This smart watch just came out recently. This year and i’m really really super excited to show you this video to you guys and let’s, find out all the features and everything so here is the smart watch and let’s go find out. This smartwatch is so cute. Let me take this off and, as you see, it’s smart watch six and the back. It says all the details about the smartwatch. Okay, let me go ahead and take this off too, and so i have it in pink and you can see the manual. It also says in english and in chinese Music and the charger it’s usb charger, and so let me take this off. Take all the plastic it’s, so cute can’t wait to test this out, so you can see at the back where you can see the light when you are turning on the heartbeat or the blood pressure thing see it fits there. You go okay. Let me check this out, and so you can press this button and you can rotate the button too and, as you see this tiny bubble app, i like it, it goes really smoothly, see it’s, so fast, it’s, not buggy at all. I really love it. It’S not like other smartwatch that it’s so slow the process is really slow. I like this because it’s fast, i say it many many times so swipe up and you can see the message we’ll swipe down. You can see all the settings swipe left.

You can see the weather display and swipe right. You can see the heartbeat measurement there you go, you can see the light measure then rotate it. So you can see all the measurements of your heartbeat there. You go press that again, so you could go to the bubble up and um like to rotate this button so play with it and so yeah i’m playing with this out right now, because it goes smoothly and it moves to where i go. It follows my finger really fast it’s awesome. So here is the calculator and that’s the breathing. I think practice your breathe and that’s the heart rate and that’s. The blood pressure measurement see Music, and here are some of the sports. There is running biking, swimming walking, situps and everything. This is cool. I like it then long press the screen, so you can change the wallpaper. It has, i think, four or five wallpapers here Music. This is nice Music, then i’m, going to connect it to the bluetooth. So, as you see hw22 i’m going to play right now, it’s pairing that’s, how it’s connected, but first you have also to download a wear fit pro app in the play store and you you can search your device i’m going to search device right now, Music. Now it search the smartwatch hw22 and it’s successfully connected okay, now it’s connected and you see the weather, it will also tells the weather the best part of the smartwatch.

It has also watch faces in the app you can download some of them because in the smart watch it only have four to five watch faces, which those are not much so here you can choose a lot of choices. Music. Oh, i see some cute ones, Music. They are so nice, Music, okay, i’m, going to use that one download installation installing it now Music. It will take just seconds to download this wallpaper. I call it wallpaper Music. Oh my gosh! This is so cute. I love it Music! Look at that! Next! You can also customize your watch face. You can customize it to your photo, see you allow that one Music – and i pick one of my picture – that one Music installation Music just have to wait. Wow that’s amazing. Look at that. My picture is in the watch. That’S super super nice. Next one we go to the sleeping mode, so it will record it how many hours of sleep you got and i’m going back to screen and that’s the camera remote and then i’m going to press it twice here, and it will sit up like this way. If you want this way, if you don’t want the bubble wrap because those those are tiny, so this way is so easy there you go see everything there’s music, also that’s it and i’m going to press it twice again and you’ll see the nine apps. I always set my smart watch into this way, because this is the easiest style of the app i like it this way than the bubble so i’m going to change the strap just slide it out so simple, i’m going to change it to the metal one.

This is easy, just slide that in there see it’s so quick and yeah to the other one other side. There you go it’s all set. This is so beautiful. I love this watch, so you guys, if you enjoy watching this video, just let me know, and if you want to get one of this, let me know contact me on facebook, so beautiful super cute. I, like my wallpaper that’s so nice. Thank you guys for watching this video and i hope you enjoy. Thank you. Thank you. I love it.