I got it in a different color. It comes in all these colors. I got it in blue, but i’m sure the bank is different. We’Ll check it out later so that’s the color combination. What i actually got it’s, the blue version. You can get in five to six different colors purchased this from ali express let’s, unbox and read see what it’s like you’ve got a nice picture of some watch and some watch bands on the front. Nothing else around the box, so let’s open this up and, as you can see here, we have got the blue version with some cheap watch buttons. Look like being used i’m, not going to actually use the only thing i’ve done with this is put it on charge and only the battery was like zero percent. It kept switching off. So i put on charge for 15 and you’re going to see what the battery goes up to um once actually switch it on so let’s open this up see what’s from inside the box. You have a two pin magnetic charger, as you can see right there and also the manuals which come in two different languages. So let’s see what i actually says within three different languages. Quite a few white faces right here, that’s one language. This is the second language. So it’s got three different languages as well: that’s that’s, the first in it because, with the other smartwatches you only get two different languages, so this just tells you a bit about the watch itself.

So first thing first, is we need to check out what this watch is like and then we’ll connect it to my phone and download the app and see what other features we get with this i86 smartwatch when it’s connected to that just before i get started, make Sure you follow me on one of these social medias i’ve always put sneak peeks on what to expect on all souls and, as always, make sure you subscribe and also hit the bell notification. So when i upload any video you’ll actually be notified. So this is the i86 series six clone smart watch. It has a 1.78 inch display. The cpu chipset is mtk2502d. What size is 44 millimeters? As you can see now it only runs on this crown button right here. You don’t have a power on and off button. It does have a mic cutout right there. The resolution is 320 over 385 pixels and the battery mah is 250, which lasts around. I would say about four or five hours if you’re constantly using it standby mode takes about three to four days. Bluetooth is up to 4.0 uh. Watchman is also 42 to 44 millimeter and you do get all of the other features like the heart rate and all the others, but we’re going to see if they actually work in this video. So let’s switch this on to see what it is like so, like i said, uh just before we switch on let’s take a look at the back of the smart watch.

Now the design of the back is pretty much the same as the original you’ve got. Four led cutouts right there with flashing lights around it. That is a two pin charger right. There you’ve got text around the sensors and also on the other side. You’Ve just got one cutout of the speaker, which half is already cut off, so you already got half a speaker. As you can tell here, you only got a crown with no power on enough button and there’s no punch out uh buttons for the watchman. So you just slide in and slide out so let’s power, this on to see what we get so straight away. Welcome if there’s no tone um there’s, no animation straight into it, so we did charge it for around 15 minutes which gave us 25 battery. Now it actually shows you, the battery percentage is right. There do these actually work when you click the calendar, it doesn’t work when you click the button. It doesn’t work when you click the heart rate, as we run heart rate let’s check, see if it works. You got your flashing christmas lights right there. On the back and let’s see you get a vibration and it says the fresh well. The air is actually giving us 79 beats a minute, so there you go with the heart rate, monitor that doesn’t actually give you accurate reading. So this actually works. This actually gives you the information when you’ve gone out to do some exercise, but we’ve done no exercise here.

We can’t actually see what we’ve done so swiping it down gives you some information. The top left is the bluetooth eye for information, let’s press it. So, as you can see here, we’ve got a device named i86 connected services, release time that’s when it was released, uh swiping it back. No, as you can see, that’s the battery percentage right there it’s real time. You’Ve got your alarm, which you can actually do. Swipe back, will actually work as well that’s the qr code to download the app and also there’s only two changes when it comes to menus, which is smart style, which we’ll do right. There let’s push in the crown and the crown actually works as well check that out, that’s really good, but there is a bit of a glitch because i’m actually doing it back and it’s just coming back in, as you can see right there. So there is only two menu styles, my favorite one of them, too, is the nine up view, which doesn’t actually give you the information on what app so to reach it off you’re, just pushing the crown switch it back on. But as you can see here, it did have have it actually on see. As you can see, there is a bit of a glitch with this screen, not gon na lie so, as you can see, there’s nothing else with the shortcut so swiping back up so let’s swipe it up. That gives you the probably notification swipe it to the right.

It gives you sport, exercise and that’s how much exercises you can actually get uh. You can just press go swiping, it back swapping it to the left. Of course, we’ll bring the menu and uh yeah, so that is it let’s, take a look at the menu so as you’ve got here, you’ve got your phone book, your dialer, which we need to connect to our phone. Your calls history, which we need to connect uh bluetooth. You can switch it on and off from there. Your pedometer steps that you can change your main menu style vibration and he lost that’s. Your sleep mode, let’s, uh, swipe it use the crown again that’s the alarm calendar. I will take it. Yes, your music is just connected to your phone to play some music, your camera shooter, which you can actually take pictures from when you’ve connected it to your phone. Your stopwatch your calculator, um international, meaning you can change your language on these as well, english, last name whatever um. That is the motion. So you’ve got flip to mute incoming call flip to new alarm, wake up gesture and shake to answer the call settings let’s go into settings. You’Ve got your bluetooth settings power eyes off your clock. You can change your clock style, new notification, bright we’ll, just switch on uh sound volume display that’s, going to display nine up brightness 60. Second timeout units. You can change the units to metric or imperial uh.

The motion as well we’ve, already checked that out. Uh reset and about the one thing we haven’t actually checked on this is the watch faces so let’s hold it in let’s, see how much watch faces. We get one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine ten! So well, one nine nine call it nine! Nine watch faces that you can get on this i86 smart watch, so that is what the future they have on. What we need to do now is get up the qr code and uh download. The app you need to download is the phone do pro, as you can see right there. So what we need to do is make sure our bluetooth is on swipe it back down. Power is on switch it on make sure you switch down on my phone as well, so power visibility is on let’s. Go into fun. Do pro actually looks really good, so let’s press the well. Where do we need to connect it so our device right there, i86 le so let’s press connect and there we go straight away. We’Ve got it so bluetooth, padding request will pair it find device. As you can see, we’ve got the phone is missing. The watch sure it is let’s press, ok, remote, shooter unit settings. You can change from there as well. The device does not support this feature. So let’s go back use the guide. You can actually connect it to your health, app as well on your ios.

So let’s go, i think, that’s the only thing you can actually do with this, and you can put your own information in as well and everything what you’ve done on the exercise for your steps, pedometer. Whatever calories, you burn, will sink straight to this uh smartwatch. So let’s check our heart rate. Can we do it on the app it’s not actually doing anything so let’s uh? Do it there? So the flashing lights have come back up christmas, flashing, lights and let’s see if we actually think straight to the smart smartphone on the app got no heart rate right there, so it might come after once, it’s all synced in, but you can actually take phone calls On this as well are what watch data is syncing, so it’s nearly done for five, so you have to press this button at the top on the left, which is a watch, will actually sync all the data from your smartwatch to the app whether it be your Heart rate sensor or your calories, you burnt, and your uh miles your water stuff, like that so it’s taking its time, while it is doing that what we need to do is go back into settings and we need to connect it twice. So we’ve got it once for that for the app. So if you scroll all the way down, you have to connect it twice. The reason why you have to connect it twice with all of these closed.

Smart watches is the second time round is for the calls and notifications you get when um making a call or resuming a call on the smart watch. So the sync has finished, but all the information has not gone to the app. No idea. Why, as you can see right here so as we’ve connected it twice on the settings, what i’ll need to do now is see what notifications we get when making a phone call. So i haven’t got a phone call coming in any minute now and, as you can see here, all source is calling, but just the number is actually coming up on the smart white. The name doesn’t come up so that’s, not good. Is it so let’s cancel the call right there just send a text message, let’s see what happens so, as you can see here, we’ve received the text message. I’Ve tried it a few times, as you can see, with the amount of text messages are sent, but you still don’t get a notification when it comes to text messages. Just phone calls so let’s go into a menu and let’s dial a number to see if it actually works, i’ll find zero. As you can see, it went from there from the phone. So there we have it. The i86 series six claw smartwatch. Let me know what you thought in the comment section below: it could be a little bit better. The body screen to body ratio is not that good you’ve got a big bezel at the bottom.

It’S got no power button, uh there’s, not a lot of features on it as well. You can’t receive text message, notifications onto it. The only thing you can do is calls um it would. It could be a bit better if you could do a lot more with the app as well, but you can’t actually do a lot there’s only a few watch faces, but if you got one of these watches do let me know in the comment section below. If you want to see any other videos with this watch, like i said, comment below and i’ll be happy to make that for you, if there is any other smart watches that i missed do.