So this is the huawei watch 3.. Now the huawei h3 is the follow up to the huawei watch 2, which launched back in 2017. So back then, while we were first getting into smart watches and they were using google’s, android, wear or wear os as it’s now known, and then it moved to its own operating system, light os, and that was what was running on the huawei watch gt series. So myself and nick reviewed the gt2e on the channel, and that was running on light os now they’re moving to something called harmony os and the hallway watch three so something a little bit different, but there’s influences of light os in this operating system as well. So i’ve had this watch for a few days, i’ve managed to do a little bit of running with it and i actually ran and with it alongside the apple watch series six and to kind of get a sense of performance. You know kind of in kind of the context of smart watches and running with smart watches and also, obviously the apple watch is the one we kind of consider the best smart watch for um runners as well, so yeah i’m, going to take you through um. What the key features are for runners um, what it was like to run with and yeah give you my initial thoughts on the huawei watch: 3. Music. As a smartwatch. The huawei watch 3 runs on its new harmony, os operating system.

Now the main benefits of this os seem to be that it’ll be able to play nicer with other harmony os devices that aren’t smart, watches and offer a new user interface look and offer general performance improvements over its light os software. It does work with android and iphones, but the best experience will be enjoyed when using it with an android phone. The experience mirrors what it’s like using a huawei watch gt series watch with an iphone, so you won’t be able to access the music features when it’s paired to apple’s smartphone, for instance. In terms of features, you can view notifications, there’s, huawei’s, celia, smart voice assistant. You can personalize watch faces, store your own music to listen to them. Offline and there’s. Also lte support, so you can use it. Untethered from your phone. Homieos is open platform too, which means you will be able to download third party apps. Now a host of apps have been confirmed from the platform and we managed to spot that mapping app commute will be supported. Huawei have confirmed that it does have plans to offer navigation and mapping support at a later date for the huawei watch 3.. In terms of the huawei watch, 3 design you’re getting a 46 millimeter case, that’s made from stainless steel and has ceramic glass on the back there’s. Also, a pro version that offers that case in a lighter, titanium, alloy too huawei uses a curved 3d glass display that doesn’t reach the edge of the case with the black bezel surrounding the touchscreen display that screen measures in at 1.

43 inches and it’s. An amoled screen with a 466 by 466 resolution there’s a single physical button on the bottom right edge of the case, which offers a shortcut to workout tracking further up is a 3d rotating crown which offers tactile feedback and yes does sound and work a lot like The digital crown on the apple watch, the strap, is rubber that can be removed by buttons. You can slide to remove from the case body, there’s, optional, nylon, woven straps and stainless steel and titanium link, bracelet options available for a more formal look Music. So, in terms of run tracking it’s, one of the 17 professional workout modes available on the watch, which means it can offer more activity, specific metrics and some of the other workout modes, there’s also automatic workout detection, and that is covered for running team. Huawei, says it’s. Using high precision multimode gnss, which supports gps, beidou, glonass, galileo and qzss satellite systems, this means it can help to make motion recording more reliable and motion trajectory more accurate in terms of modes on the watch. There’S outdoor run indoor run and the same running course is found on its gt series. These include 13 courses that cover things like easy runs. Fat burning, runs and endurance runs with explains about what each of these runs are and how they can be beneficial for runners. For that outdoor run mode, you can set goals based on distance time and calories. You can set interval and heart rate and training stress reminders during runs, choose to turn manual, splits on or off and there’s a smart companion mode that lets you target a particular pace when we show you on the watch find an animation how far or ahead you Are of that target pace in that run mode? You will be able to see data like heart rate, pace, distance time, steps, cadence, calories, ascent and altitude information.

You can also see training, stress, insights and the smart comparison screen. If it’s been enabled in the app you can delve deep into those performance metrics which include aerobic training, stress, anaerobic training, stress, vo2, max and recovery time, Music in terms of battery life, huawei says the watch 3 can deliver five days of battery life in smart mode And that includes 90 minutes of gps, enabled workouts now there’s, also an ultra power saving mode which says it can deliver up to 21 days. We’Ll still be able to manage 90 minutes of gps tracking a week now. He’Ll always confusingly also talks of that smart mode. Lasting three days, though, it still says you can get 90 minutes of gps tracking, along with using things like lte and having heart rate monitoring enabled continuously. It also outlines a scenario where ultra long battery life can go for 14 days with the same amount of gps tracking mentioned so theoretically, it’s anywhere from three to 21 days, based on what hawaii outlines in terms of gps performance. Now, in my briefing about the huawei watch, 3 and huawei did kind of make a big deal about the gps performance on the huawei h3 and they actually mentioned the apple six in terms of how they thought they fared um nexus series six. Now i have a really good experience with the two six in terms of gps performance i’ve run with it, alongside garmin watches and polar watches and i’ve kind of gone, some very on some very regular routes, and i found it very reliable.

So i ran with the huawei 3 against the series 6.. What i found was the first thing. I’Ll talk about is the kind of gps lock on now. Obviously, when you get a new watch and in a new area it takes a little bit of time to kind of you know, clock on and get that accuracy now for me in the huawei watch three um. It took me a fair amount of time. Maybe three four minutes and it before it got up to that full bar and kind of hit that green light or that full bar of gps um, to make it good for me to go running so in terms of the performance, so i’ve kind of looked at The the maps that these have provided so the apple watch, i’ve kind of pushed out to strava and hawaii i’m using the huawei health apps. Look at that data and generally the maps kind of pretty much match up. There is a point around the um kind of 6k mark when i’m, coming back on myself, there’s a little bit in terms of difference in terms of the data in terms of the actual distance tracked, the um apple show six had me at um, just over 13k Um, the um porch three had me at 12.4 k um. Now, when i hit the 10k point uh on the series: six, it was about half a k, um less on the um highway watch three.

So, as i said, i mean i’ve run with the series 6. A lot i found it very reliable kind of gps front. So from that perspective, not massively accurate or didn’t really match up with the series six now i’d like to do a lot. More obviously runs with it to really have a definitive um kind of taking it. On that first run the distance tracking didn’t really match up and that kind of reflects in the core running metrics that i got from those runs so things like average pace, um kind of a little bit slower on the white watch three compared to the um series. Six um, so yeah um definitely want to run a little bit more these, but on that first run um. The apple 360 seems to be a little bit better. For me, um. I think – and i feel was a little bit more reliable in terms of tracking that run from a gps perspective. So in terms of heart rate performance now, i’ve not had a great experience with hawaii watches in general and it didn’t really change or it wasn’t that much different in terms of this run. So my run was kind of a steady hour just over hour, long run. Um i ran with the apple watch series six paired to a myzone um external heart rate, monitor um. What i found comparing the data now, the graphs kind of look quite similar um in the apps, but um as expected and kind of average heart rate and max heart rate were generally off um from the chest strap.

So the um huawei had a maximum of 181. The chest strap was 174 and the average on the um, how i watched 3 was 168 and on the um chest strap it was 162.. So, as i said, that’s kind of the experience i’ve had with heart rate monitors on huawei’s watches for the hawaii watch gt. Um two series, all the which i’ve tested um in that range and where it’s always a little bit higher and that max heart rate and while the graphs seem to kind of match up in terms of a heart rate, amount of chest strap it’s. Not the kind of data that i would massively rely on and now that was just kind of a steady run. It was quite warm conditions um, but it wasn’t a quick run. It wasn’t it there wasn’t any intervals in it. So yeah from a heart rate and point of view not fantastic kind of what i’m used to seeing from a highway watch, um and yet doesn’t, really or didn’t, really compare to a heart rate, monitor chest strap in my first run. So in terms of battery life. Now, as i mentioned, i was running with it alongside an apple watch series. Six now i didn’t have these watches in always on display mode, so it’s kind of raised awake to kind of be able to see the stats on the screen. Now, in terms of the huawei watch, three um, there was a drop off of 20 and that was often and just over an hour of running um.

On the apple watch series, six, it was eight percent um, and that was on the same amount of time, and i also had a myzone um heart rate, monitor chest, strap um connected to it as well, so quite a kind of huge um difference in terms of The uh the battery drop off in terms of gps battery um huawei hasn’t kind of stated to me what the gps battery um life is uh on the watch three and so that’s something i’m going to kind of need to find out um for the full review. Um but yeah in terms of that kind of one hour, just over one hour run the series six performed a lot better than the high watch, three um, which and it’s also interesting, because obviously, on um huawei’s watch gt series. The battery the gps battery seems to hold up a little bit better and it definitely feels like there’s a bit of a difference in the performance on the battery life front on the watch three Music. So my vote is on the huawei watch. Three is from a kind of running perspective. You know it’s it’s, fine. I can’t say that i’m being absolutely blown away by it. Um you know the ui in the os. You know from a sports tracking perspective is very similar to what you get on the gt series now that’s, not a bad thing, because actually it was really nice on there and it’s.

I think it’s good, that um hawaii’s retain this. They made some little kind of minor tweaks, i think off the watch and in the app and how you can kind of review your information. But ultimately it feels very similar um in terms of that performance kind of things like gps and heart rate and battery life. Um definitely needs to do a bit more testing on that, but the heart rate doesn’t feel very different from what i’ve experienced in highway huawei watches before and the gps a little bit off. I think for me, but um i’d like to do a few more runs and really see how that kind of dual gps attack that uh huawei’s talked up kind of lives up to what they promise um and then the battery life, the battery life. You know that’s something the gt series, i really valued, and i think you know it really held up well under kind of gps, tracking and i’m, not sure i can say the same about the huawei 3, but also there is that ultra power mode that i kind Of want to play around with as well so so far, okay, not blown away um, but i am looking forward to testing and spending a bit more time with the while watchfully and seeing what it can offer: um runners overall, okay, so there you have it. That is kind of my initial running thoughts on the huawei watch. Three. Now i will be doing a full review.

I obviously got ta log a fair few more runs and i will be doing that over the next few months.