The ddx2 is a promotion name now, let’s see the box Music. The factory model name is dt94 and the chipset rtl8762 and screen size 1.78 inch battery capacity, charging time 2 hours, waterproof level and watch size. It is 44.3 millimeter and package and the qr code. The app is wear pro now: let’s open the box. Firstly, we see the watch and thus sitting on bend and the magnetic charger and the menu Music Applause Music. Now, let’s power on the watch Music from top to the bottom is the quick action we can set the brightness and see the weather. The vibration setting and Music turn on the bluetooth course and the about from bottom to the top is the main menu and from left to right is the messaging notification and from the right to the left is the spot heart rate and sleep monitor only three functions. This watch has totally four manual styles, the second style, the third style. This button has no rotate function and the fourth style and then let’s check the functions. Firstly, telephone we can open the phone call function, then we can connect the watch, vista phone and the message contact. We can synchronize the contact from the app and the call records. Then data and spots it is totally 7 spot mode and then heart rate and ecg blood pressure, blood, oxygen and the brutus music. Then sleep monitor stopwatch and weather, find the phone and the material or logical the breeze function and massage is a vibration, and the female function needs to synchronize the watch to the app and and the menu style and the setting first read language.

There are so many languages and tile switch. This watch has totally seven watch faces in the watch, but this watch can also add extra watch faces through the app and also can customize, which faces through the app and the screen time. The maximum screen time is 30 seconds and the vibration intensity and the bluetooth phone you can click open and then pair the watch in the phone by bluetooth and factory reset. This watch has a very good screen and it can make an answer calls directly through the watch after connect the world with the phone, and also the standby time is also very good. So above is all details. Today we will test the function of this smartwatch and record a detailed video for the functions.