So this will be a sick video guys if you are taken to sales don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel, because i will be bringing these type of videos more in my channel. So let’s start so. First of all, atmospheric bpu is a really really great watch and you can see it’s made out of plastic, but it feels premium in hand, though the screen size is a little bit less or small than diamonds fidgets to mini or any other smartwatch. It looks really good and the screen has some good reflection going into it and screen. Quality is also a lot lot better in terms of the display, so a really really great watch. But the thing is we need to check whether it has a compass built in just like the ms fit. It is too many. So if i take msv details too many in here, we will see that both the watches are extremely identical, but you can see the screen. Size is a little bit more in the gts to mini than i am speed bpu so in the gta is too many. If i click on the crown and go down here, you can see in the mode. There is an option of compass, so this option is a really really great option in here. You have to just move your wrist a little bit and you can see the compass shows all the data, all the directions, and also there is a latitude longitude, uh air pressure measurement going on in the compass of ms gts2 mini because it has an inbuilt gps.

It locates the location and give you the exact air pressure and altitude and everything which is really really great for a smartwatch of this price, but in ms feed bp, we will check whether this type of option is available or not so in amis with bpo. If we um click on this crown and go down, you will see the touch response is a lot better than the ms with gts2 mini. I don’t know why it has happened. I have told in my previous videos also the touch response is a lot better in amazfit bpu. So if we click on more, you will see that there are options like weather music, exactly same option as the ms5 gt is too many. But sadly, there is no option for compass, so this watch doesn’t have an compass, doesn’t have a compass and you will not be able to get the directional attitude altitude, because this watch doesn’t have a gps also, but it feels a lot lightweight and really really good Words to fill in your hand, so the compass is not there in the atmosphere. Bpu, although you can get all the basic functions of ms fidget, is too many just same functions, but the compass and latitude longitude measurement which was going on there because it has an elbow gps – is not present in ms feet bp. So you have to keep in mind if you are planning to buy this watch so that’s it guys.

I hope this video is useful for you, if you like this video, please don’t forget to like and subscribe to my channel hit that bell notification icon, because i will be bringing more videos like so thank you guys have a great day.