Mi Band 7 Pro Unboxing & Hands-on [Inglese]

I will do unboxing and all the gesture controls and yeah my first impression thats it so without further ado lets get started. Quindi va bene, so this is the xiaomi smartphone serving pro the first english samsung on youtube ever so me, banda 7, pro uh all right, so this image weve seen before […]

Amazfit T-Rex 2 RECENSIONE (2022) – The Beast is Back!

So it comes with dual band 5 satellite positioning system, which means quick and stable connectivity while tracking your outdoor workouts. Then it goes through 15 military grade toughness tests and, Francamente, i dont think theres any other smart watch that can even come close to this. Then we get the amulet display with always […]

Colore del rumore Pro 4 Recensione di SmartWatch – BEST Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch 2022

and in todays video we will do the unboxing and will show you the features of this smartwatch. So here is the box of the colorfit pro 4. in the front of the box. We have the picture of the smartwatch, and here we have the model name colorfit pro 4 and is the active […]

Amazfit T-Rex 2 Unboxing & Recensione… Smartwatch Ho To Aisa 🤯🔥

So this is amaze fits all new t rex to smartwatch guysand let me tell you this is the toughest smartwatch right now available in the market. This thing is like literally military, great tough standard guys. It has passed like certain different test, guys almost like 15 different military standard tests like […]

Review Smartwatch GT50 Vale a Pena ?

No me senti incomodado a usar ela agora, vamos falar de dimenses j que aqui ns temos, o arco, que ela assim completo de 260 milmetros e uma rea visvel que j assim certo para aqui, Lei 14 milmetros e, o espao entre, a pulseira e o impulso que Ela assim ela d, um espao, […]

Amazfit Bip 3 & Bip 3 Recensione Pro – Smartwatch sotto 60$ or ₹3000

If you want to find the best deals on this smart watch, you can head to the first link in the description below to get started. Heres the shipping package lets unbox this Music, so heres the watch itself. Charging dock and user manual lets unwrap the watch now, as we are in the process. […]

Smartwatch HW7 MAX Unboxing ReviewTELA GIGANTE 1.99"! Vale a pena comprar? É bom? – HW7 MAX PTBR

L conhecer esse novo modelo ento tem, o lanamento hw7 Max um, Smart timo impressionou, em alguns, Elementi, Achei, Bem, Interessante, Per te, Sto vedendo, ele, tem Imveis ao display ele tem ao gosta de Apps e tem um controle de mdia, Molto interessante, diferente carga, se envia o Nfc para abertura de fechadura eletrnica […]

Colore del rumore Pro 4 Max Smartwatch Unboxing & Recensione – Migliore Smartwatch 2022??

Questo è anuj da Gadget Gig.. We have recently reviewed the Noise Colorfit Pro 4 on our channel, and now we have with us one more watch in the series and its the Colorfit Pro 4 Max. And in Todays video. We will do the unboxing and show you its features., Starting with the Unboxing […]

Blackview R3 Smartwatch Review, Fancy yet Affordable

How are you welcome to another honest review video today i have this blackvue r3. This is my newest smartwatch yeah. I have been using this smartwatch for a while now, and i think this is the perfect time to do a honest review. Video. Bene, at the beginning, how much does it cost this […]


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Recensione: Aukey Smart Watch LS02 Fitness Tracker

Il modello ls 0 2 di oki questo è sì, um, Qualcosa del genere, trattore fitness esteso che noi, con il nostro Android, o ios, Accoppiare il sistema operativo, e quindi, poi vari dati e attività di fitness e movimento, da registrare, Ora disimballo perché la stagione ciclistica sicuramente ora, Allora […]

Smartwatch BARATO (Xiaomi) vs CARO (Apple Watch) 😱 | Orologio Maimo R

Con un precio que ronda ms o menos, tanto 50 dlares en este vdeo os voy a contar cmo es el nuevo maym watch, ere uno degli smart work. Più consigliato che ho provato quest'anno come che niente, dopo l'introduzione, iniziamo ciao, a tutti e bentornati sul canale, Bene […]