com, the premiere site for smartwatch specs news and views. Okay, we are back with the video review for smartwatch specifications and what we have here is one of the most affordable, okay, sears, seven smartwatch in the market, and it is becoming popular okay. We expect it to be somewhat like a t500 smartwatch, a very popular six, and this one, its almost the same okay when it comes to added features, but with a very affordable price. What we have here is the i7 pro smart watch. Okay, so this is based on the series. Seven smart watches. Okay, so we have here some details on this hardware: okay, hardware, specs so product name here is the i7 pro smartwatch. That is the model of the smartwatch. We have a zinc alloy body with the electroplating 220 mh battery. Okay, with several days of standby time, 1.75 inch lcd. We have bluetooth 5.2 connectivity and for the resolution of a 320 by 320 pixel pixel resolution. Okay lets have a closer look here: okay, so compatibility ios, 5.0 and above android, 4.0 and above platform. So we have here the different features for style menu, encoder control ip67, waterproof rated. So it has a built in games at least four casual games, and we do have a very long battery life. Okay, so lets check, lets unbox. This wearable lets open and see whether it is really a good, smart watch or not so far, based on the packaging. It is a very good packaging here, doesnt, look cheap at all and we have the smartwatch or the contents lets see.

Okay, so we have the charging cable here. Is it magnetic or not? Okay, no, no, its nothing magnetic, but still its a good sign. Okay, its charging cradle. We have this trap. We have the red color, okay for spitting again, and we have the user manual okay. So it is using the support app m2, where okay, so lets set it aside. First, okay, so we have here the smart watch. Okay lets remove the plastic cover here: protection, okay, lets check and see whether this one will look good. We look good on our wrist or not. Okay. Lets attach this play so far. Its easy to attach okay seems like everythings, okay, now, okay, so lets have a closer look, beautiful red glossy brush finish here: okay, we have the crown button here in a physical oval button here, okay again for the screen display, let me check so we have 1.75 Inch screen, okay, it looks good okay, let me wear them. Thats an ip67 waterproof rating. Okay, lets, wear it and see whether it looks it will look good or it feels comfortable. So far, the theres no issues with the attachment of the strap okay looks nice. So far, okay, so this one is very affordable. Okay, let me have a comparison with it, its just short comparison with the x8 max smartwatch, okay. So here this is our x8 max smartwatch, and this is our i7 pro okay. So almost the same, this one is much slimmer.

Okay, so, as you can see here, it almost looks the same okay. So far, this one is very popular right now. Okay, so if you want an affordable series, seven smartwatch. I think this is the one to get. Okay, less than i think it is less yeah, it is just less than 20 dollars. Okay, so lets check here for the screen display so again before we open lets, have a closer look again. Okay, lets focus on the design here: okay, shiny glossy brush finish. I think okay, so here we do have this sensor ceramic case. We do have an ecg okay series, 7, 44, millimeter aluminum and ceramic case. What it says here: okay, so the body is, i think, zinc, alloy plating here. Okay, so lets turn it on and see. Music, you still have a battery okay, guess theres, no more battery here! Okay, lets charge it a little bit and see okay. If we can have a uh look at the menus of this wearable okay, we charge the i7 pro smartwatch for just a few minutes. So we can enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the screen display so well see again for the screen display. It is 1.75 inch. Okay. This is here screen with a 320 by 320 pixel resolution so well see about that. Okay, so lets turn it on Laughter wow. Very good speaker, as you can see there, as you can hear, okay very loud speaker – and we have here.

The latest watch face okay last time that we have this one. We showed it to you for the seven pro i think io7 pro smartwatch, although we do have this watch play watch face, but its not animated. So this one it is animated similar to the popular apple watch, screen or watch face okay. So this is the contour watch face and seems like we do have a very good screen bezel here. Okay, let me check okay, so very slim screen display here on top and on the side, but we do have a much thicker bezel here on the bottom, but its not noticeable okay, okay, so we do have to several watch faces here. Let me check okay, we do have a lot of beautiful watch faces here. All i also like this one. Okay say i bought this one: okay, very nice. Oh this! Okay! So far, it looks great. The screen displays displays very good, very sharp, okay, so lets focus. Hey theres sharp screen display here. Okay and it is pre loaded with different watch – faces. Okay, so far, so good, let me see if they do have. Yes, we do have a split screen display. Okay, you also have okay, so its games. I think okay, when you tap and or swipe from top to bottom, we do have the games here and the settings is on the bottom part: okay, also different orientation here. So, as you can see, wow nice so far, okay, so im excited to explore this variable.

Okay, so this is the menu so okay, so we do support here. It supports okay rotating menu here or zooming in by using the physical button here, okay, so thats it they will have more on the menus and functions of the i7 pro so far. Okay, initial review or initial impression for this wearable very good screen display very good features: nice, nice design and, of course, i love the watch – faces also. Okay, very smooth transition here of the menus – and we do have some games here. Okay, well explore that on our next video for the i7 pro smart watch exploring the menus and features okay, so watch out for our next video for the smartwatch. So if you have any questions regarding this wearable, please drop a comment below and well try to answer your questions. Okay, so this is your i7 pro okay.