However, it does have a lot of features packed into it. There are features that this watch has that a lot of smart watches, don’t have or budget price, smart watches or even some expensive, smart watches don’t have so i will go through the features. I will show you the app as well. I will have also downloaded this. I will show you exactly how it looks, and one thing about this is that the kid can’t um connect his smart smartphone to it. It’S a kids watch, so the app has to be downloaded by a parent or a guardian, and they control it. So they can control the watch, they can see the gps they can see, they can basically control it. So if you want to use wi fi, the parent has to authorize it from the app so that’s how it is so it’s pretty good. It requires a sim without a sim. It doesn’t you can’t, operate it, so this doesn’t come with it, but you need something flat like this so i’m, just going to show you exactly when i open it up how it looks once you open it up, it requires a nano sim, so nano sim has To be faded into this before you place it now, when you place it in it makes that click noise and it then gets faded on once that’s done, you there’s a power button here now also it comes with a magnetic charge as well, and i love the Magnetic bit it just just connects very easily.

However, you can see there’s no magnetic bit here, but this is pretty cool. Look you press this button there and this bit comes up and at the bottom here that’s where the charging port goes in and it just connects straight away. The magnetic is brilliant, and another thing i love about this watch is that it got two cameras as well. We’Ve got one at the front one at the rear, as well so we’ve got two cameras built in it’s. Quite quite amazing. Build quality is amazing. The strap is amazing as well. You can see the quality of this strap it’s very comfortable to wear a secure, strap as well, so it doesn’t come off now, once it’s switched on, you got a button there. You go there’s some speakers there, where, when you do video calls, you can talk through this as well, so uh, it’s, brilliant it’s, also water resistant as well and let’s. Let me show you so what once it’s connected it was switched on uh. It goes straight to about a bit where it says a barcode has to be scanned. Now, when i’ve already scanned that you have to scan it, it will take you to the app you download the app you have to bind and everything and once it’s connected. Then it will take you to the main menu here and on the main menu it’s amazing. The touch control is perfect. Now, if you’re a swipe right, you can see, you can add contacts, etc.

Swipe down you go to voicemail, so that’s, basically the same i’ve connected and if you swipe up there’s, nothing, really there swipe left. You got all the options there. Now you’ve got buying code, so that’s, where you have to bind the code connecting to the app then you’ve got chat here as well. The watch will work well after it’s bound to the app so first you have to connect it to the app and, as you can see, you can even hear this um, the speaker as well. The voice is very clear as well, and then you go add friends. The watch will work well after it’s bound to the app and then you got steps you got level. The watch will work well. All of these you have to connect it. So let me show you the app. So if we go in here once it’s connected, this is how it look like when you download it. It would look like this. You got notifications here and then you’ve got more here. You can see. You’Ve got all these options here, bound members um, so you’ve got all these options here. So you’ve got options where you can reject unknown calls. You can click click important class mode from your phone. It has security guard as well, so you can actually switch that on. As well so it shows notification of kids arrival and leaving as well. So it does have a brilliant, and you know, safety and security features built in your travel aboard abroad, and that will take and you got watches and wi fi that’s, where you can give you the ac.

You can give the access to that phone through this uh through this phone. Then you got lost reporting change, assistant contact, us you combined and unbind here. So it already shows that it’s already binded, because it says unbind here. Okay, so you’ve got all these and got photo a wallpaper, app management, so you can actually, you know, enable things and um disable thing: um, apps and stuff. Then you go app center, your kids contacts, so whatever the kid adds you can actually check who they added. As well and they got to watch infirmary updates, but you can also update it. So pretty much got everything they got the locate button here, so you can locate the app as well so that’s all the features on the app now let’s go back to this again and if you look you got album, you got take photos, you got videos, you Got themes you got alarm clocks, you go stop. I got two of them, the stopwatches and stuff. You got messages and notifications. There you go storage is there, you got watch settings and a few other ones as well there. So if i click on that, it goes to display and brightness, so you can actually put the brightness up or down so you’ve got the option so i’ll put a full brightness just to show you how it looks when it’s on full brightness. So it looks much better now and then you go up there.

You go display and saying go screen and timer as well here. So you know: we’ve got a lot of options to choose and go ring tone and volume there as well. So you’ve got ringtones. You can put on and it will ring – and you can actually talk through this, and they can also do video calls through this as well. So you’ve got text, tone got ringtones and you can control the volume level and then you’ve got flipping settings as well and activate features flip flipping settings. There start up any animation start sound flip to answer so that’s the features there let’s see what else he has you go on the wi fi here software update bluetooth photo mode about and more if you go more you’ve got international roaming because there’s, a sim built In obviously, you can switch off the um, the internet or you can switch you on so uses up. Um the internet through this watch and you’ve got airplane mode as well restore factory settings, but this watch is really good and it’s. Really, you know it’s just it. Just has the excellent good excellent quality. Build quality is amazing and plus this bit. Not all uh all watches have this feature, but you can see that’s the camera here. It looks pretty cool as well the fact they got that camera so once you can um do that and open it. It automatically goes to the camera mode, obviously it’s, not the best, but the fact that you got a camera and it’s still good, it’s still very stable, and you can see the quality is very good as well and that’s, because if someone does video calling you can Actually show them anything on the rear on the rear, also the selfie, so you can also show them the kid can show themselves or show anyone else by showing the rear camera there and the camera is brilliant.

Okay, it’s, not those bad cameras. The camera is actually very good, um, so it’s. This is a watch. It was worth around 200 that’s because it got dual camera wi fi built in you can do video calling it has a lot of features that a lot of smart watches won’t have that’s. The reason why and the fact that you can control it from your smartphone smartphone and have that kind of communication, where you can check everything that’s being done on this watch from the app as well so it’s a watch that’s. That is quite expensive. To be honest, however, it the fact that it has all these features built in and the quality of this watch. I do highly recommend it.