yeah I've been trying to do my research for you, because I had a heck of A time figuring it all out myself, you got that ok and finally, we've got the honor magic watch 2.

Compared with the Huawei watch, GT 2 that's, a hot comparison, a lot of people will be actually doing because they both come in both sizes. They both have AMOLED screens and they're, both waterproof to 5 atm the band widths on them. 20 22 millimeter, the sensors, compared between the two and so forth. Standby time is very similar. You'Ve got the bump up in memory and the bigger ones and the speaker support in fact the main feature of the honor magic watch 2 and while we watch gt2 are almost the same mm, hmm all support the Bluetooth, calling the larger size and so forth. Ok, the gt2 supports first, I think that's supposed to be first beat algorithm, such as training intensity, personal workout, guide, vo2 Max and so on again check to see if this is supported outside of China before you buy it on that basis, but you'll find that the Gt2 is more expensive than the honor watch too good we're done let's. Look at this watch little red line around the button pressing. It turns it on a couple of sec wait and we should see it here. We go. What can I say about this? This is a really cool watch, while I've been doing all that stuff with all of the different Android watches recently, at the same time, I've been using this one extensively. Why a couple of things one it's got this beautiful, always on screen it's optional to turn it on.

If you want to – and I do keep it on and I'm still getting well over a week of full use of this thing and not just in standby but aggressively wearing it every day, all night getting sleep reports on it. Turning on the GPS, doing some walking riding in the car and tracking my path, it's, just overall an ideal watch, you have a coarse removable, nice, silicone bands, it's snuggly and easily on the arm. You can press here and come back to your time. You can slide down and get into all kinds of things, so you can go into a do not disturb mode and it'll block it from all of these different things, and then you can wake it back up again. You'Ve got your vibration and your alarms and an overall settings and brightness that you can control right here from the screen to and it's flashing on here we're at a hundred percent. You got settings who can come in to tether it to earbuds, because you can get music on this one. If you want to, you, can monitor the display change. Your watch faces from here adjust the brightness and in the Advanced section, of course, you've got the auto sleep capability. The screen on that you can set it to be on for a length of time. I'Ve got it for five minutes and a standby watch face, which is what you just saw there, the analog one. I also have access to none if you don't want it or a digital one and when it times out and goes off, because you can't press the button to turn it off.

But when it goes off it won't go black it'll now go to a digital one and of course you can change the color of all of that too that's in here in the display advanced and then you got sounds you can mom. You know, change your volume and silent mode and the strength of your vibration. You can set a you, do not disturb. You can modify the down button to do a lot of things and I have it set for work out, because that's well easiest way to just get in there and start a workout, but you can see your records or your status. You could have it do your heart rate activity, sleep stress all of these things, breathing exercises if that's important to you can program that into that bottom button. How long have I been talking of this capability for Android, watches hello? I mean none of them. Allow you to program that bottom button. Well here it is, you can do air press or you air pressure, barometric pressure and compass. You can see all the things that this watch is capable of notifications, your overall weather and so forth. All these now are just simply what your programming that bottom button to do: they're, not the actual apps. You can get that further in here and then you can get into the system where it's, basically reset disconnect wipe it do all those things and finally about which is your device name, the model, the Mac, the version, the serial number and all of the stuff.

That goes along with it and that's in the settings. Now, if I swipe up you get your notifications pushed to you as tethered to your phone, nothing to the left or right from there going to the left. I go this way going to the right. I go that way and they all circle around so let's go through we've got your heart rate, continuous monitoring, your your resting heart rate has figured out your maximum and minimum, and your daily stuff – and here same thing for stress now, one more swipe gets you into The weather in your area and it's selectable and I'm, showing it in Fahrenheit, which is really cool, and then you got your music player if you have any installed. This is a look at what you're doing with your step count and then you're back to your regular faces, so they all rotate circularly around in a loop and to change faces. You can simply press and hold go through them and they've got names and everything. I really like expedition I'll show you in a minute, you can choose a picture from your gallery. Make your own face. You'Ve got clear, vitals air stream, all just different representations of ways of showing the time most of them all digital dashing gives you a lot of information as well here's a fancy one called Geo steel, then ok and, like I said I'm using the first one, because It'S one of the few that has the active heart rate going on it, as well as your step count date and power level.

Overall, just a really nice watch. You got your temperature and your step counter. Yes, I'm, not sure what that is. Ninety eight anyway, because we got power level over here, so I'm waiting for it to time out. So I can show you the screen that it goes to, but it might take a little while so, while we're waiting notice, the heart rate, went off because I'm not wearing it yet, which I'll put on in just a minute, while we're waiting for it to time. Out, let me grab the app and bring it over here. It'S the huawei health app that's, what it basically looked like when you jump into it. You'Ve got these different panes available to you. We'Ve reviewed this app before extensively so I'm, not going to go into a lot of detail here. Hello. Are you gon na timeout on me? Oh ok, I didn't cover all of the app drawer either. So we've got to get to that. You can go into heart rate and see your heart rate up to date. I'Ve had it off for a little while, while I was charging it back up, but all since midnight this morning, I've had it here and your range high and low is all calculated. You can get it for the week and the month and the year all that's capable as well. This takes you into your overall exercise records and I spend a lot of time in bike mode, just riding in the car, seeing how long it takes me to get from point A to point B and I can there you go.

I can also monitor the actual speed I'm travelling from the GPS is built into it. That'S the digital face. It'S got some colorful lines going down nice bright digital face. You can see outdoors as well, so you've got all of this stuff for each month that you can work with. Then you've got your last night's sleep, information broken down to deep and light and REM sleep which is nice not often is room included and a wake time as well with some break down and the sections that you're in and the points that you're earning interesting. Okay and stress, which is something unique to this one: it can do a continuous stress monitoring or you can do a momentary one. If you want to and it'll tell you information about what's going on there there's a stress test, you can activate and then your weight, if you want to put your weight in there, you have to manually update that the thing can't figure your weight out just by Wearing it on your arm, but you do have a tag on here that you can use for that. You have your exercise area where you can go in and do your own exercises, and it immediately starts with a graph of your area based on the GPS. I think getting it from the phone when you're in the app you have here or the devices are located. You can go into this and you can set all these different parameters for the watch.

Alarms, notifications, weather reports raise your wrist to see the time check. Your firmware update and then of course, you've got me, which is where you put in your own profile settings related to data sharing, heart rate zone limits, notifications and units, all the basic kind of stuff, and then an overall about which tells you something about here and A phone number you can contact in the USA, that's interesting for any kind of service needs that you have so all in all that's the health app that tethers nicely to the watch. We are in the ambient screen. I know if you notice that it brightened up just a little bit there if you have it in the twist your wrist, it goes into a little dimmer ambient mode, but when you twist it it can light up into a little bit brighter see that just before You know you get into the main Paige let's go into the app drawer here now, unlike the other one, where we were programming the button. This is actually where you go into this stuff. You could go into workouts right here, and this is where you get your running courses that you can actually do. Outdoor run, indoor run walks pool swims, climbing hiking trail runs triathlons, ellipticals and other all kinds of possibilities here and then your workout records will show up in here, and these are the actual ones that I've done and it's giving you basic outdoor cycling information for this One showing you my distance duration, calories, burned, speeds, elevation, climbing and falling heart rate during that process.

Heart rate zones that you were in your overall trajectory speed, Wow altitude at any moment in the path and your overall training effects so really robust. Overall records that are maintained here and, as you saw, they also transfer to the phone. Your workout status, heart rate is here activity records. These are the basic step, count kind of records that are here. Your sleep information from last night, like we saw on their stress, breathing exercises that lets you go into a meditation for a period that you set and it'll just guide you to inhale and exhale. Your call logs contacts, information, music, there's, the air pressure for your outdoor barometric air pressure, and you see it's tracking it over time as well. So you can probably monitor it to see if there's going to be a weather change and then the compass, the digital compass that's, built into it that, like all of them, want you to calibrate it by twirling it around in a figure eight, and it comes back Now, I'm sitting in the north, so yep it's due north is this direction fairly responsive and it tells you what direction you're pointing right there. Your notifications, whether basic stopwatch in time, are in here flashlight, just lights: the screen up bright and white. Some people program that bottom button to be the flashlight. You can see the lock on your car door to stick your key in right, find your phone and overall settings which we've already been into so I'm back on the analogue ambient screen.

Here now I – and this is what it looks like on a really nice attractive watch – I've got a little loose right now to play with, and I wanted to show you a little bit about the speaker and microphone capability right now in my other phone behind my Back, I am placing a phone call to my cell phone, and I have this watch tethered to that cell phone and we're gon na see what happens when the call comes in should be any second. There we go, the sound is turned off on the cell phone but I'm, getting it relayed over here and it's vibrating. So I can answer and I can speak into it – I'm gon na talk to it from my phone here, hello, testing, yeah it's really hard. For me to do this for you but I'm speaking into and now the other way around I'm going to put this in speakerphone. I guess let's see: okay, okay, okay enough and I just hung it up. So we have great clarity with the phone call capability, bluetooth tether to the cell phone. The other thing I want to show you is, if I get back in here, come into our workout area. I set this up with the trainer voice activated and give you an idea of what it sounds like let's pop into a typical triathlon. It says the press here for the next event and we would look normally for GPS.

Wait for to link in this will turn solid when that gives us the signal and then we're good to go, but we can bypass that as well. Also, heart rate kicks in listen, okay, so I'm, now starting to swim in my triathlon part and when I've completed the swimming I'm in a transition period to my next event: okay and now cycling away. You hear the voice nice and clear it's, good and loud in this storm mm. Hmm and the running is the last one: there's no transition, so I can mute it here. If I don't want to or change the volume level of the training coach, I can lock the screen, so it won't be activated and I can stop it. Nice huh, so you've got microphone. You got speaker, you got built in GPS and it's. Very accurate works really well, I think it's using at least two systems you got Bluetooth, tethering you've got all these different apps you've got all these different capabilities. You'Ve got barometer. You'Ve got oh by the way. This is your altitude in meters and that's the barometric pressure. What you don't have is vo2 max in this watch unless you're in China, but everything else is stable and accurate. A good seven to fourteen days of battery life programmable button, which I've now programmed for the flashlight, took my own advice last night going darn. I wish I would have had a flashlight with me now I do.

Where can you get this keep buying? Of course, thank you. Keep buying for sending this awesome watch over. It has become folks, my daily driver. That says a lot for mister tix. I don't know how long, but right now, a long time, I it's got everything that I want need in a fitness. Health watch I'm not doing sleep, apnea, EKGs blood, oxygen or any of those things, but for basic pulse, which is what you need and training motivation to do some of these different activities with a voice challenger, it's, nice, really, nice watch the Huawei honor magic watch too. In the 46 millimeter size with speaker with microphone and, of course, the trainer and the Bluetooth tethering phone call capability. If you get the smaller version, 42 millimeter, you don't, have all of that, as you saw in the specs, if you so like to, you, can drop back and pick up the original honor magic SmartWatch. 1.2. Not sure if this is the honor magic magic monitor, honor magic watch watch my magic honor watch watch magic, one of the preprocessor for this one or if this is even a different watch, but whatever this is probably not the one you're gon na want anyway, but They do have it there. I have links in the show notes for you and, of course, if we have a coupon we'll have that for you as well you've been watching smart watch ticks. We really appreciate your subscription and being here and, of course, whenever you're buying a watch, if you can use the links, we provide you that helps us out to get more goodies like this we'll see you again soon.

Oh goodie, goodie, goodie, goodie goodie. Now one of the things it talked about was that this watch can do underwater heartrate that's, what it says: I'm gon na see. If it really works, we're gon na go into the run, walking pool there. We go pool swim, open water. It says it's, not gon. Na get GPS underwater duh, that's, okay, but it's gon na try to get GPS right now and it's gon na get my heart rate going, which is what I really want to test I'm. Pretty good, insecure I've got my container filled with water. Are you ready to dunk sixty seven 678 locking in Music down, we go? Oh, I can barely get under, but I can certainly twist it around. Oh by the way in the pool mode, the screen is locked out. The only way he says as it comes out. You'Re making me look silly what's with this it's supposed to be locked out. I'Ll show you in just a second come on now. Let'S begin: okay, okay, there I am in a pool swim. Are you locked how embarrassing I go through all this setup and then it does this that got heart rate going at the top right yeah. I know I should probably have something else: measuring heart rate as well. The ring doesn't. You saw the review on the ring right, the what you might call it ring. That kitty would think I'm so embarrassed, sorry, guys, it's, counting and of course, I'm in the warm up period, there's the time and there's the heart rate, and it is actually still working and the screen is locked out.

Yes, the only way you can get out of it, it says, is you have to press and hold otherwise it'll just resume when you go like that and the screen is not sensitive. I wonder what it did that first time, it's working, fine, it's five ATM capability when you take it off, you see the green diode is going and, of course, with it not on my arm, it's, not getting a heart rate, and if I take my finger – and I cover it and I give it a moment underwater. I should get my heart rate back again and if I were doing anything swimming wise it would, it would show up there and there we go 82 75 zeroing in on my heart rate and again to get out of it. You'Re, never supposed to press the button. Underwater but I did and I'm out of the open water routine on the watch and of course now I have full capability to use the screen. Oh well, there you go.