It is the fk88 pro from the picture we can see. The pro has a wireless charger. Now let’s go Music and the cover is black, face the wireless charger and inside we can see. Firstly, the watch and the menu it is same as the fk88 and the silicone band and another nylon band. And finally, the wireless charger and now let’s see the watch. The design is same as the fk8. It has two buttons here and here is the microphone, and then we can see the back due to this watch is wireless charging, so there is no charging interface and also there is no lock button at the top and bottom, and here is the microphone now. Let’S put on the strap now let’s power on the watch. Firstly, let’s check the watch faces and this button can rotate to change the watch face. This watch totally has 24 watch faces and it can customize watch faces through the app and for some watch faces when we click the screen. The watch face will change then let’s check the quick actions and from the left to the right is the main menu and right to the left is the steps and heart rate, bluetooth, music and remote, notifier and press. This button can go to the dialer and then let’s change to the list menu, and this is the six apps we can check when the watch is charging. There is no charging symbol in the watch and also the battery symbol will not change.

So only the charger will flash green light slowly. So this is same as the evo certain smartwatch above is all our details. Today we will connect the watch with the phone and test the functions.