Now let’s go: firstly, we see a menu, then we can see the watch Music and inside there is a silicon strap and the charger now let’s see the watch. It only has one button here, and there is no long button here is the microphone and we can see. The back here is the charging interface and the speaker. This watch is 44 millimeter and it can support 42 and 44 millimeter original apple watch, straps and then power on the watch Music. The screen is 1.75 inch, 2.5 d curve. The screen firstly, let’s see the watch faces, it has over 60 watch faces and we can see it has many automation watch faces. You can check the video for all those watch faces in the watch and then when in this watch face – and there is a game after we click – we can go to the game page and we can see the game Music one hour later. So it is very interesting to play the game in the watch and then let’s see some quick actions from the top to the bottom is go to the game page and the bottom to the top is to the control center and it has several options. This watch has five menu styles. You can check one by one, first, the smart style and then the night up style and then the list style, another knight, app style and then the sixth palace. This style is same as the fk78 and the fk88.

Then let’s check the functions one by one, the pedometer and the message for iphone. The message icon is not available and the spot and the course we can make an answer course directly from the watch after the watch is connected the phone via bluetooth and the call contact you can enable the set content and show notification in the phone. Then click cyc in the watch, the bluetooth you can go inside to click, search in the new device and connect the watch with the phone and the screen on you can turn the screen always on. So this watch support always on display and alarm. You can click tap to add a new alarm and then idol display you can change the watch faces from this icon and then international. If you want to change the language, you need click. The other side to off then go inside the language list and choose the language you want. It has many languages inside and then this is the setting. It is bluetooth. Setting sound setting regard the alert type you can check the type you can choose by yourself. This is also a mute function and the volume display you can adjust the the brightness and the screen time out. It has a maximum 60. Second, then also, this is the international and reset and about the device name is watch 6 pro. Then the switch and scan is a qr code and about calculator and the remote capture, and you can press the screen to take picture the weather and the siri.

You need to connect the watch with the bluetooth and the audio play and then calendar then remove notifier thermometer. You can click to measure the temperature and blood oxygen and heart rate. Then blood pressure and the sleep monitor zinc. You can set the time to remind you to drink, and the century reminder also. You can set the time and the sweep and the flying bird and the galaxy wall. These are three games then find my device and multiple style. Another watch also supports customized watch faces. You can go to the app and then go to the main page and dial management and then add you can select a photo and then confirm. You can also set the color of the clock. Then, after setting you can click save now we can see the watch as the upload symbol means. The watch face is uploading to the watch. Then we can wait and now the watch face is synchronized to the watch successfully. We can have a look, so this watch has many watch faces and can customize watch faces. Above is all our details today.