I am here with i times smartwatch. I am so excited to share this with you guys, let’s geek out, okay. So first of all, this smartwatch is so cool and it has a bunch of cool features. You can do it. Has a camera, video games, a calculator, a voice, recorder, clock, dials, time tools, settings pedometer, which counts your steps and an album viewer where you can watch all your videos that you saved one. So this is the home page. Basically, you can see what time it is the day and all that, and sometimes it gets a little dark. You just have to tap on it and you can change the wallpaper like this hold down bam then to access games. You simply just swipe another background, and here is all the little features that you can find: we’re gon na start off with some games. So first game we got is i don’t know we’re just gon na do there’s a bunch of different games. There’S six games snake in the grass stone warp car chaos, memory, fighter, pilot and number grid super cool i’m gon na test it out with memory. So it does take a little second, you select what you want to do. We’Re gon na do easy and you select two cards if they’re correct they’ll make a cute ding sound super cute, and so this is as any other game, so it’s really cool. I really like it it’s awesome and this one’s it’s pretty cool.

It makes a ding sound when you’re right and you keep going and there’s a bunch of levels. It keeps making that dang sound um, but anyways it’s, all really cool um. If this ding sound annoys you, you can simply go to settings and lower it down. So we’re going to exit and i’m going to show you the settings, just real quick click cancel or you can just click that side button takes you back. You just have to go to settings it’s, the last one you can do brightness volume, which i have right now at one bar wallpaper date time, a bunch of other cool stuff um, but it’s, not as cool as the camera and video on this watch, super cool. So we’re going to activate a camera mode right now, we’re going to get a stuffed animal miles. Aka spider bear we’re just going to take a little picture of him right there. It says, save and click this. If you want to keep it and the trash can, if you want to delete it, then you can view it right here. Let me try that one. Then you can view it right here. With this button and let’s take a look at it. Okay, there we go. Okay, so we took multiple pictures, it’s a photo shoot and you can simply delete it by clicking the trash can whenever you want. Okay, let’s go back. Okay, you can simply click like that. Then we have same thing for video and pedometer counts.

Your steps, soup’s cool, let’s, move it up. We have a miles background, super cool. We have this, which shows you how much steps you have to click that to activate it and red. Stop simple. As that, then you can reset it with this yellow button there, and then this counts, your calories, how many miles you’ve walked or run for and how many steps? Overall, it only works when you have it around your wrist. So unfortunately, i can’t show you how that works, but you guys can try it album viewer again just another way to access your photos and videos, time um, where you can do a timer alarm or a stop. Watch then voice recorder. It really records your voice, that’s. The point of this, so you click this record button and like this and then the little record will go away and like it’s awesome, you then click it again when you’re ready to stop and the green play button when you’re ready to hear yourself so delete is A trash can button. There is a calculator on this thing. Oh my gosh perfect for those extra hard math questions that you have. You can simply just click on those numbers and type. Just let’s do one plus one bam: that’s awesome! Oh my gosh it’s, so cool, and there is a lot of cool things. You can see how much energy you do have by this little bar up here. It won’t, say in percentage but you’ll see the bar.

If it’s red and no bars, then you know it’s gon na die soon, then it’s super cool. It is awesome, and this is definitely an awesome gift for those um like kids, who are ready like for an intro to technology, definitely an awesome gift. It is six plus, and there is a lot of really really cool features on this and if you’re, not a fan of spiderman don’t worry, there is a bunch of other designs. The link is below to get one of these or to get one with a different design and trust me they’re, definitely worth your time. Looking at these are so cool and i love them they’re awesome. That is why i’m giving them 5 out of 5 stars, because they’re awesome and i really like them anyways. Thank you guys so much for watching make sure to smash that, like button and also while you’re at it hit that subscribe button.