64 inch, ammo display long battery life 12, animated fitness courses, 96 workout modes, scientific workout guidance, full health monitoring built in gps; 5 atm water resistance. Now let’s open the box Music, wow Music. What is in this box? Music – and this is user manual – okay, nothing else. So this is our watch. Usb cable, Music screen, 3d curved edges, so it’s look beautiful premium, look matte, finish: 10.7 mm thickness, Music, 21 gram grams of weight. So you can say it is very light. Weight. 21 gram. Without disturbs are very flexible and smooth soft risky strips and steps i’m. Sorry now let’s talk Music design, Music, Music. This is the parameter data, music, weather stress, heart rate, then double click, Music, Music, the flashlight, sorry, stop, watch, weather notifications, notifications, Music, Music, Music, heart rate, Music, i’m, here i’m here, so your flashlight oogie. This is the flashlight weather here, everything’s inside and much more so friends or rescue lava. Do 1.64 3d curved screen dv about 3d curve or a very beautiful premium. Look now you can see in black color, i really like it or display changes. Whatever you want. You can change your display or you can go with this uh and price be very, very comfortable, very not too much expensive, very reasonable price or risky price uh. If you want to go smartwatch or if you want to buy a smartphone, you can go with this.