It is called the watch gt runner now. The gt runner is very similar to the watch. Gt3 theyre, almost identical the hardware inside and the system everything similar, but this watch here is focused on running so set up for runners. Weve got more in software here in the menus, through the watch for runners and a lighter weight. This weighs about half that of the metal version of the watch gt3 its got 50 meters of water resistance. We still have the very accurate eight photodiode sensor, heart rate monitoring, which can be set up to be continually on. Weve got the five system: gps, dual frequency, thats, really accurate too. With this and the other features well, weve still got a very good stunning display on this, which has a 466 by 466 resolution, amoled very bright and a fast fluid ui and the huawei watch gt runner box. So nice presentation youll see that they have it. Just in there ive not turned it on yet just recording this to start with, and in the pouch here in the side you will find our extras, so it does have a wireless charger which is in this little bag right here and ill. Just quickly show you that its like the other model, so no change to that. Oh thats, our silicon strap. Okay, so thats the first thing and there is a spare strap there. But it comes of course, as you can see, with one of them already on it, and here it is our wireless charger.

So opening this up just give you a quick look so magnetically. This will clip onto the underside of the watch and its using the chi standard, so you can actually charge it with other charges out there too now charge time. It does have a 455 milliamp hour battery its going to take about three hours or just under so it is a little slow to charge but thats what it is with the watches – and here we have some paperwork. So this is a warranty card. Okay and in here we then have a quick start guide that is in various different languages. So this watch is a lot lighter than the previous models that i have reviewed and covered in the channel. So the watch gt3 thats, the middle version 112 grams, and you notice that this one is just so much lighter because of its plastic frame around the outside. The watch itself is 38.5 grams and, with the strap, all up 52 grams, so thats a huge difference there. In weight and when youre running with it trust me that makes a big difference there. Here i have the gt runner next to the watch gt3. You can see the difference here in the build quality, so metal frame on this one scratch resistant glass. We have the same scratch resistant glass in this, so 46 millimeters is the size of them. The screen is 1.43 inches. The resolution hasnt changed so basically same hardware as the last gen, so its 466 pixels by 466.

Of course itd been round there and that translates into 326 ppi. So you cannot see the pixels in these screens at all youll see as i bring it up close to the camera that its amoled, so those blacks are super deep and the brightness is great. Now ive had a bit of trouble trying to measure it because its such a small screen with my meter, but it translates into somewhere around about 500 400 nits and in direct sunlight. You can make this out now with my camera. You get a bit of banding, but trust me that in person youre not going to see that banding its just on the camera, it was doing that now compared to the watch gt same location. So we do have the crown here that does spin for the ui. You can use that speaker here and its just located on the side, so the frame around the outside of this is plastic thats. Why its so much lighter – and i do prefer this and there are some gaps in it along the top just giving us a little bit more ventilation. We get extra holes there too, with the strap, so these straps very strong, no problems with them at all. You can get that real good, pull and ive even snagged other watches of theirs on things and ive never had a problem with them breaking and the most susceptible part with these watches is right here where that joins up so to remove those straps.

You see its just got little easy clips on either side, and here we have the heart rate sensor, so theres a lot of changes to this from the previous model and thats come through with this too so thats, the eight channel heart rate, monitoring and apparently theyve Got a 66 reduction in external light here with the new coating on it, and it has eight photo diodes within this and two sets of led rings. So this is why the accuracy they claim to be as good as one of those belts that you wear around your chest, one of the heart rate monitors, which is quite a claim, but so far in my testing, i have found it to be very accurate compared To my polar strap that i used to use the left side of it, youll see that we do have a little hole there. So this is either a microphone because theres a mic built into this, and then with that speaker on the side you can handle voice. Calls on us so haptic feedback motor within it. Its got a lot packed into it: a lot of tech, so gps, tracking, high accuracy, dual channel, so dual frequency, gps, five systems. So its got your glonass gps, galileo, a bds and then qzss, which i believe is another chinese one there. So a lot of satellites that this does see and later on, i will test it out and ill. Let you know the accuracy of that gps thats built within it, theres a barometer in here and even a skin temperature sensor, so theres a lot going on in this watch for the compact size.

Of course, youve got that continual heart rate, monitoring, sleep monitoring and even sp o2 can be monitored with this and these silicon straps, the buckle is made out of metal, so thats, nice and strong, its not plastic, and that shouldnt break. It feels very hard to me to my hands at least giving that a bit of a stress and then just like the other version here we do have that 50 meters of water resistance. So, yes, you can shower with it on. You can swim with it and its got a lot of sports tracking features. So when you take a look at the screens here, what is the difference between both of these well its the ui, even though theyre all powered by the same chipset theyve all got four gigabytes of ram stored on them. It is very fluid and no lag with this okay on both of them, but you see this is geared up towards runners thats, what its about. So this is the difference between them with the software, because you see when you swipe here to the left, you get straight away our heart rate, monitoring, okay, then you get our blood saturation levels and it goes into the other sports modes there and then the weather, Whereas with this one with the gt runner you see now, especially this is the stock the main watch face here. I really do like it. It presents everything there, so weve got our barometer there, the altitude and you can see a lot of the fitness orientated stuff there where theyre there too.

So when you start to swipe you go into this information that you can take a quick look through. So your recovery, with your run so ive gone for a run with this and its telling me my recovery time is going to be. I think it was about 64 hours from my 4k run and youre able to scroll scroll through this so v02 max. This is a little bit low. For some reason it should be a bit better, but i just had my booster and i wasnt in the peak kind of fitness, and you can see more information on that half marathon. Its worked out so theyve got um a running assistant on this and everything some predicted times, theyre pretty bad im a little bit slow there. I havent been running for a while, its all that informations built in there training load too, as well so thats from the again from the run there today, so going back just into the main menu and go past. Those again youll see the training plan is in there, so this is where its all different my running ability, so its telling me that my running ability is higher than 67.9 percent of my peers. Oh well, thats pretty good and a b level. Honestly, i would say it was a c level at the moment anyway, heart rate monitor, you can see that there is as well then and the resting heart rate or recovery heart rate there, too thats coming through no thats the wrist thing there sorry and then a Weather which you can go into and see a lot of detail about that too.

So, if i click on here, the weather, i can get a lot more information on it. Its telling me a few days there what its going to be like for our weather, and you can go through that even tells you, the sunset sunrise, moon 2 and the moon phase. So a lot of information, oh and even the tides i forgot about that one. So theres a lot packed into it and then, of course you have all your different apps and, of course, youve got notifications with this. Now the good thing with their app support now is you can actually answer whatsapp messages, facebook messages and i think its telegram another one on the watch itself. So that is great answer your calls on it and it does have that flick to wake. So if the screens off and then you were to just ive – got it on the timer at the moment, so you can turn it off. So if you flick your wrist once it times out, you flick it around. That will then bring it on automatically so thats. There its got the built in sensors for that accelerometer, so the screen response is very good. Ive had no problems with the touch, it does not lag at all performance with harmony os with this particular watch is working great. Now it does support android and also ios. So you dont have to have a huawei watch or anything like that, but it works with huawei health ill get onto that app soon.

So swiping down from the top, you can go into some more little settings right there drain thats to drain out the speaker. It makes that noise try and pump out a bit of water when it falls in there when youve been swimming, do not disturb alarm, pretty straightforward and then on settings just go for that very quickly, theres, a lot of things you can do in here. I wont go through most of them there, but you can do your update system there and also you can connect up with bluetooth, youre able to connect up all sorts of other tech with this, so you can select the type youve got headphones. Heart rate sensors. That does support and other meters there, so theres a lot going on there now with the control straight forward. Top button is to get into your different apps and you can go through and scroll through. All of them there, okay, you can see theres a lot in there. Health stress, breathing exercises, call log contacts, music, remote shutter barometer, compass notification, weather wallet and has nfc built into it. Stopwatch timer alarm, torch, find phone settings and even maps. Now you can load more apps onto this with the application now the bottom one. You can change this button here to designate it to whatever you want, but normally its the workout mode, so just tapping that you go into all our workouts, so its not just for runners. Okay, youve got courses and well for the running there.

But when you go through it, you see outdoor running, walking, indoor, cycling, pool theres a huge list and you can add more to it. So this goes on and on a hundred different modes that can be tracked. Workout settings that you can go through too. Okay, when it broadcasts it with the voice, you can set all of that up and the volume of it and ill give you a sample that of that later on too now, swiping from the left to the right here, thats to go back there, you can see It always on display, but that really does kill our battery life, so i wont be doing that auto, detect workouts. I havent bothered with that one, so theres huge amounts of customization. You can do with this and then the notifications, if you swipe up, you, can see them come through there. Okay, this is telling me about that exercise i did watch faces. There are plenty of them you can download, but i do like this. The default one, which is called data pack, theres customization – that you can set up with it, do all sorts of things. So you see weve got a lot of them that are the standard ones ive seen before with the watch gt3 and yes mentioned, you can download and get a whole lot of them different ones there, and some of them can be very vibrant, stands out and again This screen is stunning for a watch.

I really do like it its bright and its clear and its amoled, and that 326 ppi means that you just dont see any pixels so ill put it back on the default, which is my preferred one. So far with this watch now its time to test out the gt runners performance here, so what im gon na do is go for a run along the coast here, approximately three kilometers, i think thats. All i can do because i havent been running now for about three weeks last time was in new zealand, ill see how it performs, and we can have a look at the stats that it does give me my heart rate and then the distance and everything ill Show you, then, with the application, the map and how it has tracked it all, with its dual frequency, gps, that it has and with the plastic body of this gt runner now it should actually get really good signal strength and should be very accurate. Okay, so i made it halfway now, with my run. Watch has been really good tracking everything heart rate up to 171 and its giving me those feedback so ill. Give you a sample of the voice feedback. This is what it sounds like one kilometer pace is six minutes and 30 seconds. Your current heart rate is 173 okay, so i managed to do four kilometers and it probably wasnt a good idea, just after my booster shot, which i got yesterday not quite feeling 100 anyway lets take a look at the results of my four kilometer run.

This is in the app which ill show you more about the app just after this, so 4.05 kilometers was my distance that i managed to run there. So i did a bit of a loop around the coast here and went back of course. Now the gps accuracy looks very very good, as i stated before, that its got that dual frequency gps five systems – and you normally only see that in flagships like this, but its in the watch itself, which is great to have and going along here. You see thats followed all along the coast where it was running and then back again, great ive got no complaints about that. I do think its quite accurate. So here with the running you can see my pace. Its broken down into the fastest pace was only oh. Okay, six points three uh per kilometer minutes per kilometer there, not amazing um, and then the segments too can be broken down uh and you see all that information there. The total time there charts able to view the chart of my heart here. I did push it quite hard and got my heart up to 182 maximum, which, when i really start to to sprint, i was doing some little sprints at some areas, uh that makes sense, thats thats. What ive seen before my polar chested heart monitor that i do have that i dont use anymore, because these watches are just good enough. I feel and more details on that too.

You can see the descent elevation steps. Average heart rate average stride speed theres a lot of information when you scroll down, you can then see the performance, so anaerobic training stress has improved and you can see my vo2 max, which yeah its not actually that good and finally, a recovery time there at the Bottom, that 69 hours that i should be fully recovered from this run and ready to go on saturday now application. So this is the p50 pro. I have a review of that in my channel too, if youre interested in that its the new flagship, so the app we want is health. Now this works on any android phone. You dont have to have a huawei phone at all for it and it even does work on iphone if you have an iphone its going to be working on that too health. So once you get into it theres a lot we can go through here to set it up and you have to add your personal details and things like that, which ive done most of that so theres a lot in this. This really has not changed its just and just been improving over the last couple of years with it, since ive been using. It and ive been very happy with it. So you can see the heart rate monitor. You can take a look at that over the various different days. The months youve got it all broken down there.

I get into the sleep tracking, so you take a look at this and you can see that uh. Well. Last night i slept only five hours and 20 minutes, but such as life with tech, reviewers youve got four or three embargo things due on friday. So yeah you get the idea. Youve got to burn the midnight oil woke up at eight oclock and thats pretty accurate, because eight is exactly where my alarm went off and thats when i jumped up out of bed so well rate that you can see that the different phases of my sleep, deep Sleep light split sleep and then rapid eye movement stage, sleep there too, as well, and it will rate it too. So my rating there is 73 points which is not brilliant um and it even lists when you got out. Oh okay, wake one time yeah. I think i woke up in the middle of night, as you do of course, so thats all there now skin temperature, this one, you have to be wearing the watch for quite a long time to make this accurate. You can see right now if my skin temperature was 25.9 degrees. Id have some health issues, thered be something definitely wrong with me now. The reason is because ive been taking this watch off a lot shooting a bit of b roll testing. It out recording this kind of footage with you now so thats. Why stress reading so you can fill that in and it will give you a stress rating how youve been over time.

You can check that out, which is good and even got healthy living in here, and we exercises can be done up the top here. Its told me the time ive been training so 30 minutes, ive done 7853 steps, 7 kilometers, 7.29 kilometers and burnt 512 calories there. This is the watch, i believe for runners, if youre training for a marathon. If you run a lot, the extra screens we get. The extra info – this is great – this is the best thing about it is not actually that is the weight too. So the difference in weight is about half compared to the steel frame. The steel strap ive got with my watch gt3. You notice that difference. You may think oh yeah, 50 grams on your wrist is going to mean nothing, but when trust me, when youre running big distances too, you are going to notice that weight. So its really good to see now, even though its all get up towards runners out there. It is still for people that do your general sports weve still got all those typical trackings on that sports tracking, so weve got 100 different modes, so anywhere from mountain climbing to mountain biking to swimming skiing. It is on this watch here and they do a good job, i think of tracking that speaking of which, when i looked at the gps, that information, i showed you from my short four kilometer run. It looks very accurate to me, followed me around the coast.

Really great so its got accurate gps heart rate monitoring they claim is as accurate as those chest straps now i do have one of those polish chest straps and this watch is almost identical very, very close there, its only out by sometimes about five or so beats Per minute, which is really nothing so theyve, i think theyve nailed it with this. If youre a runner, this is probably the watch to get now one of the things i dont like about it. Well very little i mean the battery life is amazing. Some of the other brands out there are: they only go for two or three days right. You have to charge them, but this thing just goes and goes and goes so battery life definitely is not a con. Its one of the big positives, too. I dont like the charge time. I think three hours is a little too slow. I hope with the next models. They can up that a little bit now i i know its not really a problem right. You just charge this at night when its getting a little bit low. You see youre better at 20 or 15, which would still last another whole day for me at 10 percent, even put it on a charge when you go to bed and you wake up its fully charged. So really not a big issue there. The other is a third party app support, so we can now answer like whatsapp alerts when you get them through notifications, you can answer some of them on the watch which a lot of people have been asking for, which is great uh telegram and facebook messenger.

I think is another one too thats supported there, but we still dont have a huge range of third party app support with this. Its not a were os watch either if you needed that. No, if youve got your where os apps your banking apps, to put it onto a watch like this, sadly thats, one area that definitely it does fall short there, but very few cons. I think this is a fantastic watch and not just for runners too, but if youre interested make sure you do check out my review of the watch gt3. If you want something that a little bit more premium with the metal around it, but a little heavier. Of course, it really is its the same kind of watch here, but this being the runner focused of the watches.