. Now, if you arent aware of fossil smartwatch history, the gen 5 was widely considered one of the best, if not the best, wear os devices out there and probably one of the better smart watches in general, so whats installed for the fossil gen 6. Can it compete with the galaxy watch 4 and will it come with wear os 3.0 sit back, relax and stay tuned. While i give you all the juicy details, whats up guys welcome back to tech, it easy! So if the galaxy watch 4 hype wasnt quite enough for you then divert your eyes to the fossil gen 6.. Now fossil is not a brand to overlook when it comes to smart watches, especially if you like a smart watch which somewhat resembles a classic wristwatch. Now there are already some leaks starting to pop up around the internet regarding the fossil gen 6. and lets start off this new episode. With these leaks, several images have leaked showing off up to four different variations of the fossil gen 6., all fairly similar. Apart from the blingy rose gold one, then we do have one that comes with a steel, wrist, strap and a ridged bezel. Now, unfortunately, unlike the galaxy watch 4 rotating bezel, this bezel is purely for decoration. It doesnt actually have a purpose. What we do have, though, is a crown and two other buttons which one would assume can be used for stepping back and navigating around the watch, probably quite similar to what the apple watch series 6 has now.

One thing that has ever so slightly concerned me about these leaks is that if you look to the display, you can see theres, actually quite a big gap between the watch face and the edge of the watch. Now that suggests to me that there is a possibility that there will be a huge bezel, but this wouldnt quite make sense, as the fossil gen 5 had an edge to edge display and if they do make this move and put the bezels back in it would Be a serious step back for fossil and it was sort of paved the way for fossils competitors in the smartwatch market, but time will tell it is likely that these are just the leaks not being quite spot on. But we should keep an open mind now. As far as other information goes on the fossil gen 6, there isnt a huge amount out there at the moment, but what we do know is that it will come in two different sizes and up to four possible variations. We have reports of a 42 millimeter and a 44 millimeter version, not too dissimilar from the watch 4, but you can expect the larger variation to be ever so slightly smaller compared to the watch 4.. Also, we do have wear os now. Fossil was well known for being one of the better wear os devices out there. So can we expect the fossil gen 6 to come with wear os 3.0? Potentially not reports are flying in that we will not be seeing wear os 3.

0 on fossil watches until 2022. Now this could suggest some sort of exclusivity deal between samsung and google, as i do know that ticwatch and other watch brands wont be getting their updates until next year as well. But if im honest, i was hoping that the fossil gen 6 would at least ship out with wear os 3.0. At the very least, you cant expect it to get that update later on next year, though so dont, let that put you off features wise on the fossil gen 6. We can expect all your usual heart rate to sleep, stress, steps and more specs wise. There is talk of an upgrade to 8 gigabytes of onboard storage, a shift in the right direction from the original one gigabyte storage the gen 5 came with. We can also expect water resistance up to 50 meters for the swimmers out there. The big disappointment with this watch, though, is the 24 hours of battery life. Again, we will have to wait for an official release to confirm this, but if this is true, there is literally no point getting this watch over the galaxy watch 4, and there are a few reasons for that. The main one for me is actually samsungs new feature. The body composition analysis when you add that onto the galaxy watch 4, it really does make it quite a special watch, the fossil gen 6, at least if these leaks are correct, its starting to sound a bit normal and basic.

So really the only standout difference could be the watch design bit of a shame, because it is starting to sound like the fossil gen 6 isnt going to live up to its reputation here. So let me know your thoughts on the fossil gen 6. Is this something youre excited for, or are you not too bothered? Are you more of a galaxy watch person? If you are interested, though the price is expected to be around 220 pounds to 300 pounds and a release date is rumored to be september 27th. So definitely keep an eye out for that one could be a nice surprise or a colossal disappointment. Anyway, if you did enjoy this quick update, please leave a cheeky like subscribe to the channel and check out the discord server. We do occasionally drop free watch, face coupons for the galaxy watch over there and, if you just want to chat with like minded, techies is a great place to hang out for now, though, ive been alex. Thank you so much for watching and remember.