This watch is 44 millimeter in the size, and the screen is 1.75 inch and in this site it has two buttons and both buttons are functional. This one is the microphone and the back. There is no lock buttons at both end and also no charging interface. Due to this watch is wireless charging and the waterproof is ip67, and this side is the speaker. This is the power on button and now let’s check the watch faces. We can rotate this round button to change. The word face totally. This watch has 15 watt faces inside the watch and it can also add extra which faces and can also customize watch faces through the app now let’s check the quick actions from the top to the bottom. We can see the control center, such as the dialer brightness, and also the screen lock. We can press the button for three seconds to unlock and also the collection code. We need open the app to bind the collection code and also the settings and also the business card. We also need bind the qr code in the app and from the bottom to the top. Is the message and then from the left to right or right to the left is to change the watch face and we can press this round button to go to the main menu and also we can rotate this round button to zoom in and zoom out. We can see that the firmware is very smooth.

This watch has three menu styles, you can double click, this round button to change the menu styles, and this is the night apps wheel and now let’s test the functions one by one. Firstly, the heart rate and the strip monitor and also the dialer here, is the code history and the frequent contact we can synchronize from the app, and this is the dialer and the blood pressure and the outer spots. It has many spots exercise such as auto running, auto cycling and also other spot, and also the weather and the spo2, which is the blood oxygen and the into activities. It also has many activities and it can measure the steps, the calorie and the heart rate and the speed and the distance, and also the data. The screen is very sensitive, so we need to touch the screen slowly and then the breeze. We can follow the screen to inhale and exhale to practice, the brace and the met, and also the stopwatch and the message, and also shake to take picture and music. We can also see that this watch can control the musical volume and the setting, such as the d min and screen of time. The maximum screen of time is 15 seconds and raise your risk to wake up. Another do not disturb and the sound and vibration and the language this watch has many languages and connect the phone. You can scan the qr code, download the wavefit pro app and the password.

This watch can support password and about and reboot restore factory and also the shutdown Music and then the pressure and the calculator we have already connected watch with the iphone in the awarefit pro app and now let’s test the app. Firstly, the app has four pages. The first page is the home page which to synchronize the data from the watch to the app such as the heart rate, blood pressure, red oxygen and also sleep monitor. Then the exercise there are four exercise mode in the top and you can just click, go to measuring your movement and also you can go to the map. The app can use the phone gps to monitor your movement and the third page is the device page. Firstly, we can go to here to connect the watch and the phone, and also it will show the steps currently and the distance here and the important function is the watch faces. This watch can add extra, which faces through the app and also can customize watch faces through the app, but we can see that the existing wood faces inside the app is chargeable. So this is not good as the web pro app and also the wallet you can add the qr code such as wechat repay and also the paypal to the watch. Then, when you make payment, you can just show the qr code in the watch and also the business card. You can synchronize the business card to the watch tool and the weather report notification.

You can enable the notification for the apps that you want. The watch to synchronize and also the alarm clock you can click add and the health reminder, such as central remainder and drinking water reminder you can enable and set the interval to remind you and taking picture. We can shake the watch to take picture and find the bracelet and also the other settings risk to wake up and 12 hours clock and the favorite contact. You can add the contact from your phone and then synchronize to the watch and then the troubleshooting. You can follow the steps to set the system and also grant the access for the app. So you can use all those functions for the app and the firmware upgrade. Now it is the latest version: if there is any new version, you can click to upgrade and factory setting and also delete current device, and the last page is the me page: there are some goals and also the scores and the leaderboard, and also the my data And health report, and also the personal information and settings you can go to here, to check the personal settings by yourself.