I am the one that probably gets the most smart watches in um to test um. I write about them for a lot of different publications, and so i thought we’d have a little bit of fun with one that i’ve got in at the moment and uh. Take it out running with me. So this here is the hublot big bang e premier league. Now this is a luxury smart, smartwatch um. It cost uh 4 300 pounds 5 200 only 200 are being made. I think there’s going to be some specific kind of lighter versions made for referees in the premier league, to use and for time keeping um i’ve managed to get my hands on one i’ve only had it for a few days, so not really enough time to do A full review, but i thought i’d squeeze in one run with it see what it’s like and you know, see what it’s like to run with a uh four thousand pound uh luxury. Smart watch, so yeah here’s, just kind of a little video on um. How i got on what i thought, the design and how it performed against another running, watch and uh whether it holds up um for running so yeah here’s. My um first run review on the hublot big bang e premier league Music, okay, so i’ll start with design. First and this being uh hublot’s third smart watch, um it’s kind of keeping with you know being inspired by its kind of non smart, um, big bang, watchers so um as you can imagine, there’s kind of high grade materials that they’re putting in this smart watch.

So you’re getting um a titanium, satin, finish kind of titanium case um you’re, getting sapphire glass, you’re, getting um ceramic on the watch, buckle, um, so it’s everything you kind of would expect from a luxury smart watch. Now i used the um, the first version, which was kind of a world cup um smartwatch tie in and that had a 49 millimeter case now. This has dropped down to a 42 millimeter case, so that is kind of smaller than obviously that original, but it’s also um smaller than something like the tag higher connected, which i um. We have a video up that i tested last year, um, which is 45 millimeters. So it’s smaller, i think, that’s a big plus because on my kind of skinny wrist that first um big bang smart watch looks huge um my wrist now on this one i think it’s a bit more manageable. I actually think this is a nicer design and i think it looks nice. It feels like a lot more of a luxury smartwatch that i would want to wear now. I’M, not a particularly you know, massive kind of hublot watch fan, but this is a. This is a much nicer. Looking smartwatch stand, it’s um, first watch um in terms of other things, so in terms of navigation, you’ve got a touchscreen display, so it’s a 1.2 inch. ‘0 by ‘0 resolution amoled display so similar to something like the huawei watch, gt2, which we’ve tested as well.

Um you’ve also got this um twisting watch crown as well, which you can press to open up, google’s assistant, and you can twist to kind of scroll through um screens and it’s a little bit. I would say um kind of stiff in terms of um, navigating and scrolling through it’s a bit slow but uh. It works, uh kind of does the job essentially um. The other big thing as well. Obviously, is this strap so it’s a kind of fabric, purple fabric strap on this one which has kind of gone to match? With the kind of premier league themed um watch face, you can see um it’s a velcro. It uses velcro to kind of secure around your wrist um. What i found is that i think it probably the velcro area probably needed to be a little bit bigger, because my wrists are quite slim, so i actually almost had to go over slightly a bit of the velcro to get it to fit and even then kind Of when i was running um, it kind of moved about a little bit, so i would ideally need a smaller kind of strap or just something more accommodating and i think for most people, it’ll be fine. Now you don’t have to go with the purple and there’s herbo’s done a kind of strap, configurator and kind of set up where you can use something. So you can pick from different materials so stuff, like calf leather, um, alligator you’ve got other fabric.

Um bands sports bands that’s going to add about five to six hundred pounds onto the price, so that’s kind of something to keep in mind. But generally, i think, it’s a much nicer. Looking smartwatch on its first one, um it’s it’s, a showy smartwatch. If that’s kind of thing you you like and this this is the kind of design that you like then it’s going to appeal say i wish the strap was a little bit smaller, but generally it’s been fine and it’s a really nice looking smartwatch and much nicer. Looking the first one, i think this is more what um i’d like to see from hublot if they continue making smart watches. Okay before i get into kind of running performance, talk a little bit about the kind of software and what you’re getting here, um. So it’s google’s wear os um you’ve got a snapdragon where three 100 processor kind of power and performance and which is not qualcomm’s, latest um kind of chipset and platform uh. So from that perspective, you’re not getting the latest in terms of kind of what is powering. This watch um it’s wearers, it’s kind of what. If you’ve used the warehouse watch before it’s all very kind of familiar you’ve got kind of uh things. Like google pay, you can download apps um, you get your notifications, the same gestures to kind of navigate and interact i’m, all very familiar and it’s one of those platforms where it’s.

You know it’s good in places not so much in other places and in terms of what hublot has kind of added. On top of that and you’ve got kind of typically, you know some of their own watch faces. Um you’ve got some kind of time based um apps, so there’s a kind of chronometer um easy for me to say um, simply just keeping the time – and you know one i think, geared towards um for when it’s been used for by referees they’ve also got a Hublot store, which essentially just pulls together all of the stuff that they offer so their watch faces and a couple of their apps, which kind of work as watch faces as well. So the main one is the premier league app, which essentially gives you a watch face which will um does a variety of things and actually it’s a really nice um app. It kind of will count down to the games. Uh. The next premier league game, um it’ll, give you kind of real time kind of goal, updates substitutions. You can kind of go in and see the lineups um and what even i think is quite nice. Is it all even count down the kind of interval period as well um, so you can kind of step out and you kind of see you’ve got enough time to go and get a drink and stuff for the second half starts so that’s kind of the main Main kind of added thing: um it’s, not gon na – be a big deal for most people um, but yeah, it’s kind of where rs at its heart at its core um.

Some people are going to love it. Some people aren’t um it’s a bit of a mixed bag for me um. I might hasn’t really changed my feelings about, whereas nice to see hublot stuff on there, um essentially it’s a, whereas watch and it’s more of the same in terms of what you’re going to get from that as a platform: Music, okay, so let’s get into running performance. Now, when it comes to tracking your rounds on on this watch, you can kind of go for google’s kind of um, fit apps or fit workout app um. What i decided to do, i actually decided to download the third party app, so i downloaded strava to track my runs just to see how you know how that works. Um pretty straightforward in terms of downloading i downloaded it directly from the watch took a few seconds. Had to set it up on login on my phone and then i could get running um now. This doesn’t have built in gps um like the first version, so it’s connected gps, so it’s relying on your phone to track your runs um. So i went out on my right: um went out with this uh. I went out with um the garmin enduro, which i’m testing at the moment long term testing, with the guys um and a heart rate, monitor chest strap and it was kind of. I did an eight mile run: um, no real kind of you know, pressure on pace just going out doing some mileage and just to see how those get up this would kind of get on.

Basically, what i found um is that um the screen, i think the screen visibility is not fantastic uh in kind of in dealing with the glare from the sun, so definitely that’s an issue for me. It didn’t make it impossible to see a screen, but you definitely had to kind of angle it a little bit more to kind of see things when you’re using a third party app or some third party app so like with, i was using strava um when you’re Using it and it’s running, sometimes it’ll just jump back to the main watch screen and you have to kind of go back in and open the strava app to kind of see how you’re getting on um, which is not ideal and it’s not for every app. But for strava that’s kind of how it works from where os um in terms of the kind of accuracy, so an eight mile run um it kind of posted slightly higher um. In terms of how much distance i tracked had me a little bit quicker as well, which is kind of what i find on smart watches, they kind of clock you a little bit quicker and your pace um it wasn’t far off but um. You know there was enough of a margin and that that was the the eight miles. 8.1 miles was on the garmin enduro in terms of battery life. So from 100 it dropped to 66 on just over an hour’s run, whereas the garmin enduro, which obviously is built, for you, know, battery life that was kind of two two percent or something like that um so yeah massive drain.

I think if you this is you know this is a smart watch like a lot of smart watches, where it’s kind of really designed for you know, going out and doing um 5k or you know 20 30 minutes of running and but ultimately, when you’re, using gps Or connected gps, um it’s gon na dent the battery life and on the battery life anyway, just generally it’s supposed to be around a day. But what i’ve found is that um, if you factor in a workout like running um, it probably comes down from 100 in the morning to about 20 or even running out of battery by about 10 11 o’clock, so it’s, not quite 24 hours. It is around a day, but in the evening you’re probably going to have to charge it um, so yeah running performance, actually fine, the heart rate mounting obviously just didn’t work. For me, the um gps tracking, just a little bit um attracted a little bit more distance compared to the garmin and and had me a little bit quicker in the pace. So, okay, not amazing, definitely think it’s, one better suited for kind of those shorter, um kind of runs casual runs really. Okay, so initial verdicts on the heblo, big bang e premier league, i say i’ve only had it for a few days, so i only had enough time to do one run um and, to be honest, it’s not too different from what i kind of got from using The tag heuer and some other kind of luxury smartwatches that i’ve i’ve had the opportunity to run with it’s it’s going to be fine, um kind of for shorter runs, i think longer runs you’re, going to start seeing discrepancies in terms of the data and it’s not Really for someone that’s serious about running, i think the tag away has got a little bit more going for it in terms of terms of that um, and i would probably say that i had a kind of slightly nice experience with that.

But this is a nice watch, it is an expensive watch and the fit didn’t quite work for me, but i think it will for most people um. Is it worth four thousand three hundred pounds? Five thousand, i mean it’s. It really depends on how how much you know you really value um the things like design and you happy with kind of working with wearers, which is okay, but not amazing. I think hobo’s um extras are actually quite nice and i, like that aspect of that and i’ll be interested to see whether they start to do more of that. Maybe if they persevere and still continue doing these watches the fact they’re only making 200 suggests. You know this is not a huge deal for them, but it’s a nice extra, for you know their watchmaking business in terms of you know what else they do and what other watches they sell. So yeah kind of initial verdict on the hublot uh, big bang e premier league for running okay, fine. You know another, not amazing, it’s kind of what i expected. Okay. So there you have it. That is our kind of first run thoughts on the hublot uh, big bang e premier league. Now i said, i’ve only got this for a few days, so i’ve kind of managed to squeeze that one uh run in so not really enough time to do a full review, but hopefully give you a kind of sense of kind of what this very expensive um Luxury smart watch is capable of um if you’ve got any comments.

Um. Obviously, let us know down below and like and subscribe hit the bell um to find out about our new videos um, if there’s any other smart watches that you think we haven’t really given enough love to uh from a kind of running perspective. Um. Let us know as well – and you know we get these in all the time and you know between us we’ll test.