Today, i wanted to go through a watch that what about a month month and a half ago uh, while i was looking for a um, a watch that potentially could do bit of the fitness bit. Well, actually, mostly the fitness bit because let’s face it all of us being in lockdown, we’ve uh we’ve gained a few pounds. I know i have more than i actually need to um and i was searching for a watch that you know one. I thought looked good um and two. They gave me what i needed so as as previously, i think this let’s let’s kick start and let’s go through let’s, get the junk out of the way or the jargon out the way. Okay um. This comes with a 1.64 oled screen, which is about 4 456 by 280 pixels uh resolution. Um it’s got an accelerometer, a gyroscope heart rate sensor: gps, bluetooth 5 is water resistant. You know you can take a swimming up to 5 atmospheres and you use the hawaii health app to track your progress and to be fair, is very similar to all the other. You know um apps that are out there, so i won’t be going into detail with with that today, because luxa is very similar to the others, um just just a matter of uh. Of course, if you are enjoying uh these videos, you know please do support the channel by hitting subscribe and hit that smash that bell icon.

So you don’t miss any future videos um now, as usual, what i’ll go through is what i think i really liked about, or i do like about. This is um the screen. I think the screen is lovely um. You know it’s crisp and clear, even in daylight. It’S, nice and clear um, it’s it’s, a very petite watch and you someone might say it looks a little bit like apple. Yes, it does it’s, probably a little bit longer. Um it’s, very light. Um lighter than my wallet is on on black friday, that’s for sure um battery life is amazing, lasts longer than the duracell bunny i’ve managed around 10 days with it, and it charges very very quickly. It charges quicker than pikachu in a death match, um, straightforward interface, um, even with me with my big fat fingers can, you know, can navigate quite easily um. As you can see, i haven’t done video steps today, um as normal working um, and you end up sitting at your desk and again, one of the reasons why i want to get something like this was to tell me how what i’ve done what’s my heart rate, Like you know, things like that on a day to day basis, um again the other bits i liked was you know when looking at the pricing. This is not, you know less than 100 quid. I think i’ve got this for about 93 pounds 94 pounds um from amazon, um and i’ll stick a link in there.

I think it’s less than that now um, you know it. Doesn’T cost you the same amount as another brand, which is shaped like a fruit, the it does. Your normal step, counts heart rate and really important your oxygen levels as well um. So if it does show zero, if you do have it on it’s too late, guys um no need to call 999. um now the bit. I i thought that okay, it’s, okay, but it’s not great, is light os, which is what this has got so lightweight for those people out there is it literally, what you see is on the tin right, um it’s, not like other smart watches like say this, one, Which is the one i normally wear um, which is the galaxy watch, and you know you can end up doing a. I have anyway, it’s a completely different interface. I might do if, if you do want me to do a video on that i’m, more than happy to just stick a like and and put some comments in to, let me know um. The other thing was the the strap on is very fidgety. That came out completely wrong. The strap removal is very fidgety um. It has also got propriety magnetic pin, which is what every other company does yeah. I know why they do it. You know, obviously, if it breaks it makes more money um and, to be honest, it’s. Probably more suited to um android than it is apple from what some of the stuff i’ve seen and what i’ve tested so far again, the propriety it slaps on really really easily um sticks on and, to be honest, you know it doesn’t really come off and it Likes that charges incredibly quickly.

I was really really impressed by by this, because the other day i was running out – and i literally i think within half an hour – it was pretty much up there. Um, like i said before, if you enjoy the videos you know, please support the channel it’s new um. I do enjoy what i’m doing, and i would, if you’re enjoying it hit that like hit that subscribe button and, like i said, leave me comments. You know if there is things you want me to do um you know, look at further, not do but to review. I have to let me know um. The other thing also, this is got which does cut down the battery life, and i didn’t have this on. This is the always on uh screen, so you can have it like this there’s. A couple of other um um watch faces i’m, not a huge fan. I i just had it on on this, and you know the screen was off basically like that when it’s on my thing and it literally comes on, let me just show you literally just comes on as you do. That tells you what you know, what time is and all the best way and, like i said, it’s just really well, my wife who’s got really petite hands actually still sits quite fairly well on her on her um wrist as well. You know to me, it looks like one of those boiled sweets he used to get years ago.

I mean i tell you, i love it. I you know, like i said anything that i normally buy. I will buy because i generally think that the product is pretty. Damn good and alexa is going off in the background um yeah, like i said personally, i normally buy stuff that i think i will really enjoy. You know i will i would like using it. I would like carrying you around with me um in conclusion: it’s, a solid, reliable um watch, um that you know you don’t need to mortgage your bloody house. For it. You know, it’s got all the basic things that you need: costs less than 100 pounds a hundred dollars in some locations. I mean it’s amazing. You know for a quality watch like this um and do i still like it after a month of usage and all the rest of it absolutely um. You know, let me put it this way. Um. You know my friend who’s got a tag. Watch uh, which is all worth over a thousand pounds. If people know about it, he also has an apple watch. He hasn’t got a fetish i’m sure he hasn’t, but he wears this because of the fact that one is so light. You forget that you’ve actually got it on. It’S literally, is, i think, it’s about 28 grams, which is nothing um. So from from that perspective, if you don’t like wearing a watch which i’ll be honest, i didn’t initially until last night, while wearing my galaxy watch um.

This is so light. You will forget that you’ve got it on. You know i bought one for my wife as well, because she hates wearing watches she’s, been wearing them and she’s more than happy with it um disclaimer. As always, you know the views on my own uh i’ve not been paid. Luck, said everything i in general that i have, i would normally buy for myself um. Obviously, i might start looking at other things and giving more reviews, but generally it’s, because i’ve bought it myself. Um, like i said any comments, do feedback do put into into the comments piece. Um stay safe out there um as always it’s a hard life it’s, a hard tech life out there um so do hit that subscribe. Button hit that bell icon smash it.