I have two: the blaze smartwatches rs1 and rs2 Music. The rs1 was, and still is, a rather popular smart watch and it has a good feedback online, while the rs2 model is rather a fresh one, it was released in december 2021, Music. Obviously, the case of the rs1 model is very close to well known amazed with narrow watch case. Both ones looks almost identical: Music, Music and the rs2 watch case somehow looks very close to the casio de shock g8210 model, its a rather smart move, as this casio model was a huge hit three years ago. Music. The good news is both watches and oversized. As most chinese smartwatches, the square shape rs1 is about 42 millimeters and the rs2 is a bit large being 45 millimeters in diameter. Both watches use almost the same hardware check the list. The rs2 has a larger battery capacity, so it provided two extra days of use. Rs1 lasted 7 days, while the rs2 watch lasts 9 days. The finish level of the rs1 model is good. All elements and records are accurately made and printed. The plastic case is firmly assembled. Cant name any issue here: Music, its very light and comfortably sits on the wrist Music. Definitely the rs2 watch looks more rugged. The case is more robust and has a 580m water resistant level against the free atm on the rs1 model, the finish level and assembly quality. Look decent as well havent noticed any inaccuracies.

The rs2 is also is more expensive. The price is about 40 dollars now its 40 smaller than the rs1 model price, but i guess the price will fall down Music before exploring the functions check, how they look on my wrist Music. Both watches have run the basic, yet most needed functions. Lets browse them on the rs1 watch first, so we have activity data view, heart rate and blood pressure, monitoring, sleep data analysis, incoming calls and message: notifications, music player control, weather forecast screen. The watch has four brightness levels: there are available 13 sport modes for more accurate monitoring. The rs2 watch has all the same functions and some extra ones. Additionally, it has an oxygen level monitoring feature and two games: the 2048 and the young bird Music. Also, it has a remote shutter function for your smartphone camera, but it uses 7 sport modes compared to 13. On the rs1 model. The good news we have more than 300 different watch faces. The watch can store 4 faces in the memory and others you can download using the very fit and the fit applications. Music. Both watches, show almost identical results when measuring the heart rate, and i do believe these results are very close to true ones. While the blood pressure results are slightly different anyway, we cannot qualify. These results as true data, as the watches are not certified. Medical devices. Io boss, watches at once for 24 hours, so can compare the activity and sleep data, as you can see, both ones show rather close step count numbers well, the accelerometer sensors arent very smart, as you can make steps just by swinging your arms and its the same Story with both washes, the sleep data differ for more than one hour.

The rs1 shows more accurate result here, its rather strange, but the watches use different applications. The functionality and the navigation are very close, so we have activity heart rate, blood pressure as well as data data views. The apps are quite basic, but they are clear on how to navigate and adjust the settings. Other functions like incoming call and message notifications, music control, work. Well, the bluetooth connection is steady on both devices Music. The silicon band of rs1 watch is soft and flexible. It adapts well to your wrist and sits on it very comfortably Music. The pin buckle is metallic. I didnt try but looks like this band should fit for the amaze with nail wedge and vice versa. The rubber band of the rs2 watch is stiffer than on rs1 model. It tends the wrist a bit other than that. The quality is rather good. Ive tried to switch it with the kcrga2100. As you can see, it fits the case. Your watch pretty well yet i couldnt mount the casio band on the arrow swatch case. It looks like the casio band. Pins are too thick to fit so which one is better. Well, i cant say for sure both look good on wrist are decently made and do the job rather well. The rs2 has a different, tougher look, which is very close to casio g shock ga2100. It is more robust and has a 580m water resistant level. The rs1 looks more elegant, is lighter and is more comfortable to wear, while functions on both watches are almost the same.

The second version additionally has two games and an oxygen level measurement feature. They use different apps, but they are very similar. The prices at this moment are about 40 us dollars for rs2 watch and 24 dollars for the first rs model. Should the rs2 have some advantages but, in my opinion, the main factor for picking one is the look of the watches, tougher looking rs2 or smaller and more elegant rs1. The choice is yours. I give them a draw, so thanks for watching, i hope you enjoyed. Please give the video a like and subscribe the channel thanks for watching once again and see you next time.