wait one time by the way, guys i’m going to make a review of this watch so before we start the review, i want you guys to like subscribe and click the ding Dong button to never miss out a new video of mine, yeah let’s start let’s. Do the sequence of this fight first, so you first, we got a charger of course, and if you don’t charge it it’s gon na be still like, like this not turned on. Okay, just a moment of relaxation funny moments: okay, just a part of funny moments, all right: okay, so you’re gon na see this and you’re gon na have to charge it so here’s a button home and you click it to turn it on yay and when you Turn it on at first it’s, probably gon na, say the wrong time because it might say like, for example, 2015. or um. 2015 july 17, like you know, and the wrong time the wrong year, the wrong everything so you’re gon na have to change it. So you could click this to change into it into a monster and you could swipe change the theme i like this one and you could click back and change the theme i like this one. So then you click home, and then you see this. You can also change the home screen, so let’s start with each app or app just a cool thing. You can do in this to watch yeah. So first we have a camera and by the way this is a secret agent.

Camera click here and turn it to me um. So now we go out now we have a video i’m, not gon na make a video cause. I am too close, and this is really cool, because every app that shows it could have a secret agent camera. So now we have a voice recorder, you could see hi guys i’m in the ocean, then you could save and then you could hear yourself, they only have and we also have christmas song next we leave and then we swipe and then we have games. You see this owl and it’s a memory game. I got it wrong, then you could press this to leave and now we have this, you could set up your. You could take a picture of yourself and set it up on the home screen and the lock screen. Probably i don’t know what this girl is doing here, but she is you see. This line is in her nose, so we have peter meter, it counts. How many steps you did see, then you could reset and then do whatever you want and then it actually counts. How many seconds and how many steps you did um now we have a flashlight on and then we have a flashlight genius. It actually looks like a camera, but it’s not leave. Now we swipe, and then we have time, teacher or teacher time it doesn’t matter because it’s both the same here, if you have problems doing like you, could teach yourself how to do the circular um.

Okay, it teaches you the time if you click here, it teaches you the time and the circular clock and the electrical clock. Now we have an alarm. You can set up the time when you want it to go. Okay now we have it counts the seconds. So this carrot counts the seconds and you could also reset it here. This is cute he’s really cute. Now we have 10 minute timer and you can even set up the time. For example, you have an assignment that you’ll have to do, for example, it’s homework, and it says you have to do it um for 10 minutes, and then you just put 10 minutes, and then you do it great right now and now we have image. This is me – and this is me you can see all your pictures here, and these are the videos that you can make you. You watch hear your videos, you know like watching videos that you made ah rude. Now we have a calculator. You know it’s really useful, to use a calculator to help you with math, but not in class you’re gon na cheat. Okay make sure you don’t use it in class. For example, two um plus two equals four see. Now we have a calendar february march april. May this keeps on going for a year uh this woman or this man is cleaning the window. Now we have flake, and now we have. This is select her background.

You can select the background. Why do we keep on letting out the settings? You can change the volume you could change the brightness, you could change the brightness time. You know you know you know like when you turn on something it has a timer when it’s going to be bright until it turns off and yeah that’s what it is. Brightness away brightness time date: this is where you change the date the year, the month, the time away yeah the day the month time. Everything – and here you change the timing from am to pm, because when i got it it said p um, i mean a.m like literally drink and sit, and this is the timer where you chill at. You set your timer where you chill and then you chill that time until the alarm’s gold now drink sitting. Now we have parents in school, um yeah. This is this is kind of weird. This is so much cheery, so um, okay, this is all and if you watch this video until the end, thank you so much because you’re the best don’t forget to like subscribe and click the ding button. By the way, i really recommend this watch, because it’s really useful and everything in the instructions. You could do it yourself as a kid and if i did it myself and it was super easy and i loved it and if you think it’s really hard to use, read the instructions and it’s literally going to be really easy, peasy lemon squeezy and again.

Thank you so much. I really recommend this uh watch by the way at everything i was used. I bought it from amazon. You know why, because it’s cheaper and you could literally find everything there like a chair, a table, a door totally not a car, but something like that.