I have shown how to connect the dt100 smartwatch with the iphone and in this video i will show the detailed function of the kiwi watch, one, the kiwitime dt 100 smartwatch now let’s go. Firstly, let’s see some quick actions such as from the top to the bottom. We can see the split screen here is the icon for the smartwatch, the qr code and the do not disturb, and we can also adjust the brightness and also control the music in this screen and from the left to right. We can also see the timer and the date and also the message, notification and the bluetooth call, and then there are some frequent apps then from the right to the left. We can go to the steps and then the heart rate and the weather. Also. We can add x, chart2 component in this page and then from the bottom to the top. We can go to the main menu and the list watch has four menu styles and then let’s test the functions one by one. Firstly, the dialer after the watch is connected with the form you can go to the dialer to dial the number you want and also, if you have cyclonized contact in the watch, you can go to make the course directory and then in the audio of the phone You can shift the sound from the iphone or speaker or the watch, and this is the incoming call. But if the content number is removed from the content of the watch and when you again receiving the incoming call, the watch will only show the number.

It will. Not show the name and also you can decline the cost directly from the watch and the message notification. When there is incoming message notification, the watch will display the same. Firstly, you need to go to the app notification in the app and then you can select all or you can choose the apps that you want to synchronize the incoming messaging notifications and when you receive an incoming notification, the watch will display the same. But this watch is unable to reply and also you can check the message and also you can clear the message in your watch and the contact person. You can synchronize the contact person in the app and the core record. Then the data and spots totally 7 sport mode and you can click and the heart rate and the ecg and then the blood oxygen due to this watch is not a professional device. So all those measuring data are for reference. Only then the bluetooth music for the music function, the first time you need to go to the music app in the phone and then click play, and then you can control the music in the watch. You can also shift to the next song or the previous song, and the music sound were coming from the speaker of the watch and we can only adjust the music sound from the phone. The watch cannot control the music sound and for the iphone we can shift the music sound to the phone in this icon and also you can shift back to the watch.

If you have an android phone, you can also check the function in your phone. It should be ok too, and the sleep monitor and the stopwatch and the weather the calculator and find the phone. When you click find the phone, then the phone will vibrate, then the micro or radical and brazen. This is the breathing test. You can follow the step and to do the brief test and massage when you click the word you will vibrate and the female assistant. You can cyclonize this from the app and then the menu style. You can change the menu style here and finally, the setting it has several languages in the watch and you can choose the language you want and then the dial switch. You can also change the wood faces here. Also, you can rotate this button to change. The watch face, and it is what you can customize watch faces through the app then the screen time. You can change the screen time here. The maximum screen time for this watch is 30 second and the vibration intensity and then the bluetooth phone password. You can set the password here and finally, the factory reset. If you want to reset the watch, you can click this function and we can also check the other styles and the style full. So it is very interesting. You can change the menu style you want and then let’s check the functions in the app. The app has four pages.

The first page is the health page. This page is to synchronize the data from the watch to the phone, and the second page is the spot page and it has running working, writing and climbing and when you click go, it also has the auto or indoor models, and this app can also using the Gps function in your phone to monitor your movement and you can click the map and then the app will monitor your movement and save the records in the app. And if you want to exist, you can click here and then stop and then the third page is the device page. This page can show the connection status and also we can synchronize the data from the watch to the phone and then the watch face push. This app has many existing watch faces and you can just click and click the watch face push. Then the watch face will be synchronized to the watch and we can see when the pushing the watch will also show an uploading symbol and the pushing is done and now the watch face is installing and then we can see the new watch face is in the Watch and then the other functions such as find the watch and take a photo. We can just click the watch and the phone with taking picture, then the wake up, gesture, incoming call and message notification, and also the app notification and heart rate monitoring. You can set the time range and the frequency to monitor your heart rate and the ecg detection and the frequent contact the bluetooth core and more such as the remainder mode and the do not disturb mode and the alarm setting.

You can add the alarm clock here and the sentry reminder and also the drinking water reminder for these functions. You can just download the app and to test in your watch and then the firmware upgrade if there is any new firmware you can just upgrade from here and then unbind and finally, the page is the main page. It is for the information you need setting goal. Setting about and the log out, this watch has many interesting functions.