Today, we’re going to unbox the brand new huawei watch, gt2 pro in today’s video. We will see what we have in the box, how this watch is packed and we will see what we have in the software. What option do we use and we will do some tests see if we can make phone calls and see if the options are accurate enough, so let’s go ahead, see what we got Music. So we have the box in front of us. You can see huawei gt2 pro very good package, very quality and in the new gt2 pro we have 1.’ inch. Amoled display 4 gigabytes of memory, some of them it will be taken from the system. We have the speaker different sensor like accelerometer, gyroscope, geomagnetic, optical and air pressure as well. You can see the watch itself in the box immediately in the box is included one magnetic charger wireless charger, one c type cable to charge the magnetic, and we have the user manual and warranty card as well. We have 14 days of battery life and wireless charging, as i mentioned before, and this watch is resistant up to 50 meters underwater. So you can see the gt2 pro is quite built and we have a very good watch. It’S pretty heavy metal all around and it has very good screen as well. You can see now the watch is on at the top. We have the settings that we will see a lot later.

You can see here at the display. We have the brightness i’ll turn this on, so we can see better let’s get back to the taskbar. You can see. We have a very good watch and we have the always on display. Both of them looks really good. We can combine them. We have to disturb screen on and we have find my phone alarm and the settings also. We have time percentage of battery and date at the left. We have some information about the day activities down, we have notification and the right we have the heart rate stress as you can see: it’s automatic. We have the weather music control that we can upload more music and hear or control the music and our phone. And again we have the data. If you press the button, you will enter the menu. As you can see, we have the workouts here we have the running courses. Next, we have the outdoor run, indoor run, outdoor, walk, indoor, walk outdoor, cycling, indoor, cycling, pool swimming open water, mountain bo hike, hiking trail run driving rage, we have a trithon electrical rower other and add so you can see, even though we have plenty of options to Choose with from sport, you still can add these more and make the gt2 pro a lot better. With sports, we have workout status, heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep stress, breathing, says, exercise, call, lugs and contacts that i mentioned before. We can make phone calls here from the gt2 and accept calls as well.

We have music control air pressure compass, we have to uh calibrate the compass it’s as it tells you you have to do the 8 sign or the infinite sign, and in this way you will calibrate your compass. You can see now it’s working perfectly. So after the compass we have notifications, weather and we have stop watch timer alarm flashlight. You can see very bright fine phone and the settings as well at the settings. As you can see, we have earphones uh display here. We have watch faces that we can change. We can connect earphones and listen to music, that we saw the earphones option before here at the display. We saw the watch face that we can change and we can download more in the app as well, which is a very good benefit to have after the faces let’s find here, a good one. The second one looks really good. This is very simple, looks good and it shows the watch deep effect. We have always on display that we saw in the beginning. We can change, for example, to this one. It goes better with the face we have here, the favorites brightness that we saw before and the advance. We have sleep and screen on timing. So, after that we have the volume you can see all the way up. It sounds really good very loud for this device. It’S, a small watch, not a phone, but it has a very good sound to it.

We have the vibration strong or soft, or you can turn it off all the way either way it depends on your your preference. We have to disturb – and we have here the down button which you can customize. What do you want to open? We have the workout settings and the system at the bottom, so the gt2 has some breathtaking options. We have so much options that honestly is so hard to use all of them and see all of them try them, but we will try our best so here in our hand, it sits really good and it looks pretty good i’m. Not gon na lie. One of the best smart watches that i wore it feels really good and solid as well. Outdoor run is the first option that we will try. One finger method, don’t forget about that. As you can see, location is the gps is trying to connect, but we can go without gps because we are not outside you can see. The heart rate is the first option. After the heart rate, we have pace and other stuff. We have here steps, calories and sevens at the third page. We have total accent, we have altitude, we have heart rate next, you can see uh. Next, we have the trailing by training effect. You can see the data for training effect and we have the first page again the timing at the right. We have the music control and the gps navigation.

You can see it’s connecting we have the root back or the other option. Either way you got to have these option and the sports let’s turn this off and see what we can try and next, as you can see, to end it just press and hold the button after the sport, we have the heart rate, let’s see how fast this Will measure our heart rate and what option do we have? You can see immediately. It starts to give you some options and we have the statistic and the first page. Next we have the blood pressure blood oxygen. You can see three second countdown again with statistic at the screen. As you can see, we have to keep still not move, keep your hand without too much movements and you will get more accurate data. If you move it too much, the test will fail. You can see now the statistic or here you can see and they are saved next we have the stress which is which is automatically, and it tells you at the end of the day, what level of stress you get throughout the day. Next, we have the breathe option. As you can see, we have different options for breathing and we have the minutes that you want to choose i’m going for one minute because i’m not i’m, just trying to show you how it works. As you can see, uh inhale and hexa exhale when it says to inhale your inhale and exhale with the watch.

You can see right now. We have all the data and the end of the session of breathing, which is a really good option again to have in your gt2 pro. After that we have here the call log. We will try this at the end of the video, because it will take a little bit longer it’s a longer process. You have to add the people from the app which we will show you and the how to connect video. You can see right here the songs that i have in the watch. As i mentioned before, four gigs of uh storage. We have here that we can upload music or we can control the music that we have in our phone either way you can skip them. You can pause it, you can see settings watch or phone, it depends what you choose or you can connect some earphones and listen to music in this watch. That is a good good thing to have. Next, we have the air pressure. This is one option that we have compass we saw so i don’t think we have anything else to see here so let’s go ahead. Add some people at the contacts you can see. Now we are making some phone calls. You can see it says: dialing, we have the microphone, the speaker and the uh hang up button and also people can call you you can accept them here in the watch and talk here, because the gt2 pro has a speaker and a microphone as well.

So this is all that we can test here in the gt2 pro.