I got this smart watch at amazon.ca and also you can check on the description box. If you want to know more about it. Usually i’m reading reviews first before buying stuffs online, to see if it’s really good quality. So this is what we have inside the box of kitty zoom watch. We have manuals and charger Music. First, we have the instruction at the back of this watch number one slide: the master power switch up to the on position and to fully charge a battery before use Music after charging, you can remove the sticker. This smartwatch has its own display faces just like on apple’s smartwatch. As you can see, you can just swipe it right and then you can choose your own design Music. This watch has also dual camera. This is really good for selfies. You can check also your photos and videos here and then also you can erase it if you don’t like it, you can also record your voice and then you can check some apps also here that can boost the children’s mind. We have games Music. There is also a game that the kids would really love. This is the monster hunting like you have to find this monster, while the kids are walking, but also the adult supervision is really important here i usually allow only the kids if they are inside the house. It’S, better because it’s more safer, but if you’re outside this is like um hunting a monster everywhere.

So maybe they will not be aware when they are walking or not looking at their way. And then we don’t know if they are crossing the road already right. So the other supervision is really required, and here i’ll be showing you the screen protector that i just bought with the smart watch. So we have the invisible guard ipg. First, we have to wash our hands of course, then the device must be turned off. Then we need to wipe off the device with ipg microfiber cloth and then of course, here i’ll be showing you the prepared mixture of water and small amount of dishwashing detergent, Music peel, the ipg from the backing Music wet the adhesive side of the ipg piece with Fingertips: Music align the ipg to the device, use, ipg installation card to squish, out bubbles and water away from the center towards the edges and away from the open Music ports.