But i did not finish. I did not film it because it was very, very late and sadly my ipad died so um i was just charging it so that’s why i did not film it but i’m going to show you what i’m going to get not already. Please click that, like button also subscribe, if you want and in the comments you should put stuff that i should do like what should i do on this channel because i’m pretty new here, so i don’t really know what to do in this video i’m. Actually going to be um, showing you what i’m about to get so i have my phone right here and yes, it is an iphone 8. So i have my phone and i’m going to um. Show you what i’m about to get and i’m going to? Let you have a couple seconds to guess what i’m about to get okay. I think i gave you a couple seconds there to think about it so i’m getting something to do with technology and it’s something called the kitty zoom smart watch. Now i have my kitty. Zoom, smart watch and i’m going to show it to you right now so hold on headphones because i just got it so this is the usb cable. This is just it. This is just what it comes with and then i plug it in and plug it into an outlet. So, Music, you might be wondering, oh gee, why do you have to consume smart watches? I want to get another one okay.

So, as you can see, this one is not turning on okay so last year and no it was in 2019 christmas and i got that watch um. I knew the watch was splash proof, but i thought to go in in the pool in my pool and then it just and it broke so it’s not and i’m really scared, because i’m gon na put this back right now because i’m, my worst fear is getting Electrocuted so i’m gon na put this back so hold on. Okay, guys, i’m back. I just put it back, so this is mine. It has like unicorns and all this kind of stuff on it. I got it for 20 20 christmas, which was last year, and i really like it. It works. I have um i’m trying my hardest to like be aware, like in the summer, to be aware, if i have my watch on so and i’m, not really going to be keeping it on in the summer a lot that’s my plan, my brother has one two. He has a black one, so i’m gon na go um actually i’m, just gon na. Take you guys with you guys with me because i’m in my room right now, there’s a cord and it’s a tv. My brother has this one now it’s halfway charged as it does yeah you can see. I don’t know if you can see it’s, not focusing but it’s halfway charged so i’m, putting back the charge.

Okay, i’m, putting it back. My brother has been two. My brother is seven, almost eight, so i’m going to show you guys what my watch look, what the watch i’m getting looks like, and the watch me and my brother have is the dx2, but i decided to do something better. Get the dx one also called the dx, and it is called the dx but there’s three, the dx2, the dx and then the security zoom smart watch like the original one, so i called it presume spot smartwatch like the original one, the dx i called the second One, the dx1 and then that this one i have, i call the dx2, because it doesn’t really make sense to name the second one dx. You should just name it dx1 and i need that dxt, but anyway, so yeah. I don’t really know what to do. Actually, i i just forgot what i was going to do so i’m on my phone right now and i’m about to um going on amazon, so i’m in amazon and i’m going to scroll down because i’m. Such a pity, since you don’t watch dx because i’m getting the dx1 and it’s this one. So hopefully the camera focuses it’s pink, so it’s not oh now, it’s, focusing okay, so it’s pink. It looks like that, and i want to scroll, see that and then someone has it on and yeah a little girl. Has it on right now, and these are all the games so i’m gon na get.

I never really had a dx um one. I mean i never had it so apparently, this game’s like an egg that’s, jumping and it’s pretty similar to this one, but it has a lot of different features and that one has a calculator and you don’t have to buy it online and if you did have To buy it online, it must be free, so i’m, just gon na tell you my experience with the kitties from smartwatch since i’ve had it for about almost two years. I had two in two years, so that’s what i’m so much for watching this video.