com wow inside this box are a million questions and very few answers. I'Ve never done a video like this before it's called a regional, specific video, because what i'm about to unbox is not available most places, you see it's from indonesia and it's currently being marketed to the european union and new zealand, not the usa, probably not even china. Why that's a question inside the box? Let me show it to you first. This is one piece of incredible engineering. It truly truly is. This is the ultimate adventurer's watch this puppy is waterproof is so solidly built. You cannot imagine it's it's, just it's i'm speechless you've got to see this thing when you open it up and you get it finally unpackaged you're looking at something that is super solid, build that has dual cameras on it. What do i mean you ever seen this before watch press the little button here and lift, and lo and behold you have another camera, you have a place for a sim card. You have charging dock in here and the whole thing is waterproof. I mean really really waterproof. You'Ve got your front facing camera on this side for video conferencing, all kinds of things: uh: oh yeah, they're, not tiny cameras, either they're the real deal beautiful, nicely integrated watch band. This is something you can take and hike and swim and climb and hang glide whatever you'd like to do with it, and i don't know if you noticed, but unlike another watch that we've looked at that has this lifting capability watch.

This hinge right here. I come up to the maximum and then i go further because you see it actually is integrated to lift and bring it up. So you can pretty much go exactly vertical wow wow! Well, let me show you a little bit more about it. After all, i have a prototype here to unbox. I cannot give you a buying link. Sorry, i cannot even talk about the market that this is aimed at because i can't in the united states it just can't so i'm, calling it an adventurer's watch, because it really is. It works for men or women it's, something that you could really wear outdoors it's got full on gps capability in it. Like i said, dual cameras, this really unique charging dock. I mean we're looking into the packaging that samsung and apple and the maze fit and a lot of the other ones use. This is not just your standard, throw it in the box power charger it's got to be placed underneath the watch in the right position like so, and it just hugs perfectly in there and if you notice, there's some offset uh pins in here. The way this thing is designed, this is super futuristic coming out of indonesia, folks wow inside here we have a little manual now. I have not gone this far before. Yes, i peeked in the box – and i was super excited, so i back put it right back up, so we could play with it together inside here.

I'Ve got this thing. I think that's a sim card release, opener yeah and i don't know what to do with that part. But i do have a manual so let's look at the manual, because this is about as much technical information as i've got. To give you there's the front. The back installing a sim card: now you need the sim card for things like geo, fencing for location, uh, information globally and, of course, for phone calls and such there's a qr code. Okay, you can download the emu app. I am oh, i hope, i'm pronouncing that right, i'm, not even sure about that. I'M. Oh i'm. U um help me out there uh i'm, trying my best emu, i'm gon na call it you get the binding code. You change the ota upgrade that's uh in case there's. Any push notifications for it. Here we go basic operation, you've got wallpapers slide, left slide right up and down touch sensitive screen. You can call you can chat. You'Ve got wi fi in this thing. Folks, you can take photos, you can do videos. Is it an android watch that's, one of the other 1 million questions. I'M. Sure you've got yes and no. It ends uh operating system as android 7.1.1, but it's, not an android watch in the sense of being able to put in google apps and things like that. Look at this a cpu is a there's, a snapdragon where 2100, so is it a wear? Os watch? Well, no uh kinda.

I look at all the location that you've got all kinds of different ways of finding where you are here's. Some statements, yeah here's, some more statements, yeah, i know by now you're really frustrated and excited at the same time, it's sort of like a hot fudge: sundae isn't it that warm chocolate and that soft, vanilla ice cream and you can't quite get the satisfaction that you Want but you're really really curious. I am too this thing. Doesn'T work as far as i know here in the united states, i've got to try to negotiate a sim that will be acceptable because of the target market. They'Re aiming this product for is strictly regulated. I know i'm getting you kind of confused, but you will understand if you go to the show notes and click on um the playlist i've got set up for you down there incredible videos. You think this is an amazing designed watch you're looking at one of them right here, i'll bring it up closer for you in a minute. They have gone so way far out on uh, producing amazing, amazing product videos for this it's, just unbelievable. Okay, the video it's playing and looping right now, it's talking about the features of this watch. We'Ve got dual cameras on here: it's waterproof swimming waterproof engineered with a qualcomm chip in it shatter resistant scratch resistant. It just goes on and on um, the hinging that's put together in here passes 100 000 uh.

You saw the battery 650 milliamp hour, just amazing piece of engineering. What can i tell you i don't know i can tell you what i'll know in the show notes down below this video, because that you want to see it on you mean i haven't even turned it on or put it on my wrist. Oh shame on me. Ah let's do that, then here we go when you put it on and it's really nicely sized for a man or a woman it's great looking there you go to open it. I just simply push and lift and i'm up and going to turn it on. I push the side button, wait. A second. Emu comes up powered by android number one we're back at midnight. We'Ve got a lot of different watch. Face capabilities. We'Ve got different, apps installed in it. We can take photos, they won't take a photo. Okay goes into here. There'S our front facing, i think this is a 5 megapixel camera on the front, and if i pop the lid up, i switch over to an 8 megapixel camera on the back side that has zoom capability as well. Yeah that's all i'm, going to show you so far when i've got some more information, we really know how this thing works. I'Ve got some buying links for you, i'll give you more i'll do another video i promise, but for right now just be known: it's. The emu z6 um advanced adventurers, smartwatch you've, been watching smartwatch ticks in the united states, broadcasting globally, european union, new zealand and home country.

Indonesia will have access to this and the links down below hop over to the facebook pages to learn a whole lot more and please, you guys make this into a real android watch that we can play with and take to.