Is it again the watch everyone is gon na try to beat in 2022 are the two week long battery life phone calls external hr, tracker support and installing extra apps enough to convince you getting one lets suspect Music. Hey welcome back really nice to meet you. My name is michael and what we do here on the channel is to inspect fresh and cool tech. Like this, you know the huawei watch, okay, ill, take it off the huawei watch, gt3 uh, something that i know a lot of. You have been really expecting to be reviewed on the channel and of course i took my time because i wanted to verify everything and have really long enough friendship or relationship with this body, so that i can really tell you my honest opinion based on long enough Usage, a disclaimer i have never been in touch with huaweis global marketing, and usually my huawei devices are something i purchase on my own because i really enjoy the wearables and its true that the gt series offering this great balance between performance, health, tracking features and price Is among the most tempting and we can still notice that huawei also had some challenges with the hardware manufacturer this year, because my purchase got delayed like three times and i eventually got it from another location, but never really mind its interesting to see. If this excellent. Looking at the first site, hardware, Music has a good synergy with the software and all the limitations that huawei are suffering from in the past few years, starting at 250 dollars.

This is a little more asked than for the predecessing generations, and the series are primarily available in europe: south america, asia and africa, with the u.s market being blocked for huawei since years, theres a pro version with a lot more attractive and premium design and materials. However, the features are about the same in terms of competition. Amazefit gt3 pro is waiting in the other corner for a battle or devices like oneplus watching similar fitness tracking and great battery life. Oriented as for smartness well see if it can finally get a bit closer to wear os or watch os by apple unboxing in late 2019, ive done the same with the gt2 and two years later taking out. The third generation is bringing the same good feeling. Huaweis boxes have always been attractive, nothing but premium feeling heres. The watch such a delight to have it visually, resembles the second generation notice. The crown on the side, though, the back, looks similar to what we know from huawei watch 3 series, which were released back in the summer, a charger which is a wireless one and the strap, which looks rather boring same old same old. There are two case sizes by the way, 42 and 46 millimeter, with the lat one being inspected right now, and this on the side, as you can see, is a curved glass. If you need more detailed specs here are some for you related to the 46 millimeter unit, the 1.

43 inch amoled touchscreen, which is powered by arm cortex m processor, 32 megabytes ram, 4 gigabyte storage, speaker microphone, gps barometer, spo2 sensor, temperature sensor, advanced hr sensor. So a lot of them and all of it is managed and utilized by the homegrown harmony os software compared to the pre setting generations. There are two major differences. The first one is very obvious: thats, the rotating crown, which is great for scrolling up and down apps or notifications whatsoever. Also here we do have a temperature sensor which can read the temperature from your wrist skin and not really sure its definitely not the same as reading the temperature from the forehead which most doctors would anyways prefer. The other thing theres an improvement on the cpu inside and its a lot better, responding to swipes. You know many people have been criticizing huawei watches for kind of slow scrolling. Now it gets closer to being premium. But if you plan to upgrade to gt3 just because of the hardware im, not really sure all the reasons are in place, for instance, there is no nfc for contactless payments. There is no wi fi for quickly downloading apps or updates, and there is no lte capable version which the samsung galaxy watch 4 provides at a budget of close to 280 dollars. So kind of interesting move from huawei to keep the watch at the same price. Lets get to use it shall we fits really well on the wrist weight is just about right size as well its not that big, but enough to be noticed.

Navigation is smooth and easy. Swiping is, of course, the key left and right accesses the main cards. Each one of them looks really beautiful on the stunning display with high resolution swipe down, and these are the quick toggles very useful. But i wish they were configurable so that i can place a quick link for the torch, because i use this feature a lot and it takes some time to access from the app launcher. Swipe up here are the notifications, but without the option to respond and the queue is sometimes a little weird. The good news is that inside the app there are some signs about possible integration of pre configured answers which, if really happens ill, be really happy about. The app drawer is well familiar, youre, going to hardly find significant differences between this lightweight system on a chip and the regular huawei watch 3 series. This is a much more slim lined build of harmony. Os, therefore supports less features, but given the hardware abilities, they seem to be about right, there are a bunch of useful apps. Most of them are anyways present, with most fitness, trackers and smart watches. Already. The os is fluid with good configuration options, however, not yet perfect, and that detailed, for instance, while gt1 and gt2 both have the option to schedule the always on option here with gt3. This is much more annoying, and should you want to disable the feature for the knight youre going to need to go to the settings exactly the same as it is with the huawei watch 3 that i tested 6 months ago generally, the os is good, but obviously Lacks some deeper customizations, you will notice all the health tracking apps present, which includes the 24 7 hr tracking 24 7 blood oxygen.

Saturation measuring even temperature tracking. The hr tracking is surprisingly good. A lot better than the sensor on gt2 pro and here huawei have thought about professional athletes as well, because among the hundred plus sports options, you can actually enable a bluetooth based hr tracker like the polar hr, and you can rely on values that you know you Can trust, sadly, there is no ant plus protocol supported, but theres a bunch of good chess trackers which are reliable enough and have bluetooth. Since i mentioned sports well, the workout section is getting better and better. The amount is huge as it is, with most other huawei devices anyways this time you can see that the tiles surrounding each activity are even more and have a stunning design. My favorite one is this: allowing you to navigate back to your starting point. There still is no way to go and follow waypoints, but at least getting around and following back is an option just like what you can do with huawei watch gt2 pro. The other improvement are the apps. There is a google maps, navigation app well dont, get too excited, because this only can relay the navigation. Instructions, however, cannot be used independently from the watch. Similar is the condition of petal maps, so, in short, this is not a device you can rely on for independent navigation while doing sports. There are a few other cool looking apps. None of them is essential, though still no proper calendar integration nor spotify or shazam are available among the top popular titles from google play or app store.

Generally, the availability of these apps only contributes to making the huawei watch 3 redundant. I cant really see too many reasons to buy the more expensive model over the regular watch gt3. Furthermore, a very deceiving fact: the gps accuracy, you notice how my route is represented as if im walking near the street, while im actually within the borders. It is again way off, in some cases, around 5 to 10 meters, away from the correct value, and although the approximation for distance in sports seems to be correct, the track is not, which is yet another sports tracking related challenge. The smartphone app also got some really good upgrades and i believe it continues to be one of the best looking smartphone apps for wearable devices designed ever because the user interface feels very beautiful, very functional, fluid no glitches scrolling is fantastic. The information is divided into super cool sections and even the logic itself is fantastic. So in terms of user interface, i have no remarks, but when it comes to integration to third party services, this is where the drama begins. This smartwatch is targeted towards athletes, runners, for instance, and most of the people that do practice this. They very often prefer to sync to strava thats, a very popular service. Well, unfortunately, strava has never really made it to huawei health theres, a workaround you can download the third party app from google play store sync, the data manually, its not perfect, and i really doubt that too many people are going to use this kind of approach.

Also, if you try to integrate to other services, the only available you can count on just adidas running and commute and thats all not even google fit is available, and this is a rather recent downgrade looks like since the end of the summer. Google has terminated this option. Why and how this can be a security breach is not yet clear to me, but so be it. All of this means that unless you are in the huawei ecosystem, you dont really need third party apps sync great, but if youre looking for expandability youre going to be rather disappointed. Furthermore, huawei health app continues to be a struggle for iphones, with some extra features missing and since we talk about drawbacks already to all the softwares, there is no nfc. Therefore, no payments, no wi fi, no lte version no option for responding to texts. Yet if i forgot to mention something in the drawbacks list – or you have some other ideas, then feel free to contribute in the comment section below the video and now conclusion time, um honestly, i i still find it hard to recommend the gt3 over the gt2. Given the current price points, because well, this here has the rotating crown it has the ability to connect external hr tracker. You know it can take a chest mount device and it can measure your temperature from your wrist skin. But lets be honest: how many times do you really think in the past two years that you actually need such features, because its true that for close to two years, the hardware upgrade of this series is rather insignificant and dont get me wrong? I really enjoyed using this watch and probably are going to keep it as a primary watch when i have the chance to choose what i wear in 2022.

But we have to be fair that the hardware progress is rather insignificant and there are now too many questions and answered what happens with the software is strava ever going to be integrated? Is google fit ever going to work properly again and how about nfc, wi, fi and all the rest? I think we have a lot to comment about so feel free to join me in the comment section below the video of course as usual. If you want to support the channel, then please order this device through any of the links which are posted in the description below, and i so much hope that this has been useful. Thank you very much for watching this episode until the end.