Some of you have been asking what’s on my phone with the recent introduction of ios 14. It took me a few days to figure out how this new update can aid me to create my minimalist iphone. I have to say it’s a gift from apple to us, minimalist so it’s the best time for me to bring you along on this iphone tour. I guess i don’t need much introduction on this phone. Nothing new. What i’m using is an iphone 8, which i got two years ago and i definitely hope it can. Last long, i felt like i’ve been repeating this, but upgrade is not an option so bear with me. The menu bar is the best location to place our frequently used apps like many, i maxed it out, and it consists of my four most used: apps youtube it’s for my leisure time and small rewards. I give myself for completing media tasks like flossing and dishwashing. Telegram is the communication app. I use the most google chrome for daily search and casual web browsing. If you are unaware of this after the ios 14 update, you can actually change your default browser to your preferred browser. You don’t have to just use safari for that. I totally removed that from my phone camera for easy access, so i can capture fast precious moments that happened in my life. These are some apps. I use multiple times every day, apps that i want to have quick access.

If you can’t be sure what’s your most used apps, you can check it out in your screen time analytics to look at the most used based on duration. We should check what we click. The most once we unlock our phone, you guys know one of the most conspicuous features from this update is the introduction of widgets and honestly, i didn’t appreciate it. Until recently, i have a battery widget at the top left. The main purpose of this is not to check my phone’s juice instead. It’S for my airports having it on display reminds me that i need to charge them because there’s a few times, i left my house with deep airports a pretty torturous experience. If i have to travel far without any audiobook or podcast to listen to an external widget named flip, clock is for the date and time. I love the classic flip clock design because of these two widgets occupying the top bar the other everyday apps are within tom’s reach other than my menu bar. My main home page also consists of everyday apps. I use frequently so let me start with the first, the clock app. I use it for my alarm, timer and stopwatch for menial task. Settings is here for quick adjustment, for example wi, fi and bluetooth connections. As you know, spotify for casual music sessions and it’s, mostly used during my bathing time, i’ve been addicted to this playlist. Oh songs but it’s low fi same thing goes for my podcast as well: i’m, always searching for the perfect work.

Life balance, lifestyle and the forest app is how i measure it: it’s safe for my productivity and to track the amount of time i’ve contributed a day for my work. It reminds me to put in my best and don’t forget the time to rest is another ball wallet for my day to day purchase from making payment to timing. My coffee, whatever is in my main home page, are apps that i use almost everything and tools that i want to access to them fast and that’s how they earn the position on the main home page today view which is the page to the left, and i Didn’T even know they have a name for it. It can be pretty useful because it doesn’t require us to unlock our phone to view it, and we can insert widgets here as well. But this is what i realized about widgets it’s, easy for us to have an icon and also the same widget, and that can be really redundant so before adding a new widget. I have to make sure that this particular app is an app that i want to have a quick view or an update on the status. If not, i think an icon is sufficient. I wouldn’t want to waste a full box space if it’s not important in this page, i have two separate widgets at the top. First is zenli. It helps me to track my girlfriend’s location. Okay, before you think that i’m, a over possessive creepy boyfriend.

Let me clarify both of us have decided to have this function to track one another’s location for our own safety. If something bad happens to me, at least she knows my location. The next widget is a navigation app. It tells me the train and bus. I need to take to travel to an unfamiliar location, the news widget for a quick update of recent news i’m, a headline reader when it comes to daily news. Nothing that significant enough for me to go in depth with the details. Google calendar for daily updates on what i shall be looking forward to i’m, not really inside this apple ecosystem, because i’m using a pc, so my default calendar is google calendar because it’s way more pc friendly. I have it in 2 day view for easy viewing. So i can keep myself in check and on time for my busy schedule i’m, a minimalist. What do you expect? Toggle is an app similar to forrest. I use it recently as my time tracker documenting my 24 hours as i felt that i have not been spending. My time right and now i cannot understand how i manage my time so currently, i only use this app to track my resting time to prevent myself from going overboard and it’s easy for me to start a timer here without opening the app below this there’s. My expense tracker spendy. It shows me two figures how much i’ve spent today and how much i’ve spent this month.

I have this me feed app for my fitness tracker. I paired with my mi band and i only use it when i’m working out or heating out for a run. Moving to my second home page. There are things i rarely use, but yet they are important to check for updates that consists of whatsapp messages and phone. Our common communication tools for me – i rarely use them. However, i still need the number badges to alert me that i have missed a message or a call. The same thing goes for app store. I don’t use it frequently, but the batch reminds me that i need to keep my apps updated before you have the thought that my phone is extremely minimal. Let me show you my home page, free and that’s. The only way i can show you one of my favorite features from this update and i know it’s something android phones can do long ago, but it’s still new to me as an iphone user, and i love it because now we are able to hide the pages. We don’t want to see and make it a well organized phone just like how i hide my mess in my drawer. Hence this page stores things that i rarely touch or apps that i want to add friction so i won’t use it frequently. So let me start with the first folder. I have some standard iphone tools, they are useful, but i don’t use them on a daily basis, work folder for scripting, planning and filming.

By the way, i usually check my work email on my computer. So the purpose of this gmail is for easy access to my personal stuff. I use it for authenticating purposes or using it to present e tickets, social media. I don’t use facebook for leisure because i think it’s uninspiring. So the only reason why it’s here is because it acts as my login credentials. I use this to login to other apps and my instagram for leisure scrolling. I have a few carpool apps, so i can compare prices when needed, buy and sell. Apps payment and finance apps are essential as well travel apps like google maps and apps for taking train and bus. I only have one meditation app, which is hate space games are not mine. I don’t play with games. Live is not a game. My mom plays with them, so i still got ta keep it and for the learning folder. I have apps like libby for books blinkers. If i want a quick book summary and skillshare for learning different classes, so these are some of the apps. I need to run my phone and tools that i need once in a while. However, i don’t need them to clutter my phone page. This is why they are in my hiding page, but whenever i need them, i’ll just pull down the search bar and search for them, and since we are here, let me thank skillshare for supporting this video skillshare is an online learning community, where i personally use it To learn different skills, they have classes covering wide range of topics from entrepreneurship to creativity, skills.

Since we are talking about phones, i like to recommend an iphone photography class by dale mcmanus. We often underestimate the camera that is in our pocket. In fact, it has the capability to capture breathtaking moments if we are able to make use of the compositions, how we tell the story and add it with the right tool and all of it can be done on our phone. We just need to know how and i think skillshare is really affordable with an annual subscription fee for less than 10 every month. I know you’ll want to try it out before subscribing to it. The first 1000 of you who use the link at the description will get a free trial of skillshare premium, so i hope you can make the full use out of it after trying to figure out how to maximize this customizable function. From this new update, i find there are still things that can be better other than that. I also realize there are a few widgets and apps that are redone into me, for example weather world time and screen time. There’S no need for me to know this information. Every day, but one good thing is, i can remove them out of my site and bring them back only if i need them. I’Ve also seen those beautiful icons that are available to download that can change the whole outlook of the iphone but i’m. Not a fan of extra effort because i need to find the perfect icons connect the apps to its shortcut.

Indeed, i can have a new minimalist outlook on my phone, but i think it’s way too troublesome for me to go through this change and not mention. I have to get used to those icons once again, it’s just not worth the time and effort right now for me, so i hope this can give you the inspiration you need to remove redundant, widgets and apps. That don’t serve you and if you are interested in decluttering your phone or computer, i have videos on that which you can check it out after this video and if you have any more suggestions on how you can use this functions or features minimally. Let us know down in the comment section below and i don’t know when my videos will reach you once again. So if you are new here, i hope you can subscribe to this channel. I post video on minimalism and self development. I hope that might interest you and if you enjoyed this video, a click on the like button can help a lot with this channel and follow me on my instagram i’ll. Keep you guys updated. I have a patreon page where you can support this channel monetarily and i’m extremely grateful for your support, thanks for watching this, and i shall see you again next week.