This is due Advances in technology. Now We have better autonomy, better screens, but also Aesthetics trying to copy Classic formula. Okay, I found myself on our YouTube channel Where we will discuss All about the Huawei Watch. Three Pro the latest wearable model, more precisely smartwatch of the coming Huawei With some interesting features, But also at a price As Let’s see what this is about. This is what the box looks: like.. It looks a lot like the ones from the past and because we do a review At a Smartwatch, I have to mention this every time, inclusive What it says on the back. Obviously, this product is not designed To be a medical device and all the data is for a personal reference. Now that I have given These things aside, I have to tell you that the version I have here is a review version, But the Little package Resembles Very much if not exactly identical With what you see in front. Let’S, put the lid aside The clock On the left To miss Very, very interesting, Let’s, see what else we have in the box Here are some spare days And I’ll show you right away. What are you doing with them? A card With a contour you scan And he takes you To a page where you can download Huawei Health Warranty card, not understood Zaza charger, Which is a Classic charger It’s magnetic. So, basically, the clock is ticking, So Direct And very stable Good, While Not You scold him From side to side Exchange links.

If you have Thicker wrist Or if you have a thinner wrist, You can remove some more links and I’ll show you right away How? Because I really like the bracelet of this final watch, we have and A silicone strap a classic Watch. 3 Pro strap A premium gadget in all the. Why? Why? Because we have Premium materials, The case is Made of Titan, Of course, An alloy of Titan, because titanium itself is very great skill, but At the moment You ally him With Other materials. It comes very It’s, very solid glass for screen protection, Ceramics and Sapphire. Here, in the middle of where I am sensors, It looks better A lot more Watches, classical Looks better Anyway than Watches in the category. Fashion means those watches You care more about what it looks like Than the mechanism inside It’s a clock, Caliber 48 and weighs somewhere at 63 g, Free, Bracelet or belt, But that’s. Not all. I want to show you Fastening system, A fastening system. He had never seen before At a Kind of a watch. Look something like this usually looks. You have a PIN Like this Some kind of nail polish, you pull You put it on, And you let go This. It has a button Which you press And both ends. They withdraw So you can Put the strap on In its place also that system of Quick, real is It’s. Here too Let’s take a look now at the clock that has exactly that Level of accuracy.

Each element blends perfectly: No burrs, no areas on To press them. Creak And so on, I like As crazy as it is Finished. I like the fact that we now have a wheel Or a digital crown that pressed we One button Which is programmable would be about the construction, The clock and the finger you have when you get your hands on it Premium in the true sense of the word Finished With the greatest precision I’ve ever seen, Huawei – And I really appreciate this progress, because it is clear that they are not in vain and simply I don’t just bring home divas Either taken out Or just for the sake of existing on the market. Instead, the surprises do not end here. Let’S start the clock And let’s see With what operating system we have business And because he is no longer the one I was used to To use this watch. First, you need a Huawei Health, app Application that you know too. If you have ever used Huawei phones or gadgets from them, The application can be found in the Play Store Or else Using this COR code makes me go to a web page. I go to the web page I’ll open it in Brave Man It’s. My browser Report, download Vaya browser And download Vaya Gallery Let’s start showing you a lot Briefly. What functions we have as the application interface shows, what updates there are And that’s about it, because I want to focus more on Clock in the exercise table.

You have a lot of information. E.G Run, walk, advanced Click. Here is basically a fitness plan, No devices, You obviously have it all Gadgets connected in applications, because I only have at this time It’s the only one that appears to me here in the thousands You have. Your account With your information settings updates and so on To go to devices. I have to press on Huawei Watch and this is the cone interface Control, for The very simplistic clock tells me that they are connected and tells me how many batteries I have how many steps I took The kilocalories I burned and the distance I covered Watch faces Of course, The Mall We have a list of Watches With watch faces that we can pay Unload And install. How are very expensive varies from one leu to 7 RON and 13 RON, And so on. I put the silicone strap on to give you an idea of what it looks like with it right. Now. Let’s talk about the specifics. The hard drives have a 1.43 inch AMOLED screen. What does this mean practically if we make a square Around this circle? The diagonal of the square is 1.43 inches and the screen resolution is 460 66 on 466 And it has somewhere at about 326 pixels per inch. I mean I saw phones With fewer pixels caught than this screen. We have 2.4 GB wifi maps, Bluetooth, 5.2, GPS, NFC and 4G connectivity, But we can’t put a SIM inside.

Instead, it comes with technology, so it’s sim. If you want to use this function, you have to go to your operator And ask them Registration for an SC Let’s talk about what else we have inside the watch, Namely 2 GB, RAM 16 GB, internal storage, obvious Microphone and speaker, And the watch withstands water up To 5 atmospheres. Let’s talk now about the operating system. Rarely is it called Harmony Bone And this system Can be installed So to speak And on phones and TVs and And practically absolute Any device that can be interconnected With another. This is the main menu or screen Watch swipe, left, Alvin The weather Swipe right, More widgets that we can customize A swipe from top to bottom. You have quick settings Let’s swipe down in, And here we have notes The figures. I can write with my finger Or I can use Digital crown, Let’s go into the phone menu now To him. Who looks like this. It is basically an Application Launcher Here, All applications, What you need And you can put wallpaper on them to open them. If you don’t like this interface, You can go At the settings, Watch face And Launcher Launcher List And not all applications assist him bears In the form of List. You can scroll again With your finger to use Crown. We go below Where we find Gallery a virtual store From where you can download Various applications. At the moment there are not so many in this store, But surely in the near future, the developers will raise their water Applications on this platform as well.

Let’S give him a high school diploma And let’s talk about Sports, Outdoor and indoor and outdoor indoor, walk and so on are some of the sports Ports that are predefined. But If we scroll all the way down, we have a button Costume, Hysol press We give Plus And here’s Daddy A bunch of Sports. You got the idea. I’M probably May be Sports in the world and many activities that are not. I had no idea. Let’S talk. A little about sensors, We have such an environmental sensor, Gyroscope Magnetometer Rotation, sensor Sensor for Heart rate, reading, Sleep, recording Oxygen, saturation, Stress, breathing exercises And finally, We have inclusive Barometer Again. I know that I repeated myself several times in this video, but the data recorded Istrate, Deac Clock And any other gadget are just for reference. It’S, good., We’re nearing the end of this video And Huawei Watch 3. Pro convinced me, But not completely. Let’S talk a little about It’s, their first Harmony watch Bone And yes, I see, But this is the experience of The sale is Incomplete If we were to compare them With watches Old ones, who used what Those proprietary systems still took place from time to time. We just don’t have a place to go: Let’s download applications and the functionality given by the system. It was mine Which I was left with regarding the construction of this watch. Yes, of course, It turns out. It is One step ahead Compared to previous models, And this to mate Always appreciated Than to take some steps.

Big hurry, I better get out Something incremental Something better than what What they have done in the past and pay attention to where it is Reason. This, From my point of view, is the best Wearable From Huawei User experience It’s a bit incomplete compared to what the competition offers in this segment. That is price Somewhere around the amount of 2000 RON New system is an ecosystem. New system is a platform 9, Even if we have A brand Where to download, We are loading, applications Not all, are finished and Nor the operating system itself It’s, not great, Define sol. However, I appreciate it Very, very The attention they put into the animations And in the basic functionality of the phone, namely sensors, GPS, Wifi, bluetooth And so on. What star I’m going to Flawless – And I have nothing to complain about In terms of sun applications. Spaces are good. There is room for improvement And I’m very, very curious. What Huawei has Going To do the following abde, Turi and And how he’s going to try to convince Pot, develops Debt to put Applications That one Market Watch 3 pro has potential To capture attention And for those who prefer the watch classical Among those users. Liza torma number and On the other hand, the users who are Funny Of a certain Brand is compatible with most Android phones and And then no No limit Through which You can say yes, but I have a phone call from I can’t use this watch And obviously There are users who don’t care.

What brand do I use, But He could win them over with this Because it’s, a perfect combination, Classic watch Technology, Smartwatch, Shimano, Aero, Ball care, It’s, really worth it Attention. In conclusion, I can recommend them with the greatest warmth: People who love Places of Classic watch, But he would like something more Smart until next time. You know what to do. Don’T forget to Check the description for useful links and updated prices and give With the opinion about this watch in the comments section of Below you.