Now let’s go. Firstly, let’s see the box now let’s open the box and the. Firstly, we see a magnetic charger and then we can see the watch and the strap and the silicon gel and the menu. This watch is also 44 millimeter and it is using the 1.78 inch screen. We can see the age of the screen, and this side is also one route button, and here is the microphone and in the back there is also no lock button at both end, and here is the charging interface. This watch is magnetic charging, and this side is the speaker now let’s power on the watch Music. Firstly, let’s check the watch faces inside it has 12 watch faces and it can also customize watch faces and can add extra which faces through the app. We can compare. The screen with the dt 100 pro we can see that the screen of dd100 plus is a little bigger and it is a little brighter than the this one and the both watch are at the brightest and the edge is smaller of both end let’s check the Quick actions from top to the bottom and left to the right is a split screen, and here is the message. The bluetooth call, and also some frequent used apps and from right to the left, is the steps heart rate weather and also we can add extra two component. Also we can long press and to delete the apps and then from the bottom to the top.

We can go to the main menu we can rotate. The two main and zoom out, and also the firmware, is very smooth. This watch has six manual styles. Also. We can double click, this button to change the menu styles, and this is the sixth menu style Music.