I think youre going to get your answer in just a while lets begin. Music, hey welcome everyone its where we inspect cool tech. These two containers are definitely cool, looking and very powerful productivity tools, besides, of course, being glamorous addition to your outfit. I know that, right now you may have a lot of questions like which one is more accurate or smarter or supports more apps ill. Do my best to objectively analyze the most frequently asked questions regarding these and keep in mind that i have full detailed reviews of both devices on the channel. So if you want to deep dive into all the details, check the description of this video, where the reviews are going to be linked, so whos going to turn out being stronger in the first battle about design and build quality. Well start with the ticwatch pro 3, which keeps some of the design ideas of the predecessors but clearly improves a lot. The feeling and the look materials are stainless steel and plastic, a great combination which provides durability and, at the same time, keeps the device rather lightweight. Unfortunately, more voice seemed to have dropped with this device, the military grade standard and just cover the ip68 water resistant rating. But undeniably it looks good concerning huawei watch 3 wow such a decently built watch clearly focus here is on the details. Polished edges, premium materials overall, much more elegant combination of stainless steel and ceramic theres, a pro variation and an even more premium version called watch 3 pro elite where titanium is used instead of steel and its even more remarkable while huawei dont advertise anything fancy about durability, Its pretty obvious how solid this device is to sum it up better materials, nicer, look and probably greater durability.

Huawei watch 3 has a flying start next, major component that is play. It could be the reason to buy a new watch, but may also be the deal breaker. I think we all realize that we took about touch based screens over here. Both of them are of pretty decent quality. Inspecting the details is going to reveal, which one is better, though ticwatch pro 3 keeps on using their awesome idea about the dual display, its a combination between colorful amoled display and a low power fstn display to be used as a regular wristwatch. This great idea has a number of advantages: first of all, thats the least consuming kind of always on function on a true smartwatch these days. Secondly, it has a perfect visibility in direct sunlight and also could be activated during workouts, which clearly is a big advantage for athletes. As for the amoled screen, its also very good, with resolution 454 by 454, pixels and diameter of 1.’ inches. If we look at what huawei offer, on the other hand, its slightly bigger at 1.43 inches has better resolution. What truly matters is the brightness and color reproduction and with peak brightness of close to 1 000 nits, the huawei watch 3 is one of the best visibles in daytime among the competition, so that probably is going to be the first challenge where you can attack my Decision but im going to call it a tie slightly better amoled screen for huawei, but ticwatch offers the secondary screen, which, thanks to its simplicity and technology, has a lot of advantages.

Comment below – and let me know if thats a fair decision or not so lets see if its going to be a bit easier to pick up a winner with the battery life. In fact, i am the right guy. If you want a lot of statistical data about battery performance ticwatch, pro 3 is the best wear os device about battery life. Ever i was usually getting more than 2 days per charge and that by using the always on fstn screen, 24 7 hr and spo2 tracking sleep tracking stress measuring sports apps. All of that, but even the super large for a smartwatch 577 milliamp hour battery is not enough to beat the huawei watch 3 because endurance there is on a next level. If i do pretty much the same with the remark that here, we have always on base on amoled and it consumes significantly more power. The huawei mate device gives me more than 3 days and a half if you happen to buy the watch 3 pro youre, going to count on up to two extra days. On top of that, and since we talk about battery worth mentioning about the charging, ticwatch needs its cable while huawei lets, you use a wireless charger for the watch 3, so thats a win going further with the features part. We need these devices to be capable of doing quite many things like having a fast wi fi connection rely on the latest bluetooth technologies, gps nfc for payments, tracking hr and other health data show the weather relief, our smartphones from some daily tasks, and so on generally, Both of them are quite capable of doing all of that.

Both devices support phone calls with the ticwatch pro 3 having lte versions supported in just some countries and providers also inside. It has currently the best system, energy for wear os devices and its a lot more responsive than most competitors. But i have to admit that huawei watch 3 deserves to win here. They have a dual chipset system which greatly improves standby battery consumption and offers this rotating crown, making the user interface navigation so much quicker and easier, and also newer versions of some of the hardware characteristics, including faster bluetooth and wifi chips, and despite the nfc implementation wont. Let us use google pay. I do believe the feature set on huawei watch 3 is better Music. Now the fifth round is probably the most important one about the software and im going to once again remind you that youre going to find a lot more details about the software, in my full reviews of both watches, so looking at tick watch again. In a nutshell, access to play store with thousands of great apps, including maps, spotify, strava, shazam, and so many others of your favorite apps. This can be easily installed and synced and thanks to the fast processor that works so well and fast, thats. On top of the anyways excellent thick apps framework, including tick oxygen to measure, spo2, tick, pulse to measure heart rate and all the rest to track your health status, where os has never been great about customizations, but its slowly, getting there one step at a time.

Also, we shouldnt forget the presence of google assistant, which is just one swipe away and works so well in almost all countries with huawei. The situation is that different watch 3 is the first wearable to run harmony os. But at this point of time i dont really see or feel the harmony in their software. Yes, it is customizable, but not as much as wear os. Yes, it scrolls so well, and maybe this is one of the few true advantages over google os system. There are so many tricks and things that are missing, like no option to respond to notifications, even lack of quiet hours, setting to keep the display off during night, and while such minor imperfections are expected to get better with future updates, i dont see the app gallery Getting good enough anytime soon app gallery is the google play alternative that huawei have been developing in the past years, but none of the apps ive mentioned earlier is to be found there. In short, if you use a lot of google services like google maps, google drive, google assistant and so on. This definitely is not your device, but if you like to tinker with harmony, os and trying new and totally not popular apps could be quite adventurous. And since we talk about technology to serve as well, we have to play it safe and thats. An easy win for tickwatch pro 3. one step further, and here are the smartphone apps, two of them to support the tick watch device and a few of them for huawei watch three.

Now the official wear os app for smartphones is rather limited, even from the perspective of an android user even further limited for iphone users. Both devices count on homegrown apps to visualize the statistical data about the health tracking features, while the installation on the watch 3 is kind of a nightmare because it requires manually downloading the app from app gallery and also needs huawei mobile services to be installed. It is clearly the better and more capable piece of software with so many customization features. Mobvoi have recently upgraded their app as well and finally offers some really good interface, but there is still some way to go so thats another round where huawei watch 3 is able to steal the victory. The workout modes are a trendy topic these days. Huawei are among the champions for offering the most in their wearables, but id rather favor. Better tracking of a greater quantity now well start with the huawei device for a change this time. Quite many sports pick the one that you need from the list and start the activity. Some of them offer gps tracking really inaccurate, with this device right now and some customizations on top of that right now, music, playback during sports is a tricky thing and given the fact copying music to the watch is kind of a nightmare, because you need huawei music. As well, i was unable to get any music controls during sports on huawei watch 3. Ever since i have it.

Also, the button operation is just silly and there could have been a lot more functions added to the buttons for workouts, on the contrary, its quite cool to practice sports with the ticwatch device. No, there are not that many workouts, but you can control music. You can use the buttons and count on proper, always on screen well visible, even if there is direct sunlight and the usage of buttons is priceless. Just remember how impossible touch based navigation is with sweaty fingers, adding on top of that the lack of integration with most sports apps huawei, unfortunately fails to monetize the workouts amount advantage and tick watch. Pro 3 gets another point here and time for the last round and wrapping up with the prices three hundred dollars for a tick watch, pro 3 versus 350 for the most accessible huawei watch 3.. With the remark that tick watch has an addition with lte, which costs around 360 and huaweis product line grows up to a special pro elite edition, nearing 600 or euro fairly expensive. If you ask me, but this is the absolute finest premium materials one can pack it with so in the end, both of these watches have their strong and weak sides. I believe tick. Watch pro 3 is the more practical choice with interesting dual display setup: good battery life. Much better software bunch of great health, tracking and productivity features exceptional for wear, os, sports, tracking and well evolving smartphone app at a rather great price concerning huawei, while they still have a lot to catch up with in terms of software.

Hardware is quite superb, so is the build quality, the feature set and the smartphone apps. It is clearly the better choice if you want true premium feeling on your wrist, but as a person that often needs services and apps provided by google and play store and also requires payments from time to time. Ill probably stick with the mo boy, mate wearable, at least for now. Luckily, software is an area where huawei can easily step up the game, and, while wishing both of the companies more and more successful updates, let me ask you wear os or how many os more premium design or getting some plastic for a better price and thats totally Worth it, let me know what you think in the comments below, and i hope all of that was helpful and useful and dont forget to give us a like if you want more of these comparisons links to both devices and a discount.