So today, pago saponoma nathan is regarding our huawei watch feet and its product review. Please watch this video Music then i’m on Music, Music, yes, roll our huawei watch. Speed has a three key selling points number one 10 day long battery life number two is the 12 week workout animation and third is the 1.64 inches amoled screen using 326 ppm Music so and even inside button strap yeah. So this is the color black strap of our huawei watch feet so inside the box. Then we also have manual and we also have unicorn for our charger. So a double pin, puyong hatting charger and cutting huawei watch feet. So in terms of charging 10 days, napoleon pinaka huawei watch feet and, as you can see, and five minutes charging canyon in one day, typical usage and kappa gap in pinochet on yes, we also have you running courses walking and kuana many manga workouts nagina, nothing in Our daily life, so pogba knows nothing shy when you’re out there cycle running indoor, walking outdoor heart rate monitoring so as you can see, meredith spo2 detection for our oxygen level and hunting to go Music and marinade pusha paramasma measure. Nothing must accurate and yeah breathing exercises music, so marantine smart control. You can apply and post your music knotted with our huawei watch feed and we also have here young hutting find your phone, so kapaka connected in your device. So we have here recommended watch faces, paid watch faces, free watch faces where we’re in predation he customized so 130 plus watch faces available.

Gig storage, you can store more uh files, watch faces Music, huawei health application and, as you can see, padding attention will customize so apply long. Nutshell then that’s it. So i and you manage special features: i’m at huawei watch feet. Thank you.