I review today is wh 2 2.. Look like gorgeous in the backside in the box unbox. This name is hw2 to smart swatch brown made in china. This is the information about this watch series. Six let’s unbox Music see the jellyfish jellyfish is like gorgeous. They have two color white in black hit, remove wow, they have the charger the han manual. This is what manual english in chinese, very small words. All the little is small difficult for the old people to read it uh and another side. They have chinese chinese. Writing you understand chinese. You can read it. If you cannot understand in chinese, you can read in english let’s begin they have Music. You see the box is very nice. You have a charging usb charger, usb port or usb charger. You can charge your smart mobile. This is hw. Smartwatch have a look. This box, you see very nice unboxing um. This is palm. No, not palm actually seem like a bomb but quality foam and then also the vlog is very quality. I like the box. Also, this is a hw2 to watch very, very nice water resistance. Also, we try to set up. You see the jellyfish again. This is the display. You have one two three four five display in his small monitor the messenger. Also they have a lot of icon. You can make small making bigger. This is actually. This is my first time to use this, but i had to touch because actually one of my friend requests he buy seem like that when i see in real in actually actual very nice same, like my apple apple watch same but it’s difficult for uh, i difficult For connecting to have all this hw2 too, for my side, i don’t know for another person: let’s try this all icon, icon, icon again, it’s nice watch actually actually is always chilly face.

We try to scan the coral ban, coral code, Music, yeah, wait. I will check to my mobile. Yes, they have to type website or copy. I don’t know i try to copy again. I try this gun, then go website Music. What is this it’s? Not easy? Music guys. Please subscribe to my channel below don’t forget after you watch and then comment. If you like it, yes, you are back again. I try to bluetooth or anything, maybe easy to connect difficult. But what to do this net actually actually is. This is uh so much. What is not for me, i give to my my son is coming birthday this coming july, so that i will collect it, collect all the gadgets for him and then i will send him by air cargo so but surprised. But i i review already and then i post my channel guys. Please help me too so grow my channel. Please, okay, don’t forget to subscribe. You help me. I can help you also yeah, try again or i’ll coral coral color when i press the bluetooth correlate on my score. I’M. Very tired, oh my goodness, again again, try it’s, not easy again, as far to my friend is easy. This one connected in the other, smart, smart, mobile, like samsung or lg, or another redmi or hallway, but in the iphone, is difficult to connect. It’S not seem, like apple apple what’s, easy to connect that, for this no no issue i buy also to my son, is the samsung, so that is it to him to connect it again.

I try try and try until connected still not very sad. Coral code is not easy to scan all the Music songs. The parameter is 44 millimeter deep, deep again, coral. When i first blew that coral coral code, coral code heights let’s try and try until success, guys don’t forget comment below Music to help me more go to my channel Music later, i will review my earbuds for my formation. Also and samsung Music. Keep there okay. This thing very gorgeous and then now i will show you. I have a buy a uh. I have a two strap for my smart watch. I have a white and green white here. Wait here we go, i will take it and then i will show you guys and this this i love. This is white color. Also this the these items for my smart apple watch. I brought for just a small amount. I think three dollar four dollar five dollar, like that you can buy this one hw2 on amazon or any online shop sometime. They have discounts. Sometimes we don’t have discount. I will try to change this strap to this strap it’s very tight it’s, not easy to connect. Sorry guys my nail is not good easy manual it’s, not still not cut yucky it’s very tight, very tight to put inside. I will try another side and i will try the white color again. Maybe this one color is easy to put yes, yes, success, another one yeah, but just remove the paint you can scratch already, because it’s very tight, also tight but easy to inside yeah, see now it’s, very nice, color white white, so white white.

I love it wrong. Music, another one Music, i like it’s, very gorgeous. I will change another one: um Music, Music, i’m back green white – is very nice, also nice color really combined to my skin. I will try this another one, because this one you need to fresh it’s not same like output. I try again to put inside yeah esr Music success. Yeah, you see so nice yeah try yeah um, you see so for good, just gorgeous i’ll. Always the jellyfish is going swimming on the screen see this i give to another box. They have three score: strap white in black totally. Actually, this is i like so much this color white and blue with white and green sorry white in green, see they have scrub scratch again the paint they have been in steel, small stain, smoothies moon, starting the blood pressure, ding ding, ding, ding, ding Music, go to Small band mobile it’s more to watch my goodness. Let me know, let me know and well everything information of regarding this move. This swatch is here Music, but i, like this box, actually is very nice box. Look like sporty g will rings to the rings Music, because height this bug is very hard. You see the mobile shell, the watch everything, but is it it’s not easy to connect to my ipod? That is the problem. Only yes, mr jellyfish is always swimming. This is charging usb port charger.