Oh, i can do it. It’S jojo’s t y, look, it comes with a book that we can and since i finished oh, i got my planner all used up. We can use this one. The new planner it’s a journal it’s a smash journal set it’s a matte smash door journal, set let’s, go and open it. How do we yes, let’s, see what’s in there remember always ask for grown up help here. Mom help me look this way. Okay, i will healthy and active. Remember that one time my tooth hurt – and i had to go to the dentist that’s – what happened? I always brush my teeth. I i drink healthy drinks and i don’t eat anything. Don’T eat anything sweets, anything sweets at night. Before you go to sleep anything sweets, but not today, after you brush your teeth, you don’t eat any sweets anymore or drink anything sleep. So i got a new smart watch. Huh someone didn’t bubble it. It can make me photos and make me a surprise on a different photo one yet get my face in line and if you don’t you’re, not gon na, do anything just do it again and – and you get the surprise on your face, it tells me what time It is those look like stamps. Do you know what i’m gon na be five year old? In january 15th, i’m gon na have a birthday party, a unicorn birthday party? Okay, what do you have there? Look uh there’s your journal, uh huh right here, and what are those i think those are? Are they lip gloss? No, this one right here this one right here they don’t look like them.

No, okay, they’re for this, these dams. You can now tell because look they’re fuzzy mean star stamps, be careful, you got all of them nope here. Let me help you guys. You can get those. I think those are just tapes, no stains look yeah! These are tapes, oh yeah, for your crafts, and that is what lip gloss. No look, it’s like oh it’s, for stamps. These are the stamps. You have to show it how it works in your notebook, open your notebook, okay, let’s open the journal. Oh oh there. You are see this one: oh, you got stickers, stickers and rollers all kinds of stuff and momo and his stuff, and you got a ruler that has heart shapes and stars. Okay, here we go first, we put it there, then, when it’s ready, these are dry. So we had no that’s okay, it’s already has some all you have to do is put it here and it will make a stamp let’s see. Yes, it did. How sweet is that? Oh that’s, good, good, okay, let’s, try the bow now let’s try the bow one! That’S good you don’t have to press it all the way down, see there that’s pretty you had to get it all. No it’s already there for us wow. Look this one’s good! This one’s good! This one’s a little bit bad! This one’s gooder, better! Better! Yes, it’s! Better, not glitter. I know you haven’t tried a heart. Okay, now stamp it damn now let’s shine this ring.

What is that it’s a rain cloud? Is it a rain cloud? Uh huh? It looks like it in the back it’s white cloud, that’s, fun cloud and this one’s, a a blue cloud and it’s raining, look see that fail. Yes, yeah let’s write let’s write it. Can you write your name good job yay now, let’s start, you have to put your name at the very front, yeah pen with the bow that’s so cute, this isn’t, a unicorn it’s a unicorn pen, so you like jojo siwa, uh huh, i like it. Why do you like her, because i always watch her videos like millions of video, do videos? How do we open it? Let’S test it out? Uh huh let’s test the tapes we’re like almost got it yep. There are five day pearls and seven stamps and you got a paper clip bow yeah. This is this is right here. Is the paper clip bow uh huh? I didn’t do this paw print from the promo. This is that’s that’s now let’s. Do it see if it’s good it’s, not even little, just put it there see if it okay now stamp it by your name? So people see it works that’s, your culprit stamps, so you got seven. Can you count them now put them over here? One! Yes, it’s! The bow and ball prank part four and another heart, another cloud: a cupcake and a store, seven, a store, you got seven stamps and you got five rolls of tapes.

Well, we don’t have to do those, because we don’t need to tape anything right now but see there. They got oh what’s this they got. Oh, they got old bows to sign and this one got jojo drinks. Let’S put it right here and this one got mo. Mobos, no, no, no momos is this. It says the name of the dog, momo and bose. You know yo josie, always very famous about her bows. She wears pretty bows and look, and you have one ruler, ice cream, one ruler and ice cream, and i got that one got ice cream with glasses. How do we i can’t, get it either? Well, let me try it don’t forget to subscribe that. Momo, look! Popper and pop my paw prints momo. Yes, i guess that mama and look. I got the tape. Don’T forget to subscribe and thumbs up, let’s test it. Now you have it. This is my new jojo see why journal and more tastes and the stamps, and course, and the pretty pink don’t forget to subscribe now. Let’S watch this. Oh look guys. I got a lot of stickers too and here’s momo. Do you like momo uh huh? I, like a dog, probably her real dog’s outside hey guys, you got ta get one of this look guys. Another momo, molly that’s, a girl, momo let’s, find a big let’s, find a pink paw print.