As a regular watch and a fitness tracker, i have to say that i really like that watch for a few reasons, and here is my review: hey folks, hi aldon and welcome back to my channel. So a lot of people don’t know if the huawei watch gt2 is a good smart watch or not or if other smart watches like the foster gen 5 or the samsung galaxy watch after 2 are better choices. So folks, in this video we will go over all the aspects check out the positives negatives and see if it can compete with other smart watches like the foster gen 5.. So let’s get started so first, you can grab the watch gt2 in two different sizes: 42. Millimeters or 46 millimeters, the 42 millimeter version is made for skinny wrist and even though the 46 millimeter version that i’ve been reviewing sounds pretty big it’s, really not too chunky at 41 grams. It won exactly wear your arm down in the box. You will get a usb cable e charger and a rubber strap, which is very nice by huawei. The gt2 looks like a regular watch and is just beautiful. This watch is very comfortable to wear and even while you’re exercising the bezels are flush with the flat display and tempo off towards the stainless steel frame, and even though this makes the watch looks much better, you will have a higher risk damaging the glass when you Accidentally bump into the wall, or something like that, you will get about two weeks of battery life.

Now i got a little bit less since i used a lot of its features for weaving purposes. I was using the fitness features four times a week for about 40 minutes. I checked out a lot of notification, constantly use the heartbeat sensor and, of course, use the gps tracker here and there but i’m sure you can reach the advertised 14 days of battery life. If you aren’t, using the much as often as i did, overall, the battery life is pretty insane if you compare it to other smart watches like the samsung galaxy watch active or fossil gen 5.. Oh by the way, if you like my content and my video don’t forget to hit the like button and the subscribe button, it only takes two clicks and it’s for free. The gt2 has a built in speaker that can be used for listening to music. If you pair your bluetooth earbuds or you can play the music directly from your watch, you can also control your smartphone’s music, like spotify, and you can store up to 500 mp3 music files on your watch. So you can basically just leave your smartphone at home and use the huawei smartwatch. Instead, the built in speaker also allows armrest cards, even if your smartphone is 150 meters away. Well, you can do this if you want to, but you will still look like a fool in public. The user interface is pretty simple. If you swipe left and right, you will get through your different tires.

Like the heartbeat sensor, music control panel, fitness desk and such things, you will find your quick panel. If you swipe down and by swiping up, you will get to see all your newest notifications. The gt2 has two physical buttons on the side. The upper one will lead you to the main menu with all the features of the smartwatch and the lower one opens up your workout features and the lower one can also be customized to your likings. If you want to with this smartwatch, you will get to choose between a variety of exercises, so of course you will have standards like running walking and hiking, but you also get a small variety of swimming options and more. The gps is also very accurate and it gets a position fast and after you’re done with your exercise, you can look up your stats on the watch on the huawei health app over here. You will also get to see the exact route you took. As for the comfort level, is pretty high, so i had this watch on while exercising and i barely felt it. I only had a few problems sleeping with it, but maybe it’s just because of me, because i don’t, like sleeping with something on my wrist. Speaking of that, the huawei gt2 can track 4 different stages of your slumber. This watch also have other features, like stress, breathing exercises for relieving stress or the spo2 feature, which can measure and track your blood oxygen level.

At all times, let’s check out the huawei health app a little bit more. This app tracks, basically everything you do, while you’re wearing the smartwatch or it merges all the infos. You can get from your smartphone now it records your previous exercises, so it not only tracks your running route, but it also with your pace, heart rate and some more basic details. Of course, you will also get to see your heart rate for the day or the last week, month or year, as for last. This app also keeps track of your sleep weight, stress level and the spo2. By the way, this app has some settings and tweaks to play with in order to customize your watch even more so let’s get to my opinion, and i think i really like the smartwatch, maybe not as much as the fossil gen 5 or the samsung galaxy watch. 3 but it’s pretty high up there. I also love the display and the overall design. It really looks more like a normal watch instead of a smart watch. Also the two week battery life is the key setting point right here. I really don’t think that there are too many smartwatches out there that are in the same price category that can keep up with that. Also, this gt2 is very comfortable to wear when you’re, exercising and doing things and the huawei health app shows you all the workout details that i want to know for my workouts and even more.

The huawei gt2 brings a lot of value for its price, but don’t forget to check out my other videos about the fossil gen 5 and the samsung galaxy watch active 2 since they are about in the same price category now. This watch has one major downside, and that is that you cannot download any applications, since it does not have an app store, so you cannot listen to spotify music lists or download the the playlist to your watch. Now with that being said, i hope you enjoyed the video if you did don’t forget to like it and subscribe to my channel.