I MIGLIORI smartwatch e fitness tracker di 2021

Music ive tested a lot of different devices this year and ive come up with my list of favorite picks to suit a range of different criteria, design and comfort, fitness and health features, as well as smart functionality and, Naturalmente,, the all important battery life. There is something here to fit pretty much […]


Das que se pueden reducir considerablemente con uso, intensivo es importante tener en cuenta que este ama cit carece de un ecosistema de aplicaciones hecho y derecho, an as por todo lo dems, es un dispositivo bastante completo Msica y vamos, a pasar ahora, a la compaa de la Manzana porque es que hace poco […]

Tic Watch Pro 3 Ultra GPS Smartwatch Recensione | Il miglior smartwatch di 2021 ?!

All these watches have their pros and cons, but the take watch also 3 pro gps. Smartwatch is one of the best ones you can get right now. Period are considering the features that you get the level of accuracy and, Naturalmente,, il prezzo. This watch basically has everything someone needs in a smartwatch, […]

RECENSIONE: MorePro H86 Budget Fitness Tracker SmartwatchTall Display?

This is a budget fitness tracker, slash lightweight smartwatch, that sells for around 35 dollari, which makes it super cheap and affordable and, ad essere onesti, weve seen quite a few of these entry level, orologi intelligenti. But what makes this one a little bit more interesting is. It has a taller stretched aspect ratio […]

Lançamento Smartwatch HW57 com NFC! MUITO TOP! Ma vale già la pena acquistarlo? – HW57 PTBR

Que nos grupos do telegram para quem, vuole comprare, a cruz com, descontos em Lauro com, Sconto, ofertas e tudo, embaixo das, descrio comentrios, senza altro, roll-up, Andiamo, l, Questo, mote, come, Ragazzi, Questo, Vedere, t com, os benefcios, Bem, Interessante, Guardare, o preo dele e voc, tem Aqui assistente pessoal LFC funcional ele […]

Haylou GST REVIEW: A Smartwatch for Everyone with lots of Features and Affordable.

This is big phil from big field tv and welcome back to another video. This time im going to be doing a real and honest review of the halo gst. It is an affordable, smart watch and, come ho detto in precedenza, it has a lot to offer and ive been using it for about three […]


Relacin calidad precio ya, sabis que este tipo de relojes, no permiten pagar, no permiten costes est whatsapp por ejemplo pero s que tienen otras, muchas cosas, come, Di Per, ejemplo una gran, duracin de batera y sobre todo un diseo muy top vamos, a explicar de las diferencias. Con el modelo anterior y si merece […]

X7 PRO MAX Smartwatch Unbox ReviewNew Series Watch 7 Copia – Better than GW67 PRO MAX? Wearfit Pro

It is the x7 pro max smartwatch. We can see that this watch is also using the wireless charging and the app is the vfd pro. Primo luogo, lets check the box. You can see the screen, size is 1.8 inch and the bluetooth is 5.2 and memory and other informations and now lets open the […]

Review nach 1 Jahr: Withings ScanWatch!

Flache am arm das, gehuse ist matt und hat, an etwas dickeren rand das, zifferblatt weist, Più, beschriftungen auf was mir nicht, so gut gefllt beiden kann man, zwischen einem, schwarzen, Sotto, Un, weien, hintergrund, whlen, letzteres wirkt in meinen, augen, etwas, teurer und kann, klarer, abgelesen, Bve, Dare, Dunkle jedoch versteckt das ohne display […]

Fossili Gen 6 Smart Watch Full Review | A Smart Choice in Many Ways!

This is the fossil generation, six Music featuring upgrades and design changes from the previous model. This smartwatch really is something to consider lets. Take a closer look. Dont forget to hit the red button to subscribe and give this video a thumbs up and click the notification bell to get my next video first, […]

10 Secrets of AMAZFIT GTR 3/3 Recensione Pro | Budget Smartwatch King 2021 & 2022

. Yes well be talking about the amasfit gtr 3 Pro, so this smartwatch is actually cheaper than the huawei watch 3 than the samsungs of this world and the apple watch and many other sport watches and smart watches out there. But its capability, its accuracy, is wow. It is so good and weve […]

Review Chi Tiết Huawei Watch GT 3 : Hiệu Năng Mượt – Pin Ngon

Ti m nhc dng series III ca: i qu thnh cng ngay, t mld 1 cho ti phin bn, O, Thm, Ch, l, ZTE, 2 Tui. (I) 2 nm nhng m ti gi, Vn, Hp, Em, Importante, Tm, son siu, mua s, dng rt, l, Molti, Per, Nn. L do v sao j3 li c […]