This watch is exact replica of Apple watch series 6, and if you worn this watch, no one can guess that its other than apple watch, Its screen size is 1.57quot and its totally bezel less so without any delay. Lets talk about its qualities and features. Lets talk about its dimensions: first, Its dial is 4cm in total and total length of watch is 25cm whats in the box. We have watch its manual and magnetic cable which connects at the back, and you can use any usb charger to charge it. Many salient features are also written at the back of the box, and you can also install its app by scanning its QR Code watch Dials 5 12 Custom. It has 03 digital and 02 analogue watch dials selection from the watch. If we go to app them, we can select 12 watch dials and we have 05 watch dials selection in the watch and, yes, we can install custom watch dial. Then by swiping we can have a heart rate or health monitor. Then we have complete data information tab. We can get a weather info if it is connected to application and after then we can add any application by pressing this. If we press the button on the right side, we get the whole menu By rotating this button. It can zoom in and zoom out, Any function can be selected from this menu. Its Display is so great and crisp as it operates on 60Hrtz and you do not feel any lag while operating Its resolution is 320 x, 320 amp 1.

57quot Screen size and it gives good ppi. Then recent app function is also available. Music can also be operated from the watch if its connected with app By swapping on the left. The most recent app is available here. The call function of the watch is perfect. You can easily receive the call It has a speaker and mic which works perfectly. Its battery works for 4 5 days on normal use. It also has calculator feature for basic functions. Many other feature like vibration, mute sound. You can also capture a photo while turning on the app camera and shake the watch, You can also factory reset. Its brightness is too good. It never gives you any problem in daylight. I must admire one of its function. That hand raise feature is too good, it never misses. Sports tab also have many sports selections which will inform you about the calories burnt. You can dial call from the watch, but it doesnot have contacts list book, but you have to manually dial the numbers. You can reject the call from the watch and can attend it from the phone Final Verdict, Its a great watch as a replica of apple watch. As i bought it for Rs.4450 and for this price and features its a great watch screen is too good and its 1.57inches, which operates on 60Hertz, and you does not feel any lag while operating. Its resolution is 320 x 320, which gives a crisp display. Its overall quality is also good overall feel, and I think you wouldnt get any better replica watch for this price Drawback.

Its battery must be improved a bit than this app connectivity sometime misses, but its okay call function is also good. This was smart watch HW12 Review.