, So I have the Watch 3 and the Watch 3 Pro that I’ve been using for the last few days. And in this In Depth Review. I will give you an unboxing. I will show you the design of them applications. There are on board the watch here, the UI, the UI performance., All of the features, as well as a road test as well I’m, going to go out for a bike ride and test how well the heart monitor works, GPS, tracking sleep monitoring., As also on board, With the new watches, we do have the NFS support e SIM support. So, yes, you can place cell calls on your watch. You can leave your phone at home.. There is now two a body temperature and skin temperature monitor with these watches. And, of course, they’re running the new Harmony, OS. Watch 3 Pro and Watch 3. I will start with the cheap model first.. This one has the brown, leather, strap and stainless steel silver, And I will show you the accessories we got with this.. So on the side here you can see, the watch is nicely presented.. Obviously I early turned on I’ve been testing them already, but this is to show you what we get of course. Here. We have the wireless charger, so this magnetic clips on to the bottom is no contact points. You have to worry about getting duty. Unlike the earlier versions. Charge. Time is approximately two hours.. There is a warranty card right here and we have this for the Huawei health app that you use in conjunction with this smart watches.

So scan the QR Code. You can download, then the app. So similar build quality of this, both of them Excellent band. Watch 3. Pro you see, definitely has the edge, but this has a really nice high quality leather strap very good stitching. I like the buckle on. It is great too., and you see underneath removing this. That is the ceramic we have on the back. Our sensors are are right here. There is a barometer. There is a temperature sensor, it has NFC, it has Wireless e SIM support as well and very very good high quality build.. So on the side, got a loudspeaker. Give you something that later on, the new dial here goes up and down. You can use that with the UI and then the customizable button presses in gives us our menu more soon I’ll swap over to the Watch 3 Pro. When I go through the menus and everything else So bezel on it. You can see this one has the 2.5 D glass, its very smooth and nice., Very curved and really just flawless built, Really nice excellent. And then my favorite.. This one. Watch 3 Pro with the titanium strap., Really nice. Same setup., Apart from here with the accessories they give us a silicone strap that is included. because you would probably want to swap over when you’re doing sports or you go for a swim. You wan na take that titanium, strap off and then put on this one.

a silicone strap which is again high quality.. It seems very strong here the clip easy to get off. You can see the little point right there. You simply put that back and you can replace the straps on both of this.. So this one to pull the straps off, put silicone on., Easily done.. Okay, strap on this one is the titanium with the titanium frame around the outside.. This watch is a little thicker because it has a large battery with in it., So you can see the difference there, and it also is heavy oak it onto the white soon shortly you can see there.. The difference is slightly more chunky., But I really do like this.. The quality of this strap is just absolutely superior, very very good., good finish on everything, the buckle mechanism, and it does feel just pulling on that very strongest. as well. I’M. Quite rough on, my watch is often snag them on things, so I don’t think this was gon na be too much of a problem. Weakest point on watch is is a cause around here with a strap, but that is quite reinforced with a lot of metal around. So there is no plastic here. And the titanium there, the ceramic on the back and you can see again where is going to be charge wirelessly. So this is magnetically. That’s, just the light sensor there at the moment. Sorry, the light sensor worth their hurry monitor. so that just clips on like that and just over two hours with this one because of the slightly larger capacity So the same dolls on the side they adjustable dial, however better built here, higher quality materials and this one, The screen is Flat, but there is a slight little angle because he just on the edges.

Again really nice., very, very good, build for this one.. So the Watch 3 with deliver strap that weighs 66 grams and the our titanium strap Watch 3. Pro is heavier. It is a thicker device, it has a larger battery in it. That is a much heavier 111 grams.. The watch support raise to wake to see just flick your wrist and the screen will come on I’m going to override it now to make sure it stays on. This is the screen on timer for five minutes., So it is cover with scratch. Resistant Saphire, glass and it does have 2.5 D edges, have a little bit smoother on the magic watch 3. This is the pro version that is very curved each tour and it is very comfortable when using in it. So how does this glass actually hold up? I can tell you very very good., Because I got the Magic watch 2, which is basically the watch 2. Here. It is. and I’ve banged into a lots of things. There are a few little chips on the frame round the outside, but the glass is flawless. There are no scratches on it, and I have this watch for like even since when come out. Like a year or so on, ten months or something., And it is really good. no scratches coming through Pretty brightness on this. It is very, very bright., so I just display the torch here, and this is a thousand nits.. I have measured just over 900 nits, the official is over thousand or thousand nits.

And it is a very bright screen. So no problem to make it out in direct sunlight and the touch response is really great there. The buttons you can customize the buttons. That is our workouts here. Just quickly go through that they’ve got running courses, 13 courses, outdoor running and indoor, running, outdoor, walk, indoor, walk outdoor, cycling, indoor, cycling pool swimming open water, mountain biking, hike and just goes on and on. The list here of different activities. This is able to track without workouts and you can even set your own custom ones in it. There. This is a lot with this watch, that’s going on so lets go into to the main menu. Tapping this button. Here we can use that little wheel, that I showed you before. You can scroll this just to size. Zoom out, insert applications will support this and we can go and see your heart rate, your music in load, music onto this.. I will give you a loudspeaker example. Later on, but it is very good., The speaker is on the side, it does a decent job. There. We got a remote camera there. We have our stress levels, workout weather calendar clock alarm stopwatch. It is really got so much in this. Barometer. Is there too settings and, of course, your apps there, and this is the new one which is our skin temperature. sensor now? Is there two with all the other sensors that’s on board this., So in settings? I will show you some the new different thing that we have.

. First, if you are familiar with the watch 2, then this is all quite familiar. The way it’s laid out here with harmony OS there is new. Display, sounds and vibrations. The haptic motor in this is very good. It is a nice vibration. It is enough. the alarm. Wake me up, even when I’m super tired. It wakes me up. That is good. The vibrations coming through from that notifications PIN apps battery security and privacy Huawei assistant on board, and we got the customization that we talked about Bottom there, sorry. Workout, setting system updates updates have already been coming up for this of just got on the latest update. Of course, new thing in here too, is to do with our options here, like NFC. NFC is there you can turn it off to save battery life Mobile network. This is the new thing it does support LTE with this watch, which is great. and wireless, you can get wireless updates via the watch itself. Without having to use the app to get them. You have to sync them before the update to the watch. This is a quick way to do, it. And, of course, having the LTC support with the e SIM. That does mean that you can take just to watch out with you dial on now to show you turn phone with the apps. You can go and plays phone calls springing them up: keypad there’s, even an onscreen keyboard for various things like entering in, for example, your wireless password.

Here you can dial. I can place a call because it has the microphone and the loudspeaker. Bluetooth wise hit up to your device, your phone, then, of course you can answer your call on it. On this. Without even the e SIM you don’t have to use the e SIM support on that., So the UI is very quick, very smooth. on this go through some of those menus here. So if you swipe from the top that’s a quick toggles Swiping up, there brings up the notifications.. You can clear those out, so I haven’t there and you can see your workout.. So this is no showing a lot because I’m swapping between the different watches. Here, the time I’ve doing this. Heart monitor there to be very accurate.. I will be doing a test of that later on this video. We have SpO2. So that is our blood oxygen. Levels. Should be around 90, something for healthy people, that’s good., an increase. The temperature sensor I showed you before and you are able to customize. this is quick access once there.. The watch face can be change and customize on both them of course.. They all have the same features. They all the same. Ui. And all you need to do is tap and hold there and you can swap and go change all the ones here.. If you prefer a classic., It depends. You can change this. If you are doing more sport, you can get one sports.

If you want it to be a little bit more elegant swap over to one that looks more traditional analog face, even of course it is all digital., and this is a simple out loudspeaker within watch 3.. They both sound the same, and it is loud enough that i can play calls on this. Comfortable. Microphone works well enough, too, to hand the calls., and they do handle a lot of calls, throw my watch because it is quite convenient. I don’t’ have to reach down and get my phone out of my bag. I use my watch to plays calls too. And it also does use the speaker course for the voice feedback. Prompts you get when training. Start the workout. First position: speed walk 3 minutes. I try to keep your heart rate between 94 and 149., So no review would be complete, of course, without testing out some workout function, I’ve gone for walks and now going for a bike ride here. just to test out the GPS tracking, but not only that helps Monitors my heart rate: how is it going to council that in GPS accuracy. – and these are the results of that bike ride – I did 419 km and you get all your information in here. It’S mapped out on this map, which is Huawei maps they using here, and you can see it goes along the coast and the accuracy to me seems pretty good okay. it’s, not gon na, be as great maybe is some of the dedicated GPS common out there cheap That you can get, but it follows me around the road, reasonable good.

. Now, because I was mountain biking, it does go off areas where it’s, not quite on the road 100 to me, it’s, pretty good.. You can see with some of the climbs I did just up here. This is a little off beach, however, but why is that That’s? Because I went off trail there’s, a road along their and trail along here down the side of the mountain. That is why that is reporting that off., But this part here this should actually loop around more on the route again, because I was off road, I don’t know. Who’S folded is right here, but to me the route I do is normally about 19 to 20 km. I’Ve tested it with the garmin before and look at that to me that is very good. Accuracy. Speed, charts right here. You can see that mountain bike, most of the km that I did with between one to five with especially a lot of climbs the chart here can show those climbs there and then that gets me onto our heart rate. Accuracy. Again, I have used the chest mount polar before a polar device and monitor this., And I know when I pushed myself really hard going up steep climb that my heart right will pick two around about 175, sometimes even up to 108 and that’s good that’s. Fine that’s what the large climb, where I really pushed it right here and you can tell because the chart here shows the elevation that’s when I was climbing up heart rate going up when I was going downhill was quite flat.

My heart rate decreased, so the heart rate accuracy again. I have to give this a thumbs up as being, I think, very accurately, final details here. You can see everything to do with the workout duration, so just under 2 hours, average speeds the elevation gain and the training effect, and also my recovery time., The aplications, of course, which I just showed you before with the GPS. This is now just the main menu of it Huawei Health., So previous exercises, their are right. There did a walk of almost 7km again. It seems to be reasonably accurate there with the GPS, no problems. Heart rate monitoring. This is up to date when I sync with the watch that was well I’ve, being swapping between different watches here, that’s, why it’s kind of all over the place, some of the data that I’m showing you and sleep tracking.. So this is another important thing for a lot of people that do like this. Terrible night sleep only five hours. I went to bed very late. So that didn’t help at all, and then I was up at 800 o’clock and yeah. It is accurate. It. It has recorded that quite nicely day. You can see in bed at three o’clock, 3 and 4 in the morning and then up at 800 o’clock.. That is, unfortunately, tick YouTube alive, especially when you got embargoes, trying to get these videos out in time to everyone., And you can see through the week there – and this was a better day here.

I sleep, which was 8 hours and 42 minutes. and again this is Accurate for me, I think, it’s quite good.. You can monitor your weigh and there you can add that the stress levels as well. and your SpO2, that isn’t into as well. In devices, you can add them in here different watches. You can go in here and also update firmware. You can change the watch faces like I showed you before, with them and you’re able to do that or from the app.. You can see the different stats and whatnot notifications change out the settings. If you don’t want to go through the watch, you can change a lot of it here in the application. And it is a very full featured app and it does really offer quite a lot new going on profile in there too as well. So you can change and tweak different things. Setting there and fot the e SIM. You would add them on the watch and then you need to finish it off with the application here. And then on to one of the big things. For me, specially with a wearable is the battery life., So the watch 3. This can go in the smart mode, it’s everything activated using all of the monitoring. It will go for up to three days depending on the use and how often you touch get using this screen. Of course it will vary a little bit. And then here with the Watch 3 Pro that will be 5 days.

. Now, if you turn on the power saving mode, the ultra battery saving mode, you can extend the battery life up to then 15 days with the Watch 3 and 21 with the Watch 3 Pro, which is pretty good. With the previous gen I’m getting around about 10 Days but of course it doesn’t have the e SIM support it. Doesn’T have the NFC and one less sensor, which is the body temperature sensor., So still very good. Battery life on this particular watch is much better than the competition where some of them you have to pretty much charge your wearable every day or every second day, which is kind of annoying at least he’s, due to go for a little bit more., So build quality. On both of them, I know the pros a lot more expensive, especially this particular model here, which has the titanium strap. The titanium frame around it too, as well the ceramic on the rear of it. The build quality is absolutely superb. It is very, very good., It’s, a really nice watch.. We can place the voice calls on them, which is very handy to have you can, with the e SIM support. Just leave your phone at home. Go for a run. You got your tracking on here, GPS tracking heart rate monitoring, which seems to be accurate, and then your ability to handle the calls through the watch, which I often do with my last gen watch.. Well, the Magic Watch 2 that I have I’m always using it for calls because it’s just very handy to have that.

. So what about the screens Very good, more fluid? Now the UI, too Harmony OS seems to be a lot more fluid, but the screen brightness very good. You can make it an indirect sunlight, not a problem. It is brighter enough here.. So up to one I’m measuring indoors here, 900 nits., And because they are fully laminated screens, you don’t struggle to see them at all touch response, also, as good. Haptics is very good.. Couple of other things I do like about these is we have the Wi Fi support, so you don’t need to use the app to be able to update them as well. You can do that updating all through this. You got the App Store on them. And that’s, where it counts to. For me, one of the cons is the App Store. The third party developers. Support is a little on the lenient side., So that is yes, it’s, improving with the app gallery slowly getting more developers on board, but I would like to see a lot more on there and it’s. Just gon na take time is one of those things that I love to see banking apps on it, because we’ve got NFC on this watch that you could go and make payments and things just using you watch would be very handy to have without having to carry A wallet and cards, and things on you know how it is.. The other thing, which is a very minor nitpick for me, is the feedback mode when you’re training, when using the workouts, when you’re recording workout.

It’s great to have – and I love it – the updates it gives me it’ll tell me my average speed the distance. My heart rate it’s all great, but it still doesn’t say anything in plural. At least the biking mode, the mountain biking mode, it will say, quotYou have ridden 5 kilometerquot and it will not say 5 quotkilometersquot and now I know it’s a minor nitpick, but it’s still There and that’s just one thing. Charge time: isn’t bad it’s about 2 hours and it’s great, that it’s wireless charging, this has. These are really high spec watches and I really like them.. I think they are fantastic.. Thank you so much for watching my review of the new Huawei Watch 3 and the watch 3 Pro. Don’t forget I’ve got my review up also of the 12.6 inch version here of the MatePad.. Do check that out if you’re interested.