Now this is a series, seven clone, but it got announced before they actually made this watch as you can see with the design uh. This was supposed to be the series seven design, but its same as the series six, so uh yeah just before we get started uh make sure you follow me on one of these social medias, as i always post sneak peeks on what to expect and also, and As always make sure you subscribe and also hit the bell notification, so when i upload any video youll actually be notified, anyways lets unbox it see what this is like. Uh is sealed. As you can see, it comes in five different quality competitors from aliexpress or alibaba. It cost around 20 pounds uh excluding shipping, because wherever you are in the country, shipping might be different, so its called the eyewall 7.. Basically, a series, seven clone and, as you can see, the box is similar to the original, so youve got series seven space, aluminium case 44 millimeter model. I will seven iwo seven. However, you want to put it. You got a bit of information there. The app you need to download is webfit pro, which is a decent, app, really good up to for all these smart watches and youve got some information on social media and some trademarks, but this is made in plc. Um is that its still in china, no idea anyways comment below. If you know what it is so lets open this up and see what we get inside, who likes my new unboxing knife.

Forget that so lets open it up. You can see so on one side of the box: youve got eye wall, seven. On the other side, weve got the gold colored version, so it says series seven, six based on mini case 44 millimeter. The model is iwall, 7 iw07 lets open it up and see what we get inside nice smooth opening and, as you can see here, the box is really big. Youve got the manuals here. The manuals come in two different languages. So, first of all, here we have the english version now, as you can see, that is the qr code for the webfit pro up. If you havent downloaded it now. This is, if you can read it here, its the screen size of a 1.82 inch display. It has got memory of 128 mb, it supports anything above android, 4.4 or anything above ios 8.4, but yeah thats a bit of information about the watch, so the wear fit pro is the app name. The size is 44 millimeter body. The zinc alloy uh grade silicone gel whatever you want to call it: 220 mah battery bluetooth, 5.0. So youve got a bit of information on this watch and just tell you some of the features its got right. There take a look at the other side. It comes in a different language, so that is one well. This is the first time ive actually seen a silicon band in that color like a sand color, but here we have a 2 pin magnetic charger usb.

This is the sand. Silicon band, which definitely a first ive actually seen – and this is a gold version watch – so lets – take a look in depth. What this watch is like this is one of the best parts of unboxing. These smart watches, taking the plastic off some are on really hard, but this one is not bad. Its also got a screen protector. Wow check that out. Look at that color its a really nice gold, color series, 7 smartwatch, so lets take a look at the design, of course, its supposed its a same design as the iphone 12 and 13.. Hopefully it would have been better if the original series 7 would be this because i would actually bought one but its not so ill. Stick with my series. Six so youve got a crown micro towel and a on and off button placement right here. Take a look at the back. Youve got a few sensors with a few text around it. The two pin charger right here: youve got a certified sticker here as well. Take a look at the side. Youve got two cutouts, one is fake. One is the real and thats for the speaker. It is a 1.82 inch display, so well see what its like im, pretty sure. You can see the big bezel at the bottom, but overall youve got no the buttons cut out for these straps. They just slide on and off lets take a look at what it looks like with the sand thunder watch band.

Definitely a new watch band ive actually seen kind of liking. It though, so there we have it really nice gold, smartwatch with a gold sand, color, stroke, gold, a watch band all right lets, switch it on and see what its like holding in the power button, youre grouped with smart watch and the same startup tone as the Hw series im pretty sure so here we have the watch face theres a lot in this one calorie count step count: kilometers battery percentage, 46, uh heart rate, monitor time and date. The the day as well also so yeah. This actually watch face gives you quite a bit of information, so swiping it down, give you the shortcuts – and this is an up to date, one with swipe version that actually works, as you can see, condemn it up and down. Here is the bluetooth, so you can switch that on and off thats the settings, so this also has alipay and uh. Well sorry, um payment feature and the business card feature. So if you didnt see my previous videos, these two features are the new features to come on these smartwatches. So what you can do is you can actually from the app once youve connected to the app you can actually connect your paypal, wechat or anything like that. To your qr code, your payment details and whatnot, and when you actually connect that you can actually pay or send someone your contact details using these two features, which is really good.

So it also has a lock screen, which you can actually put a passcode on it. As well so to unlock it just hold in the crown and it will unlock from there, so yeah lets uh thats the shortcut feature right there. So lets check out how many watch faces they are. So you have one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight now eight watch faces already pre loaded on to the smartwatch, quite good. So if you tap it im pretty sure we can actually get the uh split screen. If we swipe it, it doesnt actually do it. Just changes the watch face, youve got to double tap it and it will actually come up so swiping. Oh, will give you your message, notifications, swapping it to the left. It doesnt do anything. Well, it just changes the watch face, but double tapping it on the right or the left will actually bring up the split screen so to go to your menu youre, just holding the crown or you can actually hold in the power button you cant take it off. So holding in the crown this is a new watch face. Look at that. So if you want to um go forward, you just tap it on to the right side of the screen. So you got three pages of um apps, as you can see right there. If you want to change it, you double tap it and it will go to this smart screen, which you have right here.

You can zoom in and zoom out, double tap it again, and this will bring out another uh menu interface. So lets start off with music. Same again, youve got to ill connect it to your phone to play some music. You got your spo2, as you can see here. Youve got your christmas flashing lights right there when its, not flashing its just constantly on so is this going to give us a reading? Well, just give it a a second or two with some smart watches. You have to put it on an object. Most of the smart watches you dont its just basically a timer already built in, and it will actually give you a reading from there. This ones actually taking a bit of time its light, its actually still on youve got the green flashing light right there. So thats not actually working lets put it on an object so which were going to put onto the box now, like, i said once its on an object. Some of the smartwatches detects based on an object and gives you a reading from there. So this smartwatch actually does that as well. So, as you can see its 97 to 99 on that one, so lets go again with the heart rate, so, as you can see, with the heart rate im just putting it on an object, i want to show you in real time just to show you what The smartwatches are like, and, while its on an object, it will give you a reading of the heart rate, so this goes to show that these smartwatches, they dont, give you accurate reading when it comes to the health apps.

They do take the time, though, and as you can see here, 92 beats per minute on this cardboard box. So, as you would know, all the smart, all the hat tabs dont actually work. So your outdoor test for outdoor sports right here you go outdoor in outdoor cycling, setups, not a lot of um outdoor features on there as well, so messages you got to connect it to your smartphone indoor activities, indoor running indoor, cycling still again, not a lot of Uh activities when it comes to indoor and outdoor, whether you have to connect it, stop watch same again. Setup well check that out last music or check that out last anyway, the music youre connected to your phone sleep mode, the mets, your information throughout the week phone youve got to connect it so basically, im not going to like with all of these smartwatches theyre. All pretty same theres, only my new differences, what you res, what you see in all of the smart watches, whether it be the user interface or the menu watch faces so thats all thats. All that changes in these. To be honest, the only latest um features you get in these smart watches. Is these two right here and the payment feature and also the business card feature thats the only new features you get. So basically, this is a 220 mah battery, so it just all depends on how you use it. Standby time is around 24 to 30 hours, but it all just depends on how you actually use it for the battery to go.

So you got dimming screen of time. Raise your wrist to brighten. Uh, do not disturb mode sound or vibration. Language settings um sound of vibration, connect mobile phone password. Then you can actually put a password onto the lock screen its up to you. If how you want to do it about so, as you can see, version 2.14 and its our name is iwall 7 and at the bottom, youve got reboot, restore factories and shutdown, so that is it for the smartwatch. This is just settings as well. On the left hand, side pretty basic, as you can see, they all just a copy and paste feature of all the features that you can get its just a different design im not seeing any new features on any of the watch with smart watches. Besides the the payment feature and the business card feature, but if i do, i will actually get that smart watch and uh review that for you. What ill do now is ill. Just connect this to my app and ill show you what its like when its connected and show you what other features you can do when this is connected to this app here, we have where fit pro app already downloaded make sure bluetooth is on. Yes, it is at the device. I will seven straight up, make sure its connected on here as well put on here. The reason why you have to connect them twice like i said when you allow notifications.

Yes, you can actually update it as well. It just gives you a quick um advert carry out yes, so its new version found lets update it if its working yeah its working as you can see, downloaded the new update now its just going to sync it straight to the smartwatch about updated and so its Updated to the latest version its right back now, like i said, with these smart watches, you have to connect them twice. The first of all is connecting it to the app. The second wall is when youre going to settings. You want to make sure that bluetooth is on this way here, and this is to connect from your settings on your phone, because when you uh receive text, messages and notifications and phone calls, it will actually sync straight to your watch. So you know whos calling well the number and also the text messages you cant message back uh. You can just read them so, like i said before. Indeed, this smaller in this workflow pro, this is probably one of the best uh apps out there for these smartwatches. So you can actually change your watch face to anything you like somebody have to buy the new watch face. It also has a little transition, as you can see its gone there there we have it look at that. Looks really good, as you can see, with the bezel at the bottom. So not only can you actually download some free ones and also pay for some.

You can also put some customized watch faces on here. Just got to go all the way down to the bottom and customize your own uh watch face uh any picture you like, and also you can change the the position of the time and date, so that is really good in that way. Now here is the business card and wallet. This is the details you need to put in from here: wechat, alipay and paypal. Once you put the business uh, the details in you can actually have a qr code comes up on the watch and you can send payment or send your business card from there, which is a really good feature. So thats. The only two new features on all of these smart watches that ive seen other than that youve got the weather reports. Notifications. You can toggle these on and off to receive notifications, uh, alarm health reminder, taking pictures find bracelet it just vibrates and once your family just compress it favorite contract, troubleshooting, firmware, update, factor reset and uh delete current device, so that is it with these smartwatches pretty uh Same as any other smartwatches theres, not a lot of difference in all of them, this is one just i i was seven. All it is is any new design. They just bring up the same smartwatch, but you change the design uh with the big bezel at the bottom thats all it is to be honest, but what do you think of this smartwatch? I actually like the color combination, gold body with the sun blasts.

I will call it some last uh watch band, but yes quite nice. To be honest, if you want to see a fitness test or an outdoor test of this watch. Let me know in the comment section below i have made a phone call with this watch. The number actually comes up, the name doesnt come up. You can receive whatsapp and instagram notifications text messaging notifications. You cant message back, though you can just view them so yeah check out my other videos of the fake watches playlist for any other watches.