com the premiere site for smartwatch specs news and reviews. Okay, we have another video review for the cospet magic 3. This is by request asking us whether the smartwatch works with the ios platform or not so we’ll make it short. We’Re going to install the app right away again, if you want to look for the name of the app it is available here on the user manual that fit app android 6.0 or ios 9.0 compatible. Okay, so let’s try and install the last time we installed it on the android platform, so no issues. We also install the custom app our custom watch faces as well as we also demoed on how to download it or download the watch faces so far. No issues everything works and this time we’re going to try and install this smartwatch on the ios platform. So we have our phone here. Okay, so let’s install we already activated our bluetooth function, let’s go to the app store, okay and search, look for the da fit app okay search, so we have here the daffit app let’s, install it and see whether we can connect this smartwatch or not. Okay, so installation of the app okay – and we have here it installing yeah let’s – just wait. The daffodil is very lightweight okay, so we expect that we can download this fast. Okay, in just a few minutes or seconds let’s think maybe just less than one minute, and we already have the daffit app on our phone again.

We already activated our bluetooth function here, okay, so we can show it fast. The process on how to install so right now it is already installed open the app it will ask for a permission just tap on, allow it okay. So this is your profile. We just leave it as it is okay, and we already have the ui here. We have the steps, the slip and the sports here so here on the section here we have the profile, the goal, the health and the about section for the app and on the center. We have notifications here, alarm, shutter other functions here like find device. Time format reminders to move. We also have the weather okay for notifications so similar to the android platform. It supports facebook, twitter, whatsapp, wechat, instagram, skype and other applications, so you can just set it play to on if you want to receive, but before that to be able to use these functions, you have to tap on the add device section here, so it is asking For the weather, okay, only while using the app, so it is asking for the gps, i mean for the weather, so let’s allow it. Okay, so seems like bits it already connected to our device here: magic 3, the smartwatch and the m6. Stop on the magic tree and it connected right away to the compatible smartwatch. Okay, so it as you can see here it added the watch faces. We have the battery here.

Okay, so let’s check the watch faces if it’s the same with the android platform. So we have here, several pre loaded watch faces and we also have here. The custom watch faces, as you can see here, we have the edit function, discover discover more dials tap on it and we see the additional watch faces that you can download download for your smartwatch. So far it has a similar ui with the android platform similar offering. We also have here the blood pressure and that has been added after we installed or repaired our cosmetic magic tree smartwatch to the support up. We have the blood pressure here and the blood oxygen. Okay again so far, no issues, everything works. Okay for the notifications, okay, we already activated it to on so we expect that we will receive notifications when our number here or our phone receive notifications, so it shows it in real time. Okay, we also have here the upgrade a software is up to date, so it has an ota over the air upgrade okay, what else? So we also have here the added physiological cycle reminder for the smartwatch again, if you have any questions with the installation for the support support app for the ios, please drop a comment below and we will answer your queries. If you are looking for the android version or android installation check our previous video below okay, so this that’s it. This is smartwatch specifications.