We are a youtube channel on the web at SmartWatch. Tix.Com. Take you right here: BDP sft, that's, right, I'm, gon na tell you what that means in a minute after I let you know that we are looking at an Android standalone, SmartWatch phone in this box. You know these watches are getting to be a lot like Legos yeah, there's, lots of little components, and you can put them together in a bunch of different ways and make make something cool out of it. Each time you do it and that's what's happening right here. Look at this one look at that band. Look at that! Bezel! Look at this watch BDP! This one is before dual processors, there's a whole class of watches that have come out that have dual processors with bracelets MOU bracelets bracelet mode. I hope they took their braces off. This should be after teenager. By now, they've got a ambient long term stability, blah blah blah, then there's, the ones that happen before all that wave. This is one of those ok b DP s ft yeah it's got a small flat tire little flat. Oh, I know I'm. Sorry, I got to talk to you about screens too a little bit Isla flat tire. You can barely see it right. There you'll of course see it when we turn it on so it's a B DPS, ft watch and it's got a really nice bracelet on it. Have you seen that bracelet before yeah, but you saw it as a removable bait bracelet that was sent out special by cos pet when they send out their Kasbah optimus pro and a few extra bands that you could order from them, because that watch has removable bands.

This one does not but it's I swear this. Is the dog gone same band? It really is, except instead of having a quick release here. It loops around is glued down here and the antennas I presume, are in the band, but in the other one they're not they're in the watch, but this is not removable at least I'm not gon na tear into it. Unless the darn thing breaks and I'm gon na do another teardown for you yeah, I can't even see a pattern there, but it's really a good band it's a teepee, you kind on the bottom, so you can sweat with it and a brown leather with black edging And some lighter colored stitching on the sides. I love the band but we're not here about the band we're here about the watch which time I tell you, introduces another interesting thing happening in the watch community from banggood. Our good friends at banget comes the Jay SBP, see how I got in the mood for acronyms. I no idea never seen it before but it's, starting to show a wave of smaller watch companies that seem to be getting into the market of custom, ordering little bitty different shades of gray in these watches that are all standardized from the factory branding them themselves and Putting them out on the market in limited quantities unless they catch on and then get a bigger run. So we're looking at a watch from Jay SBP called the X 360 one standard 4G.

They all are nowadays communications with the sim stand alone, talking and so forth. But this one's got three gigabytes: plus 32 gigabytes that's, three gigabytes of RAM and 32 gigabytes of storage gon na talk about that in relation to some other ones. In a moment with a one point, six one inch LCD touch panel screen. Where have we seen that before before I get to the specs, let me show you: I've got a couple of other ones. I know we got to get into the box, but I just want to show you the original original we reviewed with this kind of a screen was the Thor 4 Pro there. You see the flat tire. No, you don't, because I've got a really cool watch face on here that hides it. The tops got it a little bit. The bottoms got a little bit: it's a nice nice one here, the brand new Janus yeah. We just reviewed this too, with the dual camera front facing side, one flat, tire that's, my little special mr. tics screamed that one of our developers made made up for us. Thank you, Andrew great. Anyway. The screen is exactly the same same diameter, same really edge to edge bezel with that real nice look to it and they all have this little bitty flat tire. So this is a standardized screen size. It comes in one flavor, only and that's, with this kind of a design. So if you want a 1.

6 inch edge to edge screen, no matter what you're looking at you are gon na live with that little bitty flat tire and I say it's a small flat tire because it really is it's more like a tire out of air. A little bit then totally flat. It really doesn't obscure the screen. All that much back to today's watched it 143 99 check for a coupon discount on that even that's. A really good price for a three gigabyte, 32 gigabyte SmartWatch with a 1.6 inch screen really nice in terms of specs. This is what it's got going for it and there's. Nothing really revolutionary ninu here reminder that it's a 320 by 320 pixel screen not 400 by 400 it's, not AMOLED and it's, not gon na have the ambient screen display not gon na have Bluetooth calling all of these watches I've been showing the Android 7 watches. Do not have that or support it, but it does have sim calling again. 3 32 nano SIM it's got all these different things inside of it IP 67 waterproof that's for washing hands, but not for swimming. They claim I wouldn't really dunk it in water, especially with that statement that they're putting out there and all the rest of the stuff heart rate monitor. All of that is in there as well, so to keep moving inside the box. We'Ve got a an interesting charger. Ah ha ha Wow, really: okay, I'm. Really confused. Now, folks, hello threw me off my here's a Lego that doesn't belong in this box, a USB connector there, normally four pins, the inner two are used for data transfer.

This has just the charging pins Wow. Well, okay, let's move on. I may have some comments once I can actually conceptualize what the heck this means. I'Ve never seen this connector before always always have four pins there, but it's magnetic it's almost strong enough to hold it and it works good. Okay, the user's manual that's inside the box is in English version, 1 and page through that freeze frame it. If you want to read it more detail there, it talks about the charging cable, but not in detail power. Button camera. Aha, I want to show you something see the back button. There see the side here that's what threw me initially, because the Thor 4 on its side has a back button. This new one, the x3 61, looks physically the same, but without that bottom button. Yet the manual refers to a back button, so here's. What I'm talking about you get these kind of customized watches in limited quantities resold by different companies, small little companies that are starting to emerge in China and they grab the generic manual and put it in there. There'S, a four pin connector: can you see that okay, so um? This manual has not been customized to this watch by any means, but it does follow the generic process that all these Legos go through to become a watch. It uses the Y watch to app we've got a whole video on how you scan the QR code, how you point it and you'll can't your watch, your phone at this QR code, to get it to tether and on and on and on that's covered.

Briefly in here and a little bit of look the app itself and how you can push different faces to the watch, if you want to yeah mobile phone assistant that's all of the stuff, for you know the tethering that you can do between the app. The truth is that app is not all that good for any of these watches and the day that they really improve the app there's going to be 50 different, watches that'll, all of a sudden instantly be updated with the functionality as well. So we keep waiting for a better release of the. Why watch to app to improve the quality of all of these Android watches I'm at a loss? I really don't understand I'm gon na have to ask him about that, but I'm. Pretty sure that a regular four pin connector with the two data pins will work perfectly with this watch and be able to transfer from the computer if you want to sideload apps or put in watch faces that's a disappointment anyway we're gon na move on. Let me clear everything out and charge it up for you pressing the power button, and there is only one button we get android popping up here. Some of the watches you know, will boot up into their logo before it continues, or you get a big balloon on the screen which this would make. Oh in or you get the word Android. These are kind of just generic firmware that go with it.

It'S got its boot up sound little colorful stuff, going on again running Android and then it's gon na come into its first watch face check out the bezel it's got kind of little depressions on the side, which are really cool. Yeah. Look at that one huh! No it's, not stock it's, one of mr. ticks, downloaded custom watch faces, go over to full Android watch, Cingular dot com and check out all the available watch faces over there. They'Re really amazing. I love that one that's, a we'll get into watch faces here shortly. Okay. I'M. The back same thing: you pry that up! You can get your SIM card in connector pretty much waterproof because of how well they've redesigned the back to seal up the part where the wires kind of come out and go into the band itself and I'm. Very impressed that they are now giving us some options in the band's, even though they are non removable. You can indeed choose an elegant Brown band to go with your Smart Watch as long as you're getting the x360 one. I also saw that you can get it in two different configurations: the this is the three gigabyte RAM, 32 gigabytes of storage, and it also comes from the box. You can get it brown, you can get it in 16, gig or 32 gig and I believe when you get the 16 gig you're, getting it in 1 gigabyte of RAM. Why I say that is the original Thor.

4 has one gigabyte, 16 gigabytes. It did not have the option for 3 and 32, so what you're? Looking at in the x3 61 upgrades in the band's upgrades in the memory that you couldn't get in the original Thor 4 Row 1, but unless and same screen, which means the layouts. Basically, the same now, those of you who are new to the channel – and I say this quite frequently – watch a different video one of the earlier ones on Android 7.1.1, because you're gon na see all of this stuff in detail on this kind of a review when We'Ve seen it so many times I'm, just gon na whip through it and show you the basic layout. All of these apps are basically the same. No big difference. Re monitors Fitness. We do talk about a couple of things for comparison now display brightness that's, that little display thing here where I can brighten or dim the screen in any mode even on the watch faces no longer available in the Google Play Store. But I do have a backup version of that check. The show notes at the very very bottom of every show note on every video is a little box and that's our sponsor number DT number one watch company has sponsored keeping a resource location active on the google drive and all of these really cool apps, like floating Toucher, which is another awesome one and is no longer in the google play store i've been able to archive copies of that for you, so you can download them and install them on your watch from that resource, so check the Android watch Resource Center.

For that information, and thanks to DT number one for that, I have through on a a nice colorful, koi pond app just to show you the awesomeness of this screen that actually because of its visual process, it looks like it actually flows beyond the edge like the Water is so full. You know you fill a glass just before it spills it's, so full it's ready to flop over the edge it's, an optical illusion, but you notice you're, not seeing the flat tire anymore. Are you huh? Okay, those are stock, apps and some of the others that are in here the Fitness one. We always take a look at that. We go into something like a run. We hit the button, we see what it looks like we flap over here. If it says finish, it means it does not use GPS. If it says long press or something like that, that you have to hold the button down for a few seconds before it will exit, then it does use GPS there's, two different versions of the fitness app. This uses the old version, as do all of these two or now don't, get too sad on me, but even the brand new janus right now is using that same old fitness connection, although, although because we have Jason over there working on our behalf, an American living In Shenzhen and going right to the factory that's how he was able to create this watch his own custom design, which is the next iteration of this one.

You see it kind of went from this. The old original Thor for pro to this, with a little different bezel and higher memory and fancy band to this, which is this watch with a front facing camera and a side facing camera. The evolution is great and the options are great too, because now you've got all kinds of choices. If you like this larger edge to edge screen – and you can live with that, little flat – tire small flat tire SFT at the bottom, okay, I'm distracted. We looked at the fitness, and so we found out that that doesn't work on this one either for GPS integration. Yet yet, once it's set up for this one, hopefully it will propagate through firmware updates to all kinds of watches, and we won't be talking about it anymore. Really step count is all in here, that's typical on all of these, your month or weekly average, and then your daily, when notifications are on the side, app drawer, Fitness all that's the same now huh. How about the watch faces? Let'S show you the generic ones on here I'm gon na wow, I'm gon na have to go way back through a bunch of my custom ones that I've installed the test it out. Yes, how did I install them if that charging pin only had two connectors? Well, I have a generic cable. I don't use the same cable from every watch out of the box. I usually toss them back in the box when I'm done so I have a generic four pin connector that works magnetically on all of these watches sitting over there, and I just simply plugged it in and transfer it all.

My apps I wanted to install as well as the watch faces over to it, and it worked fine because it's set up exactly like these. The problem is: this: is shipping to you with a two pin: connector that's, not good. If you want to be doing anything with transferring stuff from a computer order, a spare 4 pin connector okay that's my advice to you when you put an order in for this thing. These are the generic ones that comes with it and they're fairly well, set to not show the flat tire that much see what I mean can kind of get away with it, yeah it's masking it, but yeah yeah, it's it's, not really there much. But you know it's not like important data that goes down there. There'S some other watches with lot much bigger flat tire on them that if it has like your heart rate right down there, it's not readable at all and those are a challenge to work with. Okay, now we're getting into some of the custom faces too, and you can see how it's cut off on this particular face and it's just not working well, so you have to be choosy about the faces you put on these watches with that little flat tire on It okay, how about weight and size I've been curious about that, since these are all in the same class, I've got my scale right here, which again I apologize. It always washes out because it's so bright, I got to get one on with it.

Just a regular analog, you know not backlit screen, but I can read it to you here. Is this brand new x360 one coming in at seventy eight point: six grams, the original Thor pro. Seventy two point: two grams, so either the band weighs more or the bits weigh more in the 32 gigabyte chip than the 16 gigabyte one and the janice with the extra case, the extra camera and all of that stuff is seventy nine point. Four grams that's overall weight and then our calipers yes from Amazon. Somebody asked me about these there's, a link I put out there. So if you're curious, let me know and I'll put the link on for you too. We come in here in zero. It you can change it to millimeters or inches or whatever, and on the original Thor four row. The thickness is kind of what we're all concerned about 17.5 let's call it seventeen and a half that was the Thor for the Janus, the brand new Janus and getting it in there a little bit larger about a one, millimeter bigger eighteen point: five that's, a eighteen And a half seventeen and a half 18 and a half and now today's watch is a 17 and a half so it's the same same watch as this with a little bit different bezel missing a button that's on the side band upgrade memory upgrade and there you Have it Wow? Okay, by way of summary, I can't believe we covered it all yeah.

I know I didn't go into the settings and I didn't show you all of that stuff and the switches and but believe me, it's all the same watch the review on the Thor 4 pro and the Janice to get a better feel for it because it's the Same basic watch with the same kind of screen, just a few differences that we just pointed out to you it's available through banquet. It really is from Jay SBP is the name of the company bringing us the x3 61 and the the saving grace, and all of this to is you're getting a really good price at a memory upgrade. So if you don't need the front facing camera, although it's only 150 bucks for the Janus right now so yeah. If you want to save shave off a few dollars and don't need the front facing camera or the extra button down there just want to have a one button watch with the brown band, then this is a way to go. Okay – and we do appreciate you using all the links that we provide you because that's how we're able to get these in here to review in the first places, if you guys, click on the links to buy them and if you're a watch collector. Like me, you're gon na want that in your history file, yeah, okay, we'll see you again soon, thanks for watching in thanks for subscribing we're trying to hit a hundred thousand believe it or not.