I was contacted last week by a young lady named bella from their company and they asked if i would review their smart watch. (I), like smart watches, i own quite a few, so i was like okay lets see what this smart watch has to offer. This comes in two colors. I opted for white ill unbox. I will charge it for two hours: ill come back and sync, it then ill. Let you know how i felt about this watch after some use for compatibility, you need to be running android 4.4 or better ios, 8.0 or better. It is waterproof up to three meters. It includes the watch, the strap and a charging cable and a manual its 1.3 inches round its 5.1 Bluetooth, so lets get the unboxing Music. So what im going to do now is im going to put the band on the watch ill probably put the screen protector on before i put it on the charger, put the watch on the charger, and it says the charger for no less than two hours ill Catch yall in a little bit Music, sorry im in the middle of my setup process, and i had to bring it to your attention that this is something not sams son all right. This is the second watch. Ive had to do this to ask me my skin tone, i think thats kind of funny too, and were back its been a couple weeks since i first unboxed this wonderful watch from me im not sure if im pronouncing that right.

I wanted to finish up this video i dont like to do an unboxing and first impressions on a watch i like to use it for a while, so i can say, hey i like these things. I didnt like these things rather than you have to come back and watch three or four videos. This watch was sent out to me no strings attached. I didnt get paid to review to watch im a smartwatch connoisseur, never a problem if a company reaches out and wants me to review a device. Usually the problem comes in when its like the time period. Per qualche motivo, i just usually get a lot of things sent out to me at the same time, and then i have these dry spells where i have nothing to review. Let me stop ranting and get back to this and apologize to them. It is pixel season. Ive been working on pixel videos, ive been following up on z, folds, the flip stuff, and i wanted to get back around to this watch because it has not been a bad watch. If you go back over the past couple weeks, ive been wearing two watches. When i wanted to test out the watch sent to me, Ho detto: bene, i have a whole nother phone that does not have a watch attached to it. That means i can wear both watches see where they kind of sit and see how good the battery life is on this newer watch, because i know the huawei gets me between 12 e 14 giorni.

So during this time period huawei was paired to the flip. Huawei is now paired to the pixel. This watch ill put. The spelling for that in here has been compared to my z fold. Tre, the entire time ive been wearing two watches and getting looked at like i was ridiculous, but i had a purpose behind it. First lets just say: this is a very attractive watch. I have not beat up damaged or did anything tremendously bad to this watch within the past couple weeks. Maybe spill some food on it. The watch came with a screen protector. It did have an initial bubble in it which disappeared the next day, so you have to stay with us, like my hydrogel skin covers so itll, come on with a couple bubbles and then the next day its gone tons and tons and tons of watch faces more So than on my huawei, so i had more of a selection there. I still havent charged this since i first started using it, but again i have not used it every day. I would imagine youre getting a weak plus life out of this battery, though it tracks sleep, it tracks. Steps heart rate is always being tracked, so tomorrow is going to be 69 gradi. Bene. 68. Today was 69. Pausa, you pull down and you have options there. You can set an alarm you can put in do not disturb mode. You can dim the screen. You can do the find my device.

I thought that was kind of cute, and this info button here gives you all your software, your device name, your mac address and all this stuff its a lot for watch that does not have an operating system. For one of these big wigs, i will leave links in the description for this watch in the uk and for the us because they were sent to me in the uk and the us, and i do have some people over in the uk. So i showed you everything it does just on the watch itself. Let me show you the app hban. You can go download it or its one of these where you scan the qr code. Itll come up for you, nothings, going to show for steps and things of that nature, but we havent did any running or anything, but as far as the device goes, the first thing i can say i didnt really care for much on this watch is, although i Told you were still running strong with at least looks like half of my battery there. I dont have a percentage to tell me how much battery life i have left on this watch, but id like to know how much battery life i have left and it could be a me thing, but i never saw anything. Let me see the percentage that was left on this watch. Yap style only has two styles in blue and green. Once i set up the app on this phone, i did have to go back and set up an account.

I wanted to be able to have alerts. Audiblyand it seems like a lot of these watch companies that arent bigger, will only give you access to get vibration alerts. I could also go in and say: Ehi. I want alerts from twitter. I want alerts from whatsapp. I want to learn some instagram snapchat and then gmail or whatever, but when you put other apps anything that wasnt listed was everything you get your reminder to stand. After an hour, you have alarm settings. I had my heart rate alert set just like i do on my huawei any sudden racing of my heart, and it sends me an alert turn wrist detection pair to device low power mode, its gon na dim your face and all kinds of other stuff. Your vibrate isnt gon na be as strong your screen on time. You can set all the way from one to what was the highest 30 secondi. 5 was recommended. L'ho fatto 10. Lo voglio 15 on my other watches, switch setting the stuff thats on our face here. So thats the switch setting take a photo. I thought this was pretty neat. If i pull up my watch here, itll tell me just to shake and shake the watch to take the picture. I just took four shaking my wrist thats, a nice feature to have and again all watches, arent doing these kind of things. We have dial settings and thats when uh. You know this is your watch dial or your watch face, so it should say, impostazioni facciali, but it says dial settings, you can use a picture or you can come around and use one of their presets, which is what i did.

You come through and theres all kinds of nifty designs. I just happen to like the butterfly compared to my huawei theres. The one im using this has tons more so yeah that ones similar to apple watch. Oh look at the panda bear. So if you find one you want, it has to download it, and then you say you want to set it as a watch face, and so then it downloads it directly to the watch face. So it downloaded to the phone and as its doing as you can see its uploading it to the watch, doesnt take for a second im doing this in real time. I didnt speed anything up and the setting is successful. The pandas are there. So those are your dial faces, ill leave the pandas on there firmware upgrades. I checked this periodically. I think i had one upgrade when i first got the watch and then you can reset everything, lots and lots of things to go through here. You put step goal in, you can put a sleep goal in lots and lots of settings, so they give you the calories. You burn versus the distance youve gone. This is a good starter watch, you can drop 50 and not feel bad about dropping hundreds of dollars. Right lets get to the meat and potatoes when it comes to alerts. Huawei was not flawless. It would miss some alerts as well as like this one with misalerts, but then it would work vice versa.

So sometimes the huawei will pick up alerts if this one didnt some of that is the phone. So you know how sometimes you your phone might miss a youtube alert. I know youtube is really bad about sending notifications. It was never a time i looked down and said: Oh, my phone has this notification, but it never sent it to my watch. Sometimes i would get buzz alert because this was alert, and sometimes i would get just alert and sometimes i would get just buzz. So it made me realize that none of these devices are flawless theyre, all going to miss some types of alerts at some point, but its typically because of the device and not the watch blood pressure reading because i havent taken one in a while and why not Right, Musica, 115 sopra 75 measurement successful. Is this success its going to log it into the phone app after you would find yourself getting tons of alerts and lets say you havent checked it in a while, like i havent checked this one, i could scroll up and it would show me all the alerts That ive missed. I got a couple, instagram messages and alert from twitter. I could tap those once you check them, they will disappear. We go through a last little couple. Specs here you can control your music from this watch if youre using the default music player. That comes with the phone. I use amazon, music im, not finding myself able to control my music from here to the actual device plus, but a minus its, not a big deal for me.

So i would say, after using this watch for a couple of weeks, i could recommend it not for my hardcore people who live in ecosystems, but for people who are kind of like me, who use a little bit of everything. I still am very much in love with my huawei watch. I wouldnt be opposed to wearing this one. If i wanted to go with a look that had the gold just just for a look different impression in an environment where i dont need alerts, formal dinner golden watch, i probably could put a different band on here and it wouldnt look as sporty, but with the Gold accents on this band, it doesnt look bad id like to thank you for stopping by the channel and checking out this video on this, not so expensive watch from nahin thats. What ill stick with that? I will leave a link in the description for this watch where you can purchase it here and the uk, its water resistant tracks, fitness. Fa pressione sanguigna. I mean theres, a lot more. You could ask for in a watch, ma per 50 dollari. You really couldnt ask for much more. As of the making of this video, Lo è 48.99 in black or white, now thats subject to change. I hope youve enjoyed this video. If you have questions about this watch, per favore fatemi sapere – and i hope to catch you on a video in the future.